Australia vs Bangladesh Highlights, T20 World Cup 2021: Zampa fifer powers AUS to huge eight-wicket win over BAN

Adam Zampa returned career-best figures of 5-19 to bundle out Bangladesh for 73 before openers Aaron Finch and David Warner cut loose to help Australia hunt the target down in just 6.2 overs.

Updated : Nov 06, 2021 09:35 IST , DUBAI

Australia's Adam Zampa (centre) is congratulated by teammate Marcus Stoinis (right) after taking the wicket of Bangladesh's Shamim Hossain.
Australia's Adam Zampa (centre) is congratulated by teammate Marcus Stoinis (right) after taking the wicket of Bangladesh's Shamim Hossain.

Australia's Adam Zampa (centre) is congratulated by teammate Marcus Stoinis (right) after taking the wicket of Bangladesh's Shamim Hossain.

Welcome to Sportstar's Highlights coverage of the T20 World Cup 2021 Super 12 match between Australia and Bangladesh from the Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai.

Australia beat Bangladesh by eight wickets

Player of the Match: Adam Zampa 5-19 (4 overs)

We head to Abu Dhabi for the other Group 1 game between Sri Lanka and West Indies in a rematch of the 2012 T20 World Cup final.

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Openers Aaron Finch and David Warner made quick work of a paltry chase of 74 as Australia cruised to an eight-wicket win with 88 balls to spare. However, it was the bowlers, leg spinner Adam Zampa in particular, who set up the huge win for Australia in the must-win game.

Pacers Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood removed Liton Das and one-drop Soumya Sarkar in the first two overs to rattle Bangladesh before Zampa put it to the sword with figures of 5-19, bundling out the Tigers for 73 - their second consecutive double-digit score in the tournament.

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AUS 78/2 in 6.2 overs: FOUR! Marsh drives uppish over mid-off and finds the fence. SIX! Marsh pulls Taskin over deep mid wicket and that's the win for Australia! What a commanding way to end a dominant show by the Australians.

AUS 67/2 in 6 overs: Shoriful comes into the attack. FOUR! Marsh pulls away for four first ball to the mid wicket boundary. Tapped to point for a quick single. No-ball and Warner will take the free-hit. Bowls it in the blockhole and Warner nudges it to mid-on for a single. Marsh drives and well fielded at cover to keep it down to one. OUT! Slower one and through the gate! Warner looked to drag an outside off length over mid-wicket and was done for the lack of pace. David Warner b Shoriful Islam 18(14b 3x4 0x6).

AUS 58/1 in 5 overs : Smacked over mid-on by Finch and lands safe at a vacant long-on; two runs. Finch looks to scoop and Taskin goes full in front of the stumps. Finch misses but LBW appeal turned down. SIX! Stand and deliver! Full outside off and sliced over cover all the way. SIX! Slower one outside off and slapped down the ground. Follows Finch this time on the leg and cramps him over room. OUT! Finch is cleaned up. Exposed the stumps trying to make room on the off and missed a it as the ball took his off stump. Aaron Finch b Taskin Ahmed 40(20b 2x4 4x6).

AUS 44/0 in 4 overs: FOUR! Finally some timing and Warner cuts Mustafizur behind point off a short length. SIX! Finch cleared his front leg and picked it up from the slot to launch it over mid wicket. Single to deep square leg off a full-toss. FOUR! Warner slashes hard and gets the edge that runs to the boundary at third. FOUR! Guides a short one over backward point to find the boundary at third...again. 21 runs from that Mustafizur over.

AUS 23/0 in 3 overs: Taskin continues. Bottom edge again for Warner and it trickles behind the stumps to fine leg for one. Pace at 146 kmph and Finch misses the swing again and the bowler flies over middle stump. Shimmies to leg and digs it out for just one at mid-on. Shapes away from Warner and he misses trying to cut through cover-point. Slower one and length; Warner tucks it behind square leg for a single. FOUR! Finch flicked it over mid-wicket and the fielder in the deep was inside and it just flew over him to the rope. Taskin is livid!

