England vs Pakistan 3rd Test Day 5 Highlights: Match drawn, England wins series 1-0

Much of the fifth day at Rose Bowl was washed out, and after less than two hours of cricket, the teams agreed to a draw.


James Anderson celebrates after getting to 600 Test wickets. - REUTERS

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the third England vs Pakistan Test at Rose Bowl, Southampton.



So that ends the second Test series held after the COVID-19 pandemic. The T20I series is up next, to be held at Old Trafford.

Join us for that. The first T20I is on 28 August. Until then, it's goodbye.



"It's a huge honour to be on that list," Zak Crawley, the Player of the Match, says when pointed out he was 10th on the list of all-time highest scores by England batsmen. "Managed to get off to a quick start which helped me settle the nerves a little bit."

Stuart Broad shakes Babar Azam's hands. - REUTERS


"I'm sure I can take a bit of confidence from this innings to kick on from here, it's not quite sunk in yet."

Jos Buttler is England's Player of the Series.

Mohammad Rizwan is the Pakistan's Player of the Series. He says he has practised with a tape-ball to prepare for English conditions. "It's a good experience playing in England. It's difficult for me but I think I did well."

"That one session made the difference in the series but congratulations to England," says Pakistan captain Azhar Ali, referring to the final session on Day Four in the first Test in Old Trafford.

"I'm proud of the way we fought throughout the series. The calmness in our dressing room was good."

"It was a very important innings for me and for my team, I got some runs under pressure, as a batsman you need an innings like that to improve your confidence."

Joe Root: "Very pleased with how it's gone."

"We all know how valuable he is for us, he is so much more than he is on the field. A credit to our country," he says, talking about Anderson.

"I'm not surprised at all, he was capable of very big things," says Root about Crawley.


So we just needed less than two hours of play today to conclude the matter. It was enough time for Anderson to pick up his 600th.

But let's not forget the hero with the bat, Zak Crawley, who set up the Test for England with his magnificent 267. Anderson's five-wicket-haul in the first innings helped England secure a huge first-innings lead of 310, and a defeat was ruled out from there.

For Pakistan, it's been a series of disappointment. It secured a winning position for itself in the first Test but instead went down by three wickets. And rain washed away the second Test. The pitch was flat for this one, and England's mountain of runs made it difficult to make a winning bid.

. Umpire Michael Gough points to his watch to inform only one hour of play is left. But the teams don't have to wait that long as they agree to a draw.

That's it, then. A 1-0 series win for England, and Pakistan's first series defeat in England since 2010.


. Anderson bowls a half volley on leg-stump and Babar neatly flicks off his legs for a boundary through square leg. And then a half-volley outside off-stump, it's square driven for another boundary. And he flicks once more to collect a single this time. Fawad Alam gets two nice deliveries in the off-stump channel; he lets them go by. 187/4.

. Broad replaces Root. He gets one to move into Babar with the angle from over the wicket, Babar tries to help it along towards fine leg, it touches his thigh pad. A loud shout for lbw but not given. Would have been going down the leg side. 178/4.

. Anderson is back into the attack. Babar works it away off his legs once again, this time for three runs. 175/4.

. WICKET: Asad Shafiq's poor run continues as he is dismissed caught by the short-leg fielder for 21. It was a good-length delivery from Root; Shafiq comes forward to smother it, the ball takes his inside edge and the substitute fielder at short-leg takes a good catch. Pakistan four wickets down now.

A delivery before, Pakistan had something to celebrate as Babar reached his half-century. He got one on his pads and flicked it. 172/4.

. A single from Dom Bess's 21st over. 170/3.

. Dom Sibley comes on to bowl leg-spin. He's a part timer clearly; one of the deliveries is a long-hop with some width outside off. He bowls fuller and straighter in the rest of the over. One full toss, too, in the mix. And two no-balls, and a couple of twos. 169/3.

Asad Shafiq cuts. - AP


. Nice turn on offer for Dom Bess as he gets one to move in off a good length outside the off-stump. It's left alone by Babar. But when Babar sees the opportunity he doesn't miss out; it's slightly shorter and straighter from the off-spinner and it's cut away for a boundary.

He comes down the track to Bess and smashes the ball straight down the ground. One bounce, four. 161/3.

. Babar gets some width from Root and plays a late cut; the ball runs away to third man but the outfield is slow so it just about manages to reach the rope. It brings up the 150 for Pakistan. Babar picks up a single through midwicket to move to 38. 151/3.

. A maiden over from Dom Bess. Asad Shafiq continues to defend pragmatically. 146/3.

. Babar gets a long hop from Root and smashes it; but it goes straight to the extra-cover fielder. No run. He cuts through point to pick up two runs. 146/2.

. Asad Shafiq gets a short and wide one and plays a nice late cut to collect two runs and move to 15. He defends the rest of the deliveries. 144/2.

