3TC Solidarity Cup Highlights: AB de Villiers' Eagles wins gold, Bavuma's Kites bags silver

3TC Solidarity Cup Highlights: AB de Villiers' Eagles bagged the gold medal, while Temba Bavuma's Kites won silver in South Africa's 3TC Solidarity Cup in Centurion.

The 3TC Solidarity Cup captains. Reeza Hendricks (left), Temba Bavuma (centre) and AB de Villiers (right)   -  TWITTER (CRICKET SOUTH AFRICA)

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's  coverage of the 3TC Solidarity Cup, a South African innovation, to raise funds for people within the cricket industry in South Africa, who have been affected by Covid-19.



AB de Villiers' Eagles- 160/4 - wins the gold medal

Temba Bavuma's Kites- 138/3- wins the silver medal

Reeza Hendricks' Kingfishers- 113/5- wins the bronze medal


Thank you so much for joining us. That's all we have for you from this match. But do head to our England-West Indies live blog right here. Until next time, it's goodbye. CIAO!

A pretty good way to welcome white-ball cricket back amid the pandemic. Yes, it was an exhibition match but we got to see some great performances. AB de Villiers and Aiden Markram with blistering fifties to help their team to the gold medal. Pretorius also scored a 50 and Jon-Jon Smuts managed 48. Stuurman finished with two wickets.

Play of the day goes to Glenton Stuurman's cracking yorker to vd Dussen, whose stumps were seen flying all over the place.




Over 12- 113/5 (Coetzee- 24| Ntini- 2) Starts off with a bumper and it's a dot ball. Coetzee picks up a brace through the point region. Another two runs, this time off Fortuin at long-off. LAST BALL OF THE SOLIDARITY CUP! Ngidi to Ntini. CAUGHT! He holes out to the fielder in the deep AND THAT'S THAT!

Last over of the 3TC Solidarity Cup will be bowled by Ngidi.

Over 11- 108/4 (Coetzee- 19| Ntini- 2) SIX! Coetzee with a pick up shot off Junir Dala and smacks it off the middle of the bat for a maximum. DOT! A good bumper from Dala. He bowls another dot ball.  A single off the penultimate ball and a dot to finish.

Junior Dala to bowl his second.

Over 10- 99/4 (Coetzee- 10| Ntini- 2 )FOUR!! A reverse flick for four. Smart batting from Klassen. CHOPPED ON!!! Full and wide and Klassen chops it on. Phehlukwayo raises his fist and reveals an inner shirt with the "Black Lives Matter" logo to celebrate the wicket. Klassen is gone for 8 off 5. Thando Ntini is the new man and father Makhaya Ntini tells us that he used to be an opener during school days and can bat.

Phehlukwayo comes in to bowl.

Over 9- 90/3 (Coetzee- 6| Klassen-9 )- BOWLED HIM!! How often do you see a batsman of Faf's quality york himself to a spinner! He's gone for 28 off 13. Klassen is the new man in. He starts off with a single.  Five off the over.

Fortuin comes in for his last over.

Over 8- 85/2 (du Plessis- 28 | Coetzee- 6) Faf attempts and audacious ramp shot but misses the ball completely. SIX AND THAT'S MORE LIKE IT, FAF! He goes down the ground, over long on and lofts it over for a monstrous six. BACK-TO-BACK SIXES! This time, he manages to beat Markram at long-on by a whisker. Six nonetheless. SIX MORE! HE'S GONE THREE IN THREE! This time, he goes over extra-cover for six. FOUR! This time, all along the ground. Slower ball, over-pitched and Faf helps himself. Missed it. Started with the dot and finished it with a dot. A good over for Kingfishers' nonetheless.  22 off it.

Lungi Ngidi comes in for his second.

Over 7- 63/2 (du Plessis- 6 | Coetzee- 6) Du Plessis picks up a risky double on the first ball. He had put in a desperate dive for safety. He takes a single off the next ball and Coetzee also resumes with a single. Du Plessis taps a full-toss to long on for a single. Another single. SEVEN OFF THE OVER! At this rate, the Kingfishers' won't even get to 138.