AUS 16/0 in 2 overs: Mustafizur from the other end. FOUR! Width outside off and Finch spanks it on its way past cover. Closer to off stump and swings and misses. Finch has made his mind clear...he is going at everything to get this miniscule target down in quick time. SIX! Slower ball in the slot around leg and Finch waits for it to club it over mid wicket. Slaps it back hard straight to the bowler and that would have hurt him!

AUS 4/0 in 1 over: Taskin to Warner. Over the wicket. Good length around off stump and sliced straight to point for a dot. Clipped off his legs on the backfoot for a single and he is away. Finch swing and misses and some away movement for Taskin. Good pace and swing outside off and Finch misses again. Finch looks to flick it on leg but flies off the edge to third; overthrow and they get a couple. Finch pulls hard but gets the bottom edge and just a single to mid-on.

Bangladesh walk onto the field for the last time in the tournament as openers Aaron Finch and David Warner make their way to the middle.

Australia needs 74 runs to win from 120 balls

Adam Zampa (5 for 19) led a complete demolition of Bangladesh, which capitulated to its second consecutive two-digit score in the tournament. Meanwhile, this was a much-needed bowling performance by Australia which was looking to win this contest by a huge margin to beef up its Net Run Rate after the drubbing it received by England in its last match.

Back with the chase shortly and it should, in all likelihood, be a mere formality for Australia to get those 74 runs.

Bangladesh innings

BAN 73/10 in 15 overs: Dropped by Wade and Zampa misses a hat-trick! Taskin drove it and got a thick edge to Wade. A couple for Taskin as he flicks it behind square leg. OUT! Mustafizur holes out. Slog swept, got the meat of the bat on it but handed it straight to wide long-on. Mustafizur Rahman c Steven Smith b Adam Zampa 4(9b 0x4 0x6). Shoriful is the last man in. OUT! Full on the stumps again and Shoriful gets the edge trying to heave it. Shoriful Islam c Aaron Finch b Adam Zampa 0(2b 0x4 0x6).

BAN 70/8 in 14 overs: Cummins comes in for his third. Slower full toss to Taskin and he gets a leading edge to mid-on for one. Into the deck and Mustafizur backs away on leg and misses trying to slash it over backward point. Good strike this time and a couple past mid-off. Full on the stumps and Mustafizur does well to make room and chip it over mid-off for two more.

BAN 65/8 in 13 overs: Starc comes into the attack. Taskin flicks a full one fine for one. OUT! Around th wicket to Mahmudullah and it was drifting down leg but Mahmudullah got wood on it trying to flick it behind off the backfoot. Mahmudullah c Matthew Wade b Mitchell Starc 16(18b 2x4 0x6). Starc steams in with three straight yorkers to number 10 Mustafizur. Defended back with more confidence to mid-off.

BAN 64/7 in 12 overs: Maxwell with spin from the other end. Mahmudullah gets one at mid wicket. Maxwell to new batter Taskin. Drives to cover but no runs. Maxwell is keeping it full outside off and Taskin continues to defend firmly. Front foot straight drive to long-on for a single and Taskin will keep strike.

BAN 62/7 in 11 overs: Zampa into his third. Mahmudullah scoops a full to fine leg for a couple. Gets one off an inside off. OUT! Shamim nicks it behind. Made room to cut it through point and off the top edge to Wade. Shamim Hossain c Matthew Wade b Adam Zampa 19(18b 1x4 1x6). OUT! Mahedi goes first ball. Shuffled across the stumps and went for the pull on a short length but the ball skidded through to hit his back pad. He reviews the decision and ball-tracking confirms that it was clipping leg-stump. Mahedi Hasan lbw b Adam Zampa 0(1b 0x4 0x6).

BAN 58/5 in 10 overs: Cummins returns. Two length balls first up and no runs. Good bouncer on the third and Shamim ducks. A couple behind cover. Two singles to end the over. The ball is coming onto the bat nicely and is a good battting don't let the score make you think otherwise.

BAN 54/5 in 9 overs: Zampa continues. SIX! Pitched invitingly in the slot and Shamim slog sweeps it over square leg. Fuller on the stumps and defended back to Zampa. Low full-toss and struck to long-on for a single. Mahmudullah steps out and it raps him on the pads. Desperate appeal and umpire is not interested.

