Jason Roy, bowlers shine as England humbles Bangladesh

England vs Bangladesh LIVE Score, World Cup 2019: Latest updates from the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 ENG vs BAN match in Cardiff.

Updated : Jun 20, 2019 12:05 IST

Jason Roy after getting to his ninth ODI hundred.
Jason Roy after getting to his ninth ODI hundred.

Jason Roy after getting to his ninth ODI hundred.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live coverage of the World Cup 2019 match between England and Bangladesh at the Sophia Gardens in Cardiff.

Jason Roy and Jos Buttler starred with the bat while Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer blazed a trail with the ball as England humbled Bangladesh by 106 runs in Cardiff. Shakib Al Hasan waged a lone battle with a fine hundred but it wasn't enough in the end. That would be all from our side. Join us tomorrow for the big one: India vs Australia from The Oval. Until then, Cheerio!


Wood continues. 12 runs off the over. Three from Stokes' sixth over. Both teams merely going through the motions at the moment.  Archer back for his ninth, the game's penultimate over. And he has struck straightaway: has Hasan caught behind. Mustafizur last man for bangladesh.  And gone. That's the match and it's Archer who has undone Fiz with his pace. England wins by 106 runs.

Wood back into the attack. Second wicket for Wood too as Mahmudullah holes out to Bairstow. BAN 261/7 after 45 overs. Mehidy Hasan comes to the creas e. Stokes, from the other end, is bowling a gem of a spell. Wicket No. 3 as he gets rid of Saifuddin.  Mortaza at the crease. Three runs and a wicket. BAN 264/8 after 46 overs.

Stokes gets another wicket, snaps up Hossain for 26. And victory is now in sight for the Three Lions. Mohammad Saifuddin comes to the crease. Three from the over. Stokes figures so far: 4-1-17-2.

Woakes to kickstart the final powerplay. Hossain gets hold of it; will get four for it. And another one, this time over mid-off for four more. 11 off the over. Bangladesh needs 152 runs in 54 balls.

Stokes to continue. DROPPED! Joe Root has missed a dolly off Shakib. BOWLED'EM! Stokes castles Shakib and that's the final nail in the coffin for Bangladesh ? Mosaddek Hossain comes to the crease. Bangladesh needs 163 runs in 60 balls.

Archer into his eighth.  Eight runs off it. Stokes has been introduced into the attack. He bowls a maiden! Woakes is back into the attack. Shakib is keeping Bangladesh's hopes alive here: two back-to-back fours take him to 115. Make that three in the over. Woakes being taken apart. 14 off the over. BAN 217/4 after 39 overs.

Rashid continues. Two off it. Archer concedes as many off his seventh. Bangladesh needs 201 runs in 90 balls. Rashid's back after drinks. Loopy delivery and Mahmudullah makes the most of it: launches it over the bowler's head for six. Bangladesh needs 192 runs in 84 balls.

Shakib two short of a 100.  Archer back into the attack. Gets to 99 with a single to fine leg. Shakib brings up his 100 with a single. His eighth ODI hundred and what a time to get it. Six off it.

GONE! Another one bites the dust. Rashid finally gets a wicket under his belt. Mithun falls for a two-ball duck. Successful over comes to an end. Only one off it. Mahmudullah comes to the crease. Two off Plunkett's eighth over. BAN 172/4 after 31 overs.

100-run stand between Mushfiqur and Shakib. Crucial, very crucial stand. Plunkett continues. Shakib pulls Plunkett for four, moves into the nineties.  GONE! There's the breakthrough - Rahim is caught off Plunkett and Bangladesh have lost their third wicket. Mithun comes to the crease . BAN 169/3 after 29 overs.

150 up for Bangladesh with that single. Plunkett back into the attack. Just four off that over. Rashid continues. Nine from that one. Runs continue to flow for Bangla Tigers. BAN 162/2 after 28 overs.