Du Plessis and Coetzee will resume the innings for Kingfishers. Fortuin will bowl the first over for the Eagles in the second half.

Right then, we are in for an exciting finish. Reeza Hendricks' Kingfishers will at least eye the silver medal here. They will really fancy scoring at least 139 against the Eagles.


Right then, AB de Villiers' Eagles will at least finish with a silver medal. The Kingfishers will not bat against the Eagles. Reeza's men need to score 161 to win the gold medal and 139to win the silver medal.

Over 12- 138/3 ( Miller-15 | Pretorius- 50) FOUR! Down the ground to a full delivery by Pretorius as he picks up four. Takes a single off the next ball to move to 49. DU PLESSIS SAVES TWO! Brilliant work at the boundary from Du Plessis, who flicks the ball back to save two. Miller mistimes the second-last ball to pick up a single. Can Pretorius get to his fifty?  YES HE CAN! PRETORIUS SMASHES THE YORKER TO THE MAN IN THE DEEP TO BRING UP HIS FIFTY.

Thando Ntini for his and the Kites' innings last over.

Over 11- 128/3 ( Miller-11 | Pretorius- 44) Stinging yorker to Miller first up and he runs a quick single. FOUR! Be it short, wide or full. Pretorius is timing everything. Slower bouncer from Stuurman and Pretorius gets four with his uppercut. PRETORIUS IS STRIKING AT 340.  OUCH, THAT'S GOT TO HURT! A nasty toe-crusher to Miller from Stuurman and Miller even loses his footing. One off the leg-byes to finish.

Stuurman is back for his final over.

Over 10- 117/3 ( Miller-10 | Pretorius- 35) SIX! SIX! FOUR Pretorius is taking Shamsi on here. First two balls are hit over the deep mid-wicket fielder for a six. The second one was infact dropped by Ntini. The third one is hit right over the bowler's head for four. He then pickes up two as the fine-leg fielder fumbles. SIX!!! Pretorius has unleashed every joules of energy he's got!!! Big sweep to the deep mid-wicket region. FOUR! What an over for Kites. Another drag down from Shamsi and it's just easy pickings for Pretorius.

Shamsi is back

Over 9- 89/3 ( Miller-10 | Pretorius- 7) Starts off with a wide. FOUR AND IN TRADEMARK MILLER STYLE! The ball is full and straight, Miller goes deep in his crease and thumps it to the boundary in the cow corner region. A slow full-toss and Miller can only pick up a single. FOUR! UNLUCKY FOR THE BOWLER! Pretorius flashes hard at the yorker but the ball flies off the inside edge for four. DOT ball next. Pretorius attempts an upper cut to counter the short ball but misses completely.

Coetzee comes in for his second.

Over 8- 76/3 ( Miller-5 | Pretorius- 0) Starts well again. Straight and full and hits Smuts' pads. SIX! UP AND OVER! Smuts rolls the wrist on this one, which was angling in with pace, and hoits it over deep square-leg for a maximum. OUT! SMUTS TRIES TO CLEAR DU PLESSIS AT EXTRA-COVER but he is caught. Thando picks up his first of the day. Smuts gone for a well-made 48 off 26 balls. Pretorius is the new man in. FOUR! Miller, after a swing and a miss, runs the ball down to third man for four. Good finish to an otherwise good over by Thando Ntini.

Thando  Ntini  comes back for his second over.

Over 7- 65/2 (Smuts-42| Miller-0) First ball is tucked on the off-side for a single by Bavuma. Stuurman picks up where he left off from after knocking the stumps of vd Dussen. Smuts also resumes with a single. OUT! STUURMAN PICKS UP BAVUMA AND THE BOWLER IS HAVING A GREAT DAY. Bavuma mistimes the lofted shot and holes out to Reeza Hendricks at long-off. He's gone for a run-a-ball nine. David Miller is the new man in. Excellent stuff for Stuurman. A dot ball to Smuts, who tries to pull a delivery that was not short enough. FOUR! Nice and full from Stuurman but Smuts is up to the task. Scoops the ball and crunches the ball back past the bowler. Strong bottom hand at play again. Stuurman finishes off by conceding a single off a low, wide full-toss.