BAN 47/5 in 8 overs: Starc starts off with a big wide down leg to Shamim. Wide again in the same region. Comes back with a yorker on the stumps and Shamim parries it to mid-on for no runs. FOUR! Full outside off and Shamim gets on one knee it swat it over mid wicket. Slower one and full again but Shamim can only dig it out straight to mid-on. Shamim skilfuly fends off a menacing bouncer with a lean and a horizontal guide to third for one. Driven well my Mahmudullah to deep point and an overthrow will see them get two.

BAN 38/5 in 7 overs: OUT! Zampa strikes first ball to Afif. Great captaincy by Finch who got in the slip and Afif edges it straight to him. Shamim gets a couple to get off the mark. Full on off the slapped to long-off for a single. Mahmudullah shuffles to tuck it behind to fine for one. Shamim guides it to point for one. Afif Hossain c Aaron Finch b Adam Zampa 0(4b 0x4 0x6).

BAN 33/4 in 6 overs: FOUR! Pitched in the slot on the off and Naim drives it straight past the non-striker to the straight boundary. OUT! Tests him with a short one and Naim succumbs. Pulls it straight to square leg. Mohammad Naim c Pat Cummins b Josh Hazlewood 17(16b 3x4 0x6). Afif comes in. Slices well on off and point does well to deny runs. Afif whips it off his pads for a single.

BAN 28/3 in 5 overs: tarc comes back for his second. Full-toss on the legs and heaved for just a single at deep square leg. Swing and a miss from the skipper. Left-arm over the wicket to the right-hander seems to be working. Mahmudullah drives with exuberance but is beaten for the swing. FOUR! Mahmudullah gets off the mark with a gorgeous pull at square leg. FOUR! Not as convincing this time but the result is same. Poked outside off and it runs away off the edge to third. 

BAN 19/3 in 4 overs: Cummins to bowl the fourth over. FOUR! Naim drives a good length ball through cover and gets a thick outside edge that flies just over backward point to the boundary. FOUR! Naim cuts it between point and cover. Well-timed! He was looking for that gap but found the fielder on two previous occasions. Planes it behind point for a single and retains strike.

BAN 10/3 in 3 overs: Maxwell comes in with some spin. Naim collects one with a thump to long-off. Mushfiqur Rahim gets off the mark tuck to mid wicket for a single. Naim pulls for a single to mid wicket. OUT! Trapped in front. Rahim perishes. He moved across to the off and looked to clip a short one on leg. Got beaten and the ball thudded onto his pads straight on. Mahmudullah comes in and defends first ball. Mushfiqur Rahim lbw b Glenn Maxwell 1(2b 0x4 0x6).

BAN 6/2 in 2 overs: Hazlewood from the other end. He bowls the first two short on leg, tailing in a bit and Sarkar defends. FOUR! Pitched short and again and Sarkar drags it through mid wicket. Not off the middle of the bat but it was hit hard. Miscues a pull and it goes to square leg on the bounce; dot ball. OUT! Chopped on again! Sarkar looks to open the face and run it to third and gets an inside edge onto the wood behind him. Soumya Sarkar b Josh Hazlewood 5(8b 1x4 0x6).

BAN 2/1 in 1 over: Mitchell Starc with the ball. Can we expect some chin music early on? Pitched up first ball and Naim guides it to point for a dot. Some movement early on. Beautiful yorker and Naim just clamps his bat down in time and the ball trickles to fine leg; one run. OUT!Liton bowled first ball . Just short of yorker length and Liton gets an inside edge onto his stumps. Liton Das b Mitchell Starc 0(1b 0x4 0x6). Soumya Sarkar comes in. Yorker drifted on leg and nudged to square leg for a dot. Short and off and Sarkar gets on his toes to run it to third for a single and he is off the mark. Naim guides it to point for a dot and that's the over. Two from it and a wicket.

Bangladesh will look to opener Mohammad Naim and Liton Das to get it off to a good start. Naim had a good start to the tournament with two fifties but has found himself amongst the runs in the Super 12. Liton has had starts but failed to capitalise on them.

Finch and Mahmudullah leading their teams onto the field for the national anthems. Bangladesh's anthem plays for the final time at the tournament and they will look to sign off on a high after a disappointing showing at the event. Meanwhile, Australia will exert every nerve and sinew into today's match as it looks to keep its semifinal qualification hopes alive.