Shakib's motoring along. He is Bangladesh's biggest hope here. Inches toward his 100 with a four straight down the ground. Eight in the over . Rashid,meanwhile, continues to be taken for runs. Floated ball, and Shakib plays the sweep to percection. Rahim joins the fun. Uses his feet and hits it over long-on for four. 10 from it. BAN 149/2 after 26 overs.

Rashid continues. Shakib gets one boundary off the over. Eight runs coming from it. Wood continues. Short and outside off, Shakib cuts over point for four. Eight off the over. BAN 127/2 after 23 overs.

Shakib guides Bangladesh past 100 with a boundary to square-leg. Shakib's last six innings: 65, 61*, 29, 50*, 75, 64. Seven from the Rashid over. Wood's back into the attack. Six off it. BAN 111/2 after 21 overs .

Plunkett continues. 50 for Shakib Al Hasan. Great knock from the veteran. This is his sixth fifty in last seven matches, his third on the trot. Five off the over.

Wood continues. Width on offer and Rahim glides it to third-man for four. Six from the over. Plunkett into his fourth - four off it. That would be drinks! Adil Rashid has been introduced into the attack. Good start : only six from it. BAN 93/2 after 18 overs.

Plunkett to continue. Mushfiqur the new man at the crease. Five from that over. Wood, from the other end, goes for six with Shakib nudging the last ball to fine leg for four. Meanwhile, Plunkett bowls a tidy third; only three from it. BAN 77/2 after 15 overs .

Plunkett introduced into the attack. Seven runs from it in the end. Mark Wood has been brought into the attack. Shakib gets another boundary against his name: well timed and well placed. GONE! Raw pace does the trick. That was short and quick from Wood, Tamim was cramped for room and ended up hitting it straight to Morgan . ENG 63/2 after 12 overs.

Trial by pace and bounce those last two overs from Woakes and Archer. The duo's content with the ones and twos with Shakib helping the last Archer delivery over fine leg for six. BAN 48/1 after 10 overs.

Archer to continue.  He concedes his first run after 12 balls. Another tidy over that, only three from it. Eight from that Woakes over.  Archer continues.  Four runs off it. BAN 33/1 after 8 overs.

GONE! Archer has cleaned up Sarkar and he is yet to concede a run. Brilliant. Shakib in at 3. Second consecutive maiden for Archer this. Woakes to continue. 10 from the over with Shakib collecting a streaky four. BAN 18/1 after 5 overs.

Good start from the right-arm seamer. Just one off the over. Archer from the other end. Maiden to start off. Brilliant from Jofra. Tamim is up and running: plays a back of a length ball to backward point for four. Another good over from Woakes. BAN 8/0 after 3 overs.

News from the centre is Buttler won't be keeping wickets. Jonny Bairstow to don the gloves. Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar to begin the chase.  Chris Woakes with the new ball.


Plunkett's playing a fine cameo here -- two back-to-back fours and a brace take England to 386. Brilliant from England : after the disappointment against Pakistan, England has racked up a massive total, riding on Jason Roy's 150, Buttler's quickfire fifty and Plunkett's entertaining cameo. Bangladesh needs 387 to win . We will be back with the run chase soon.

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Saifuddin Mortaza is welcomed back to the attack with two successive boundaries by Plunkett. He wraps up the over with a six. 18 from it. ENG 373/6 after 49 overs.

Ben Stokes follows suit. Fiz with the breakthrough.  Plunkett joins Woakes. Woakes has pulled a short ball for a 69-metre long six. He takes England past 350 with another maximum.

England has notched up its highest World Cup total. Morgan perishes ... brilliant catch by Soumya Sarkar. And England has lost a fifth wicket. Six off Hasan's last over. Three overs to go.

Whoa! What power from Buttler. Short and wide all right, but Buttler flat-bats it over long-off for six. But Saifuddin has his revenge next ball; Buttler 64 (44b 2x4 4x6) holes out for 64. Ben Stokes comes to the crease.  11 off that over. ENG 335/4 after 46 overs.

SHOT! Morgan shimmies down the pitch and hits it over Shakib's head for six; ramrod straight. Shakib into his last over by the way. Nine off his last over. Shakib: 10-0-71-0. ENG 324/3 after 45 overs .