Glenton Stuurman to get the proceedings underway for Kingfishers with the ball.

Temba Bavuma and Jon-Jon Smuts will take guard again as the Kites will now bat against the Kingfishers.

The Gold target is now 161.

Excellent second half for ABD and the Eagles. Markram and ABD brought up their fifties to help their team post a huge total. Kingfishers and Kites have a huge task at hand.

Over 12- 160/4 ( Verreynne-9| Fortuin-8)- 150 up for the Eagles. Clever flick off the pads behind square by Fortuin to pick up four. Wide and a run. Too short, way over the batsman's head and the keeper's fumble allows Fortuin to run 1. Great slower one from Sipamla goes full and wide to Kyle. LAST BALL COMING UP. SIX OVER EXTRA-COVER TO FINISH IT OFF! Kyle finishes off with a bang and the Eagles have set the other teams a huge target. ABD and Co. finish with 160/4 after 12 overs.

Sipamla will bowl his third and the final ball of the Eagles' innings.

Over 11- 142/4( Verreynne-1| Fortuin-0) FIFTY UP FOR ABD! Guides it down to third man and picks up three as the fielder fumbles. ABD IS BACK AND BACK IN SOME FASHION! Striking at almost 243.  FOUR AND HOW!! Nortje fires in a fierce full-toss at around waist height to ABD. But the former SA captain still manages to get underneath it and beat the long-on boundary. SIX! AB DE VILLIERS IS HITTING IT ALL AROUND THE PARK! The commentators cannot stop asking about his return to international cricket. Well, he's made his case, if somebody ever wanted a proof.  IN THE AIR AND CAUGHT! AB DE VILLIERS DEPARTS AFTER AN ENTERTAINING 61 off 24. He fails to time this one and holes out to Reeza Hendricks at long-on. Is the new man in. Fortuin

Verreynne is the new man in and Nortje will come in for his last over.

Over 10- 128/3 (AB de Villiers-48| Verreynne-0)- DROPPED AND SIX! A hundred partnership  off just 43 balls. Markram doesn't time his lofted shot too well and Pretorius at long-off is interested. But he drops the ball and the concedes a six. OUT! This time, Pretorius hangs on. He's usually a safe pair of hands and doesn't let the team down on this occasion. Markram is gone for a well-made 70 off 33 balls.  Phehlukwayo is the new man in. FOUR! ABD carrying on his merry way. Full and straight from Sipamla, de Villiers rocks back and punches the ball through the extra-cover region. FOUR MORE! Deft and a touch of class from ABD.  A late cut past the keeper for four. Single off the next ball as Smuts does well to cut it off in the deep. BOWLED HIM! ANDILE CHOPS IT ON! A first-ball duck for Andile Phehlukwayo. The batsman tries to guide it down to third man but the ball is not wide enough and he pays the price.

Sipamla back for his second

Over 9- 113/1 (Markram-64| AB de Villiers-39)- FIFTY FOR AIDEN MARKRAM! He flashes and flashes hard and the edges the ball past the keeper for four. 100 comes up too. Hendricks follows it up with a dot ball. FOUR!! Slower ball from Hendricks, but it was too short and Markram give himself room and collects a boundary in the extra-cover region. SIX! Markram cutting loose after getting to fifty. This time, he stands still in his crease and smashes the ball over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. ABD picks up a double to cap off another good over for the Eagles.

Beuran Hendricks comes back for his second.

Over 8- 96/1 (Markram-49| AB de Villiers-37)- Yorker and ABD squeezes the ball down the square leg boundary to pick up two. SWING AND A MISS! ABD misses the swat and the ball misses the stumps. Nortje with another yorker and this time, ABD picks up one. FOUR! de Villiers thumps the slow, low full-toss by Nortje right past the bowler for four. 10 off the over.