Australia Playing XI: David Warner, Aaron Finch (c), Mitchell Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Steven Smith, Marcus Stoinis, Matthew Wade (wk), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood

Bangladesh Playing XI: Mohammad Naim, Liton Das (wk), Soumya Sarkar, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah (c), Afif Hossain, Shamim Hossain, Mahedi Hasan, Shoriful Islam, Taskin Ahmed, Mustafizur Rahman

The news from the middle is that Aaron Finch has won the toss and Australia is going to have a bowl. Mitchell Marsh comes into the side for Ashton Agar as Australia looks to go with the seven specialist batters formula. For Bangladesh, Mustafizur comes back into the XI for Nasum Ahmed.

PITCH REPORT: The wicket that was used for the New Zealand vs Scotland yesterday will be used for this match, so it promises to be a good batting wicket. The Kiwis had notched up 172 runs batting first and Scotland responded with a good fight with 156. It is centrally-located with square boundaries at 73m and 67m. There is some moisture on the surface so there will be swing and bounce on offer initially. Since it is a day game the due factor won't be too much of a factor and the toss might have less of a bearing on the outcome of the match.

DUBAI in T20 World Cup 2021:

Batting first won: 1

Batting second won: 7

Average first innings score: 132


Wicketkeeper: Liton Das

Batters:,  David Warner (vc) , Steve Smith, Mushfiqur Rahim

All-rounders: Glenn Maxwell, Mahedi Hasan, Mitchell Marsh, Marcus Stoinis

Bowlers: Adam Zampa, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Mustafizur Rahman

Team Composition:   AUS: 7, BAN: 4  Credits left:  0.0


Australia:  David Warner, Aaron Finch (c), Glenn Maxwell, Steven Smith, Marcus Stoinis, Mitchel Marsh, Matthew Wade (wk), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood

Bangladesh:  Mohammad Naim, Liton Das (wk), Soumya Sarkar, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah (c), Afif Hossain, Shamim Hossain, Mahedi Hasan, Taskin Ahmed, Mustafizur Rahman, Shoriful Islam

STAT ALERT: Aaron Finch needs 74 runs to complete 10,000 T20 runs and become only the sixth batter to reach the landmark.


Australia will take on Bangladesh in a must-win Group 1 Super 12 contest at the ICC T20 World Cup in Dubai on Thursday.

It needs to beat Bangladesh and then West Indies on November 6 to keep its qualification hopes alive. And even then, its fate will hinge on tournament favourite England beating South Africa on Saturday.

South Africa's dominant win over Bangladesh has made it a serious contender for a semifinal spot from Group 1, while Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are now out of the race.

Bangladesh is at the bottom of the points table with four losses on the bounce. Shakib Al Hasan's hamstring injury — which ruled him out of the tournament — made matters worse. Against a potent South African pace attack in the last match, Bangladesh's batting came up short. The bowlers tried to make a fist of it with early wickets, but a target of 85 was never going to be enough.

Meanwhile, Australia is grappling with problems of its own. Its poor Net Run Rate (-0.627) is an impediment. And against England, Glenn Maxwell batted at No. 4 after two quick wickets. In doing so, Australia exposed its best hitter to a raging England attack. Either Marcus Stoinis or Matthew Wade — who have negated the swing in the top-order earlier — could be promoted to take the sting out of the bowling. Mitchell Marsh, who was dropped for the clash with England to include Ashton Agar, could return against Bangladesh.

Bangladesh could play Mustafizur Rahman in place of Nasum Ahmed. Taskin Ahmed bowled superbly for his 2 for 18 against South Africa.

Rangana Herath, Bangladesh spin-bowling coach, remains optimistic despite his team's poor run. "As a professional, we need to come back strongly. We have another game to go. We need to maintain that winning mindset and build winning confidence. We have to think about Bangladesh cricket's way forward," he said on Wednesday.

                                                                                         -Ayan Acharya

Head-to-head in T20Is

All four of Bangladesh's T20I victories against the Aussies came in the 4-1 bilateral series win in August 2021. The Tigers are yet to open their account against Australia in T20 World Cups.

Head-to-head in T20 World Cups

Where and when to watch T20 World Cup 2021 - Australia vs Bangladesh Live?

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