First free hit of the match; a front-foot no-ball from Fiz. Morgan's caught behind but doesn't count. Six from the other: a good over considering England have two hard-hitters at the crease.

Mustafizur returns into the attack. Buttler is in an unrelenting mood: hammers one straight down the ground for his third six. 13 from the over.  Shakib back into the attack. Morgan punishes the short delivery, cuts it away for four and that's the 300 for England. Buttler gets to yet another 50. Top knock. 10 off it. ENG 309/3 after 43 overs.

Hasan and Mortaza in tandem. Captain Morgan hoists an overpitched delivery over long-off for six. 12 runs in total off the last two overs. Start of the third powerplay. Buttler continues to pile misery: brings up the 50-run partnership with Morgan, while collecting 10 off Hasan's ninth. ENG 285/3 after 41 overs.

Mosaddek Hossain into the attack. Five off his first over. Hasan follows it up with a miserly over: just three off it.  Buttler tees up with a six to long-on; Hossain at the receiving end. Now a boundary, this time through covers. It's raining sixes off Buttler's willow; this one flies over long-on. 18 from that over. ENG 263/3 after 38 overs.

GONE! Roy tries to go for another six, miscuing it to the man at covers. Hasan with the breakthrough. Morgan joins Buttler. ENG 235/3 after 34.4 overs.

Mehidy Hasan is back into the attack. Four from the over. DRINKS! Saifuddin continues: Five singles from it in the end.  MASSIVE! Roy has launched two back-to-back sixes off Hasan's sixth over. Make that a hat-trick of maximums and with it, Roy brings up the first 150 of this edition.

TIMBER! Saifuddin cleans up Root and the partnership has been broken. England have lost a second wicket against the run of play. Buttler has been promoted up the order. He's struck on the pads first up. Bangladesh review for lbw, but replays show the ball missing the stumps. Six from that over. ENG 208/2 after 32 overs.

Saifuddin continues. England take four off the 30th over. Shakib back into the attack: welcomed by Roy with two back-to-back boundaries.  Follows it up with a maximum over long-on. Roy upping the ante. 200 up for England. 17 off that Shakib over. ENG 202/1 after 31 overs.

Mohammad Saifuddin is back into the attack. Root greets him with a pull through square leg for four. Seven from it. Mustafiz continues. The fifty partnership comes up between Roy and Root. Fiz goes for seven. ENG 181/1 after 29 overs.

Roy gets to his ninth ODI 100 with a boundary ... but not without any drama. Roy knocks down the umpire at the other end, and a misfield in the deep allows Roy to get to the three-figure mark.  Seven off that over.

England brings up 150 in 24 overs. Roy eleven shy of becoming the third Englishman to score a 100 this edition. Four singles off Mustafizur's fourth over. Pace from both ends. Mortaza is into his eighth over. Six off it. ENG 160/1 after 26 overs.

Hasan continues. Five from that over. Roy nearing a 100. Mortaza in the middle of a good spell here: only three off his sixth over. Roy into the eighties. Roy looking good for a 100 here, smacks a short Hasan ball over deep mid-wicket for four. Seven off it. ENG 145/1 after 23 overs.

50 up for Bairstow: a quick brace takes him past the landmark. Roy ends the over with a square cut for four. Eight off that Hasan over.  Mortaza strikes! And it takes  abrilliant diving catch from Mehidy. Bairstow falls for 51. Root's in at 3. Two runs and a wicket from it. ENG 130/1 after 20 overs.

Mehidy Hasan into the attack. Tidy start: only two coming from Hasan's first over. Mortaza back into the attack. Jonny pulls one away to move to 46. Seven Eight off the over. ENG 120/0 after 18 overs.

Bairstow brings up the team 100 with a tickle to fine-leg for four. Six from that Shakib over. Roy's in the mood; Fizz at the receiving end now as a full and wide delivery is bludgeoned over extra cover.  Nine off that over. ENG 110/0 after 16 overs.