Nortje into the attack.

Over 7- 86/1 (Markram-48| AB de Villiers-30)- Starts off with dot before Markram picks up a single. Cries of catch it but the ball falls short of the long-leg fielder. FOUR! AB de Villiers is up and running immediately. Short from Smuts, AB gives himself room. SIX! ABD goes big offf the sweep and he is on fire. SIX MORE! ABD doing what ABD does! Straight from Smuts and ABD stands and delivers over the long-on boundary. Where does Smuts fo next? THREE RUNS OFF THE NEXT BALL.  20 off the over and ABD will keep strike.

Jon-Jon Smuts to open with the ball.

We are back with the second half. Eagles and ABD to bat first against Kites. ABD and Markram resume. Here we go!


Let's not forget, AB de Villiers is still not-out and so is Markram. Don't go anywhere! More fireworks on the other side, which is just a few minutes away. Are Eagles set for a huge finish? The other two teams are very much in touching distance.


THIS MEANS THAT AB DE VILLIERS' EAGLES WILL BAT FIRST AS IT SCORED THE HIGHEST AT THE END OF THE FIRST HALF. We have seen two superb innings so far, one by Eagles' Markram (47 not-out) and the other by Kites' Jon-Jon Smuts (36 not-out). Remember folks, the last man stands and can only score in even numbers. 

End of the first half: Eagles- 66/1 |Kites-58/1 | Kingfishers- 56/2


Over 6- 58/1 (Smuts-36| Bavuma-8) Single by Bavuma off the first ball. FOUR! SWATTED BEHIND SQUARE FOR FOUR!!  Dala goes short and slow, Smuts gives himself room and slices the ball to deep square for a single. DOT BALL, very well bowled.  A skiddy short ball beats Bavuma easily. A slower short ball, Bavuma picks up two . FINAL BALL OF THE FIRST HALF AND KITES FINISH WITH 58/1

JUNIOR DALA will bowl the last over of this mini-innings.

Over 5- 49/1 (Smuts-31| Bavuma-4)- OUT LBW! Rickelton tries a lap sweep off the first ball of the over. The ball is full and straight and he is trapped plumb in front of the stumps. 10 off 10 for Rickelton. TEMBA BAVUMA, THE SKIPPER, IS THE NEW MAN IN.  Bavuma claims a double and a single off the first two balls and then Smuts misses the swat. Dot ball. Gold dust! Andile then concedes a single off the fifth ball and a single off the last. TOP STUFF FROM ANDILE, AS HE FINISHES OFF WITH A YORKER.

Phehlukwayo is back for his second.

Over 4- 44/0 (Smuts-30| Rickleton-10)- MISSED STUMPING by Kyle Verreynne. Smuts goes down the track and misses the ball. Keeper Kyle misses the ball as well and then concedes an extra run, a third, with an overthrow. FOUR! Jon-Jon leans ino the drive and thumps the full-toss for a four through extra-cover. Good way to finish the over.

Bjorn Fortuin, left-arm spinner, is introduced into the attack.

Over 3- 33/0 (Smuts-25| Rickleton-7) The Proteas international starts well, just the single.  WIDE AND THAT'S THE FIRST EXTRA FOR THE DAY!  SIX!! SMUTS WITH A PICK-UP SHOT! Another strong usage of the bottom hand. Scoops it over the deep square leg boundary. FOUR! This time, he nudges the ball down the third man boundary for four. Ngidi under pressure. Smuts shows class and power in the same over. He flicks the ball to square for a two. Ngidi finishes off with a bumper and a dot to finish with. 16 off the over.

Lungi Ngidi is to bowl the third

Over 2- 17/0 (Smuts-11| Rickleton-6) Smuts picks up a brace off the first ball followed by two singles, one by each batsman. FOUR! FIRST BOUDNARY OF THIS MINI-INNINGS! HE CRUNCHES THE BALL DOWN THE GROUND, STRONG BOTTOM HAND AND BEATS THE LONG ON FIELDER WITH EASE. Smuts looks for two after nudging the ball to extra-covers but only manages one. 10 off the second over.