. Now Joe Root brings himself on, not to fulfil any requirement I suppose as the sun is shining brightly at the moment. Babar comes down the track to him and tees off; it's nearly a six to long-on. 142/3.

. Dom Bess continues. A single taken Asad Shafiq as he plays a defensive push to cover. 137/3.

. A single from the over from Stuart Broad. It's drinks. 136/3.

. Another half volley outside off-stump and Babar doesn't miss out this time. Sweet drive for four. Then he gets a short one and he cuts it to point for a single. 135/3.

. Stuart Broad replaces Anderson. Babar leaves a few outside the off-stump and then gets one on his pads, works it away for a couple of runs. A nice extra-cover drive on the final delivery, but it goes straight to the fielder. 129/3.

. Dom Bess into the attack. A short delivery from him to Asad Shafiq, who tries to cut the ball but gets an under-edge past the slip fielder. To goes to Root's left; wouldn't have carried to him anyway. 126/3.

. Anderson continues to bowl in the off-stump channel. The first couple of deliveries are defended on the off-side by Asad Shafiq and Babar and two singles are taken. 121/3.

. For a change, Archer bowls slightly fuller in the off-stump channel, Babar squirts it away to third man for a couple of runs. No short balls in this over. 119/3.

Landmark man: James Anderson celebrates after picking up his 600th Test wicket. - AP


. A couple of straighter deliveries from Anderson, and runs. Babar Azam and Asad Shafiq both work them away off their legs. Another one on leg-stump, tucked to fine leg by Shafiq. 117/3.

.  Asad Shafiq is the new batsman. He plays out a maiden over from Archer: either defends or leaves it alone. 112/3.

. And James Anderson's wait is over! He bowls in the channel once again, the ball lifts off a good length, catches Azhar Ali by surprise, and he edges to Joe Root at first slip! He tried to steer that to point but was probably undone by the extra pace or bounce or both.

That's the moment we had all been waiting for. The first fast bowler to get to 600 Test wickets. Those above him in the list of all-time wicket-takers in Test matches: Muttiah Muralitharan (700), Shane Warne (708), and Anil Kumble (619). 112/3.

. Archer continues from around the wicket. Digs it in short, Babar defends it. He switches to over the wicket on the third delivery. The fourth delivery isn't as short, and Babar punches it back past the bowler for three runs. A single taken by Azhar off the final delivery, tucked to fine leg. 109/2.

Azhar Ali ducks under a short delivery from Jofra Archer. - AP


. Accurate, probing line from Anderson. Babar sees some width and punches it off the backfoot for three runs. 105/2.

. Jofra Archer dishes up a slower delivery to Azhar, who defends it cautiously. Another short delivery in the over, at 88mph, but this one was on leg-stump, Azhar ducks safely under it. Archer switches to around the wicket for the final two deliveries; directs both on Azhar's ribs. Azhar attempts a mighty pull off the final ball; he gets an inside edge on to his thigh. 102/2.

. Anderson's 13th over of the innings, and his first of today. Babar Azam picks up a single on the first delivery, worked off his legs. The ball is moving in the air; Azhar defends a delivery from his crease after the ball moved in slightly from outside off-stump to off-stump. Azhar picks up a single on the fifth ball, again defending it on the off-side. The last delivery is a full one; driven to short mid-on by Babar Azam. 102/2.

. Two more short deliveries in that over, and a short of a length delivery outside off that is defended by Azhar. The last delivery is sprayed down the leg side, left alone by the batsman. A maiden over. 100/2.

. It's bright sunshine at Rose Bowl at the moment. That's good to see. Jofra Archer to bowl the first over of the day. He starts off with a short one to Azhar Ali, who ducks underneath it.


There will be another inspection at 4pm local time (2030 IST). Play is likely to resume at 2045 IST.

The umpires have decided to have another inspection at 3.35pm local time (2005 IST).

We will have another inspection at 3pm local time (1930 IST). It's still too wet at Rose Bowl for play to start apparently.

There will be an inspection at 1.40pm local time (1810 IST). Lunch has been taken.

The good news is that the rain has stopped, but the ground is waterlogged. So it may be a while before we can resume.

The start has been delayed, and we don't know when we can see some cricket.

No sign of play starting anytime soon.

The outfield at Rose Bowl is wet due to rain, and play may not begin on time, at 3.30pm IST. It's "strong winds and heavy rain" in Southampton at the moment, according to the BBC. "Any rain will tend to ease through this afternoon, followed by a few showers. Unseasonably windy, with strong south or south-westerlies." - that's the forecast for the rest of the day.

It comes down to the final day to decide whether England wins the series 1-0 or 2-0. Azhar Ali's team has fought hard in the last couple of days but its first-innings capitulation ruled out any chance for a victory bid.

The batsmen can stick around today and ensure a draw.

There's James Anderson's 600th wicket to look forward to as well. England does not play a Test in the next few months so today might be his last chance for a while.

Here's the report of all the action from Day Four.

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