Shakib back into the attack. Just two runs from it. Fizz continues. Four dots and Roy's had enough: carves one over extra cover for four. Six from the over. ENG 95/0 after 14 overs.

Start of Powerplay 2. Mustafizur into the attack. Fizz errs in line; on the pads and Jonny whips that through mid-wicket for four. Nine off the over. Saifuddin continues. WHAT A SHOT! Roy has launched that one over long-off for six. He brings up his 50 with a boundary off the next ball.  11 coming off it. ENG 87/0 after 12 overs.

Shakib continues. Eight from it in the end. Bairstow and Roy ran four runs off the second delivery! Saifuddin, at the other end, continues to leak runs: seven from his second over with Roy collecting another four. ENG 67/0 after 10 overs.

SHOT! Roy begins the over with a glorious cover-drive off Shakib. Four more to Roy: this time through deep mid-wicket. 10 from it. England getting a move on now. Mohammad Saifuddin into the attack. Starts with a half-volley which is drilled down the ground for four by Bairstow. He likes the ball coming on the bat, does Jonny! Collects three runs this time. Bairstow brings up the team 50 with a glorious hit to long-off for four. 16 off that over. ENG 52/0 after 8 overs.

Three singles and a three to end Shakib's third over. INSIDE EDGE! Roy gets away with that one: races way to fine leg for four. Mortaza testing the England batsmen. And another one: just past Mustafizur for four more. 11 from it. ENG 26/0 after 6 overs.

Shakib to continue. Another good over from the veteran all-rounder: only one coming from it. Mortaza continues. Pulled away! Bairstow gets his first boundary gets off the mark with a single. Two from it. ENG 9/0 after 4 overs.

Roy gets off the mark with a single. Good start from Shakib: just one off it in the end. Mortaza to share the new ball. A slip in place. SHOT! Roy plays a beautiful straight drive for four. Five from it. ENG 6/0 after 2 overs.

Jonny Bairstow and Jason Roy march out. Shakib Al Hasan with the new ball.

England and Bangladesh players stride out to the middle for the respective national anthems.  First up, the Bangladesh anthem. Next up, England. We are done with the formalities. Now to cricket!


TOSS UPDATE: Bangladesh has won the toss and elected to bowl.

England (Playing XI) : Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Chris Woakes, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Liam Plunkett, Mark Wood

Bangladesh (Playing XI) : Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim(w), Mohammad Mithun, Mahmudullah, Mosaddek Hossain, Mohammad Saifuddin, Mehidy Hasan, Mashrafe Mortaza(c), Mustafizur Rahman

Morgan : "Playing two spinners creates a bit issue there hence we are playing an extra seamer. Little bit of a blip, little bit of a bad day against Pakistan. Today, hopefully we will show that it is not something that is an issue. We played some good cricket against South Africa and hopefully we will play good cricket today."

Mortaza: "We will bowl first. This pitch has been under cover for the last two days. We would have liked to play an extra seamer, but we are sticking with the same team. Last match was disappointing but hopefully we will bounce back. We have to play at our best to beat this England team."

PITCH REPORT| "Not quite a lot of clay content, so the curator has to leave a lot of grass. Bowlers might think "lot of green grass, so lot of lateral movement" but it's nothing like that. You pitch the ball up initially but then if you get hit, you have the pull length back. Good wicket to bat on," observes Michael Holding.



Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan, playing his fourth World Cup, stresses on the cricket culture in his nation that helped the national team dream big| Shakib opens up on Bangladesh cricket, World Cup hopes and more

England all-rounder Moeen Ali has said Jofra Archer is the fastest bowler he has faced and someone who makes “good batters do different things.”| Moeen Ali: Jofra Archer is the fastest bowler I have faced

“It is going to be a difficult game, they're a good side. I think people underestimate them but we certainly don't.” Eoin Morgan, the England, expects a fierce challenge from Bangladesh.

Mashrafe Mortaza, the Bangladesh, spoke to the media on Friday. Here's what he had to say about the possible tactics his spin unit could employ in the upcoming contest.