Andile Phehlukwayo is introduced into the attack.

Over 1- 7/0 (Smuts-3| Rickleton-4) Good start from Markram, who concedes just seven off the first over.  Coincidentally, the first over of all the mini-innings so far have yielded seven runs.

Jon-Jon Smuts and late-replacement Ryan Rickelton to open the Kites' innings. Aiden Markram will bowl the first over.


                 EAGLES: 66/1

Temba Bavuma now gets to bat.

Right then, great finish from  Markram and Co. A lot happened in the last over. Makhaya Ntini in the comm box while his son was bowling to ABD. The young Ntini had a chance to claim ABD's wicket but dropped him. Markram finished with a flurry.


Over 6- 66/1 (Markram-47| AB de Villiers-11) He starts off with a yorker. He follows it up with another cracking yorker to de Villiers, who losees his shoe while playing the shot. Makhaya Ntini in the comm box is having a blast with  Graeme Smith. ABD EDGES THE BALL INTO THE AIR, NTINI HAS DO TO THE RUNNING HIMSELF AND DROPPED! MOREOVER, THE BATTING SIDE PICK UP THREE.  Next ball, the TV umpires come into play. IS THAT SIX OR IS THAT OUT? Coming to the ball, Markram goes inside, trying to clear Hendricks at the deep extra-cover boundary. He takes the catch and throws it back up before going over the rope. But he seems to be still touching the ground while taking the catch again. It's a close call AND SIX GIVEN! Ntini finishes the over ith a yorker and that's that from this mini-innings.

Makhaya Ntini's son Ntini is into the attack.

Over 5- 53/1 (Markram-38 | AB de Villiers-7)- GOING, GOING, GONE!!! Markram smacks Shamsi for a huge six over the deep mid-wicket boundary. Good start to the over. Next up, Markram plays a cunning lap sweep to pick up three. AB picks up another single. He's three off of four.  SIX MORE!!! Markram is turning it on here!! SHAMSI GOES MEDIUM PACE AND THE BALL TRAVELS OUT OF THE PARK EVEN QUICKER. The ball boys are wearing masks, gloves and with a fishing net. Where's the fisherman at, ask the commentators! The keeper is not standing up to the spinner. He is a leg-slip (?) position. ABD WITH A BOUNDARY OFF THE LAST BALL. He charges down the track and almost takes out Shamsi and the umpire.

Shamsi returns for a second

Over 4- 32/1 (Markram-22 | AB de Villiers-2) FOUR! Very poor from the bowler. Short and wide and Markram, who cuts the ball well, manges to find the boundary with ease. Coetzee pulls up his socks instantly to concede a single off the next two balls. ABD TO FACE COETZEE! Beautiful from Coetzee. Great yorker to ABD, who picks up a single. Markram picks up a brace off the fifth ball. Excellent over from Coetzee. Another solid yorker to finish the over strong by conceding a single.

Coetzee to bowl the fourth.

Over 3- 23/1 (Markram-14 | AB de Villiers-1) FOUR! Short and wide from Shamsi first up and that's a gift for batsman like Markram. Shamsi comebacks well to concede the single.  AB bunts past the bowler for a single and he is off the mark. DOT BALL FROM SHAMSI! He has come back so well after the first ball. Bowling straight and not giving the batsmne and length to work with. He floats the next ball up and Markram can only pick up a single. WAS AB JUST DROPPED? Looks like it from Shamsi's reaction, who beats AB's bat and finishes off with a dot. What an over. Just seven of it.

Tabraiz Shamsi will bowl the third over while AB DE VILLIERS joins Markram at the crease.  Fasten your seat belts folks, AB in the house!

