Irani Cup Highlights: Vidarbha vs Rest of India, Day Two

R. Sanjay and Akshay Wadkar score half-centuries to help Vidarbha stay in the hunt for a first-innings lead, on Day Two at the VCA Stadium in Nagpur. At stumps, Vidarbha is 245 for 6, trailing the Rest of India by 85 runs.

Mayank Agarwal (left) and Hanuma Vihari were the chief contributors with the bat for Rest of India on Day One. Photo: PTI

STUMPS, DAY TWO: Vidarbha 245 for 6 (R. Sanjay 65, A. Wadkar 50) trails Rest of India 330 by 85 runs.


4.33 pm: Wadkar pushes one delivery from Tanveer to the off-side and takes a single to bring up his half-century. Earlier in the over, he survived a leg-before-wicket shout; it looked adjacent, but perhaps struck him too high. Ninety overs completed in the day, it's 245 for 6.

It's still anybody's contest at the VCA Stadium. Rest of India has struck regularly throughout the day to bring parity and disallow the opponent to run away with the contest. On the other hand, many of Vidarbha's batsmen got starts. R. Sanjay and Ganesh Satish had been set, but were both removed by Dharmendrasinh Jadeja. Wadkar, in the final session, took the baton, and has so far shepherded the tail well.

Who will edge ahead on Thursday? Join us on Day Three of this intriguing battle for the Irani Cup. Till then, it's goodbye.

4.25 pm: A more frugal over from Rajpoot. Four coming from it, including one off an inside edge that travels to a vacant space in the leg side.

4.18 pm: Three fours in the same over from Rajpoot. To be fair, two of those deliveries perhaps weren't loose ones. They took the edge of the bat of A. Karnewar — the new batsman. One evades the third slip, and one doesn't — but travels to the ropes via a misfield. Earlier, Karnewar hit a copybook, picture-perfect drive through extra-cover to get off the mark. Vidarbha 238 for 6.

4.10 pm: WICKET — A wicket at last for Rest of India. Ankit Rajpoot, bowling from wide of the crease, gets a delivery to angle into the batsman; the ball strikes the pads of Sarvate, and the umpire doesn't take much time to lift his finger. Sarvate goes for 18, it's 226 for 6.

4.07 pm: Wadkar gets a long hop, and he cashes in. He goes down on one knee, and pulls the delivery to midwicket to collect a boundary. He moves on to 47.

4.00 pm: The new ball is taken, and Jadeja bowls a neat over, first up. A single taken by Sarvate brings up the half-century partnership.

3.56 pm: Another loose delivery bowled to complete an over. Chahar bowls a quicker delivery, and short, on leg stump. He is pulled clinically for a four through deep square leg.

3.53 pm: A single off the 25th over from Jadeja. After getting a outside edge that doesn't carry to Ajinkya Rahane at slip — he collects it after it bounces — Wadkar plays four defensive strokes.

3.47: A loose last delivery of an over once again. Chahar bowls short, and is duly cut by the batsman — Wadkar. A misfield at point results in a boundary. 209 for 5, it's drinks.

3.43 pm: Sarvate goes down the pitch and smashes Jadeja for a boundary straight down the ground. It seemed an ungainly stroke, and for a moment the bowler may have been in with a chance of plucking a catch, but it was hit hard and the batsman was in control. It's 205 for 5 in 80 overs.

3.40 pm: Rajpoot back into the attack. His over is neat overall, barring his last delivery, which is hit for a boundary. Wadkar plays a back-foot punch and brings up Vidarbha's 200. One over left for the new ball to be available. It's 201 for 5.

3.35 pm: Chahar follows it up with a maiden over. He would have gone for runs, perhaps another boundary, after having dished up a full toss to Aditya Sarvate. But the batsman flicks the ball and cannot find the gap between midwicket and mid-on.

3.30 pm: Chahar is back into the attack. He beats the bat of Wadkar with a turning delivery. Then, Wadkar plays a delightful late cut for four through the third man region. Vidarbha 197 for 5.

Tea: Vidarbha 171 for 5 (A. Wadkar 10 n o) trails Rest of India by 159 runs.


14:45 pm: Here's M. R. Praveen Chandran, reporting from the VCA Stadium in Nagpur —  Rest of India spinners have put its side in command. They have prised out two settled batsmen - Sanjay and Satish - in the post lunch session. At Tea, Vidarbha 171/5. Trails by 159 runs. 

14:38 pm: WICKET - Jadeja strikes to leave Vidarbha five down. Brilliant delivery that straightened up after pitching and Ganesh Satish pays the price for playing across the line and is trapped plumb. Vidarbha 168/5. Trails by 162 runs.

13:54 pm: WICKET- Rest of India have put Vidarbha under pressure as Mohit Kale departs for 1. Tries to play the cut shot but finds an outside edge and Ishan Kishan takes an excellent catch behind the stumps. Vidarbha 149/4. Trails by 181 runs.

13:40 pm: WICKET - Sanjay Ramaswamy  departs for 65 and this is an important wicket for Rest of India. Tossed up delivery, slightly on the rough, the batsman drives and hits straight into the hands of Hanuma Vihari at covers. Vidarbha 146/3. Trails by 184 runs.