It will be the first match in Cardiff for both England and Bangladesh in this World Cup. Know more about the venue here .

It is a coincidence that Bangladesh's cricket story will return to the place where it all started in 1999.| A great World Cup script in the making

Anything less than outright victory this time will feel like failure after a stunning run of form in recent years built on the back of its power-packed batting line-up| Defying convention, embracing aggression

Four years ago, Bangladesh beat England by 15 runs and eliminated the side from the 2015 ICC World Cup, thereby leading to England's major transformation in limited-overs cricket under skipper Eoin Morgan.

Here's today's preview: England completes World Cup circle against Bangladesh

England  will face the side which kick-started its transformation into a major threat in one-day internationals when the tournament host continue its World Cup campaign against  Bangladesh  in Cardiff on Saturday.

The Tigers condemned Eoin Morgan's men to a first-round exit at the 2015 edition with a 15-run victory in Adelaide.

At that point there was no longer any way of hiding England's white-ball woes and, with a home World Cup up next, then England and Wales Cricket Board director Andrew Strauss was determined the national side's limited overs form had to improve.

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To that end, Peter Moores was sacked as coach, with Strauss bringing in experienced Australian Trevor Bayliss as his replacement.

Since that debacle 'Down Under', England has risen to to the top of the one-day international rankings.

But having started its quest to win a first men's World Cup with a 104-run thrashing of South Africa at the Oval, it heads into this weekend's clash on the back of a surprise 14-run defeat by Pakistan.

That match saw England lose its cool, with opening batsman Jason Roy and fast bowler Jofra Archer both fined for lapses in their conduct on the field.

Meanwhile if England was annoyed by some of Pakistan's 'verbals', there were times when the large contingent of fans for the sub-continental side -- a common sight even when England are at home -- also had an effect.

England all-rounder Chris Woakes, usually the most mild-mannered of cricketers, put his finger to his lips in a bid to 'silence' Pakistan supporters after taking a catch on the boundary.

It could well be a similar story at Sophia Gardens on Saturday, particularly as several players on both sides who featured in England's ill-tempered 2016 win over Bangladesh in Dhaka are likely to be involved again.

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England fast bowler Liam Plunkett, who could be recalled after missing the Pakistan defeat, said his team-mates knew how to maintain their composure.

'The way they play'

“Pakistan is pretty good like that, they can get niggly. When they're on top they're good at doing it,” said the 34-year-old.

“Similarly Bangladesh and India, they're good at doing that, good at appealing quite a lot. It's just the way they play their cricket."

“But we've played in big competitions, guys have played around the world - at IPL (Indian Premier League) and Big Bash in front of big crowds -- it shouldn't be too much for the players.”

Bangladesh also heads into the weekend following a defeat by two wickets in a tense contest against New Zealand.

But Plunkett said the days when the Tigers was rank outsiders away from the sub-continent had gone.

“There's no real shock defeats in this competition,” he insisted. “We've already seen Bangladesh beat South Africa and that's not a shock defeat."


“They're a strong squad. I remember when they beat England way back when (in Bristol, 2010) and it was a shock defeat."

“I don't think them beating teams like South Africa is like that anymore.”

Adil Rashid bowled five costly overs against Pakistan and, given the leg-spinner's ongoing shoulder injury, England may decide to leave him out on Saturday.

For Bangladesh, a match at Sophia Gardens sees it back at the scene of one of its greatest triumphs -- a 2005 ODI win over Australia, then as now world champion, that is arguably the biggest upset in the history of international cricket.

Mashrafe Mortaza,  who played in that stunning five-wicket success, is now Bangladesh's captain.

He took heart from how Bangladesh had nearly defended a target of 245 against New Zealand, saying the team was in good spirits as they prepared to face England.

“I think they (England) are one of the biggest side in this tournament. It's not going to be easy, we knew that,” said Mashrafe.

“But again, if we can play our best possible cricket, you never know.”


The match will be streamed live on Hostar. 

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