Over 2- 16/1 (Markram-8 | Dussen-8) FOUR! FIRST OF THIS MIN-INNINGS FOR THE EAGLES!  Stuurman goes full with the slower ball, giving Dussen so much time to drive the ball in the gap for four through the extra-cover region. GOOD COMEBACK! This time, he angles the ball in with good pace and vd Dussen can only pikc up a single. BOWLED HIM! THE STUMPS GO FLYING AS DUSSEN IS DONE FOR PACE! What a delivery! Dussen is beaten all ends up with the yorker and he departs for eight off 6.

Glenton Stuurman to bowl the second over.

I'm sure it's just not me who is reminded of society/gully/ school cricket. Remember how all the friends would gather in the evening or in the morning for a six over match? Nostalgia, I tell you!

Over 1- 7/0 (Markram-6  | Dussen- 1) Good start from Reeza. Pitches it up to Markram, who taps it to long on for a single.  Dussen lunges forward to drive the full ball to extra-cover for a single. Markram cuts the ball square and picks up two. Remember, all the fielders are at the boundary so it's easier to pick up twos. Markram picks up another brace. Brilliant start from the captain, who finishes off with a dot. Dussen tries to play a cheeky reverse sweep but misses the ball completely.

Aiden Markram Rassie vd Dussen and come to open for the Eagles.  Reeza Hendricks will bring himself on to bowl the first over for the Kingfishers.



THAT'S THE END OF THE FIRST HALF OF THE KINGISHERS' INNINGS! Brilliant finish from Nortje and Malan was the top scorer there with 31.

Over 6- 56/2 (du Plessis- 1 | Coetzee- 4) OUT! MALAN HOLES OUT TO MILLER AT THE DEEP EXTRA-COVER! He is gone for 31 off 16. Coetzee joins du Plessis. FOUR DELVIRIES, A RUN AND A WICKET! This a peach of an over from Nortje so far. Can he finish well? FOUR! Coetzee ops the face of the bat and runs the ball past the keeper for four. Well played, young man.  INSIDE EDGE BUT SAFE AND NO RUN! What a finish from Nortje and the Kites will be mighty happy.

Nortje comes in for the last over of this mini-innings, if you wan to call it so.

RUN-OUT! First wicket of the Solidarity Cup is a run-out!  Hendricks departs and Faf du Plessis is the new man in.

OVER 5- 51/1 (HENDRICKS- 20 | MALAN-31 )- Beuran concedes two singles off the first two balls. He follows it with a DOT! Nicely done. Full and wide to Hendricks, who is still struggling with his timing. JUST AS I SAY THIS, HE SMASHES HIS NAMESAKE OPPONENT RIGHT OVER HIS HEAD FOR A BOUNDARY. Brilliant extension of the arms. Hendricks steal an extra run from the third-man fielder as he rushes back for a two.  WICKET! HENDRICKS IS RUN-OUT AS HE FAILS TO RETURN FOR TWO THIS TIME. He is gone for 20 off 16.

Beuran Hendricks to bowl the fifth over.

OVER 4- 42/0 (HENDRICKS- 12 | MALAN-30 )- Excellent start from Sipamla. Concedes just three singles off the first the first three balls. Four singles off the first four balls. Remember, we only have eight fielders without any restrictions. So, all of them are at the boundary. How often do you see that?  Malan picks a brace off the fifth ball.  SIX TO FINISH OFF THE OVER! That's a Mala special. He runs his wrists on the last ball of the over and scoops a long way over the deep mid-wicket boundary.

Lutho Sipamla is introduced into the attack.

OVER 3- 30/0 (HENDRICKS- 10 | MALAN-20 )- Pretorius returns for his second. FIRST BOUNDARY OF THE SOLIDARITY CUP. Pretorius very full to Malan, who smacks it past the bowler for four. FOUR MORE! This time, off the inside edge and it beats long leg to the boundary. SIX! MALAN SAYS HE'S HAD ENOUGH AFTER THE FIRST TWO OVERS. He muscles the ball over the bowler for the first six of the Solidarity Cup. A single and a dot to finish the over. Top comeback from Pretorius.