13:12 pm: Fifty for Sanjay - Brilliant innings and it has come at the right time for Vidarbha. Sanjay Ramaswamy with an unbeaten fifty leads his team's response.

13:03 pm: Sanjay Ramaswamy and Ganesh Satish are looking good as both batsmen are well-set with the former nearing his half-century. Vidarbha 110/2. Trails by 220 runs.

12.04 pm: Sanjay opens the face of the bat to guide a delivery from Rajpoot past the diving third slip to the boundary. He moves to 46. And with the end of the over, the 40th of the innings, it's lunch. Vidarbha 106 for 2, the deficit is now 224.

11.56 am: Satish isn't altogether unruffled, however. He decides to unsettle Jadeja by coming down the track for a belligerent stroke. The ball hits the inside of his bat and loops to a vacant area in the midwicket region. It trickles to the boundary eventually, the fielder giving up the chase at the last moment.

11.47 am: Satish comes down the pitch and hits a six straight down the ground. It was a full toss from Chahar. Three more runs collected in the over; it's 95 for 2.

11.33 am: G. Satish, the new batsman, is vigilant in the rest of the over. It's 84 for 2 in 33 overs.

11.29 am: Rajpoot is brought back into the attack, but what does make a difference for Rest of India is Rahul Chahar's bowling. The leg-spinner bowls a straight delivery, pitching on a good length, off which Taide tries to play a slog-sweep. The ball misses the bat and hits his right pad. It's out. Taide's dismissed for 15.

11.20 am: Sanjay has now settled into a nice rhythm. Copybook defence and strokeplay define his batting, and here he has brought in calmness to the proceedings as well. The latest over by Jadeja — his ninth — is negotiated safely as well. He defends and nudges deliveries assuredly, and moves on to 34.

11.17 am: The second over by leg-spinner Rahul Chahar is negotiated safely by Sanjay. It's 73 for 1.

11.05 am: Atharva Taide, the new batsman, pulls a long hop from Gowtham to the midwicket boundary.

10.57 am: Gowtham strikes after the drinks break.  Vidarbha loses captain Fazal, caught behind by Ishan for 27. It's a late reaction from the umpire, the batsman is surprised at the delay in umpire's decision.

10.46 am: Fifty up for Vidarbha as Sanjay lofts Jadeja over the infield for a boundary.

10.42 am: Another paddle sweep, and another boundary for Fazal. Gowtham the bowler. The batsmen are comfortable in the middle, a good foundation being laid by Fazal and Sanjay.

10.27 am: Fazal steps down the track, it's a boundary — nearly a six — straight down the ground.

10.23 am: Quicker and flatter from Gowtham, just to test the batsman. Fazal nearly edges behind. Now, two spinners in operation, as Dharmendrasinh Jadeja, who bowls left-arm orthodox, comes on to bowl.

10.20 am: A flick through midwicket, and this time, it's a boundary for Fazal. Tanveer completes his sixth over. It's 24 for 0.

10.18 am: Deft touch from Sanjay. He paddle-sweeps a delivery from Gowtham to collect a boundary through fine-leg.

10.08 am: A spinner comes into the attack. K. Gowtham, the off-spinner, makes an immediate impact, has a loud lbw shout against Sanjay. The delivery, pitching outside off-stump, came in sharply. The umpire is unmoved, however. Perhaps there was bat involved.

10.05 am: Here's M. R. Praveen Chandran, reporting from the VCA Stadium in Nagpur — Vidarbha openers Fasal and Sanjay Ramaswamy have looked largely comfortable in the morning. The score has entered the double figures and Vidarbha is 13 for no loss.

10.00 am: Bowling from wide of the crease (over the wicket), Rajpoot troubles Sanjay, who comes close to nicking a delivery that angles into him and leaves him slightly. Later in the over, a delivery angles into him; he leaves it, and it nearly grazes the off-stump.

9.47 am: Tanveer's second over is safely negotiated by R. Sanjay. The left-arm seamer is getting the ball to move in the air, and is bowling a an accurate off-stump line to the batsman, making him play. A yorker is thrown in for variety.

9.43 am: A flick pierces the gap between midwicket and mid-on, and Fazal collects two more. It's 10 for 0 in three overs.

9.39 am: Fazal gets off the mark with a boundary off Rajput; it's a nicely played drive through extra-cover. Both opening bowlers — Rajput and Tanveer-ul-Haq — there are three slips and a short mid-off.

9.33 am: A maiden over, first up, by right-arm seamer Ankit Rajput. Anmolpreet Singh's sprightly effort at square leg disallows opener Faiz Fazal to get off the mark.

A reminder of the scenario:

Rest of India 330 (Hanuma Vihari 114, Mayank Agarwal 95, Akshay Wakhare 3 for 62, Aditya Sarvate 3 for 99) vs Vidarbha. (Day One report)

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the second day's play between Vidarbha and Rest of India — the Irani Cup contest held at the VCA Stadium in Nagpur.

On a lively Day One, runs and wickets were frequently got. Hanuma Vihari and Mayank Agarwal were the chief contributors to Rest of India's 330 all out. Aditya Sarvate continued to his good form with the ball, taking three wickets. Fellow spinner Akshay Wakhare also chipped in with three wickets to help leave the contest open.