A very good start from the Kites, considering the batsmen are looking for a boundary ever ball. The pressure will now mount further on the batting side.

OVER 2- 14/0 (HENDRICKS-9 | MALAN-5 ). Jon-Jon Smuts bowls the second over and still no boundary from the Kingfishers' camp. Seven off the second over as well.

OVER 1- 7/0(HENDRICKS-4 | MALAN-3 ) Hendricks picks a single off the first ball. Malan takes a double off the next. The third ball is a DOT. GOLD DUST THIS! Malan takes a single off the fourth ball.  A great first over from Pretrius. Just seven off it.

PRETORIUS TO OPEN THE BOWLING. Malan and Hendricks have come out to open,

Let's get going!

The players and officials take a knee!

A minute-long silence has been observed and the national anthem has been sung!

We are moments away from the first ball!


The Kingfishers will bat first against Kites.

AB de Villiers' Eagles will begin in the dugout!



Cricket is back and is back for a cause. After international cricket returned with the ongoing England-West Indies series, the sport now returns to the home of the Proteas. The Solidarity Cup  is the first step towards normalcy in the country and a great initiative to help the people in need.

The occasion is special for more than one reason.

ONE: For the first time, we will see three teams play a single match and the match being divided into two halves.

TWO: The unique match is the first live sport to be broadcasted in South Africa since the country went into a lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19.

THREE: July 18 is the International Nelson Mandela Day. The occasion is quite fitting.



Gold, silver and bronze.

You don't often hear the medals being associated with cricket but this is cricket reimagined.  The team with most runs at the end of the match wins gold and the rest follows suit.

It's a new format, but it's a battle between bat and ball afterall.


Earlier today, Kites skipper Quinton de Kock pulled out of the Solidarity Cup match due to "unforeseen personal circumstances". Ryan Rickleton has been called up to replace him while Temba Bavuma will be the new team captain.

South Africa pacer Kagiso Rabada and Sisanda Magala will miss the inaugural 3TeamCricket (3TC) Solidarity Cup due to the deaths of immediate family members. All-rounder Chris Morris will also be unavailable. (READ)

Three teams, of eight players each, will play a match over 36 overs in two halves of 18 overs each. Here's all you need to know about the format.

READ: Faf du Plessis: All lives don’t matter until black lives matter

Rules for 3TC:

  • In the first half, teams rotate from batting to bowling to the Dugout and the starting positions are determined by a draw
  • In the second half, teams bat in order of the highest scores in the first half and if scores are tied, the first half order is reversed
  • After the fall of the 7th wicket, the not-out batter continues to bat alone. The batter can only score in even numbers of runs and can only bat in the second half. If the 7th wicket falls in the first half, the team forfeits the remaining balls in the first half and the not-out batter resumes the innings in the second half
  • Each bowling team has the use of one new ball for their full 12 overs which is used for both opponents
  • A match can only be shortened by weather to 18, 24 or 30 overs in terms of a formula laid down by 3TC

Full squads for 3TC:

  • Mr D Food Kites: Temba Bavuma (captain), Ryan Rickleton, Jon-Jon Smuts, David Miller, Dwaine Pretorius, Lutho Sipamla, Beuran Hendricks, Anrich Nortje. Coach: Wandile Gwavu.
  • OUTsurance Kingfishers: Heinrich Klaasen (captain), Reeza Hendricks, Janneman Malan, Faf du Plessis, Thando Ntini, Gerald Coetzee, Glenton Stuurman, Tabraiz Shamsi. Coach: Mignon du Preez.
  • Takealot Eagles: AB de Villiers (captain), Aiden Markram, Rassie van der Dussen, Kyle Verreynne, Andile Phehlukwayo, Bjorn Fortuin, Junior Dala, Lungi Ngidi. Coach: Geoffrey Toyana.

When and where to watch 3TC

3TC will be live on Star Sports 1, Star Sports 2, Star Sports 3, Star Sports 1 Hindi, Star Sports First and Disney+ Hotstar on 18 July 2020 from 2 pm (IST) onwards.