IND vs NZ 3rd T20I: India thrashes New Zealand by 73 runs to seal 3-0 series win

IND vs NZ 3rd T20 Live Score: Get the commentary, scores and updates of New Zealand vs India 3rd T20I from the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

Updated : Nov 21, 2021 22:33 IST

Axar Patel got rid of Mitchell and Chapman in one over.
Axar Patel got rid of Mitchell and Chapman in one over.

Axar Patel got rid of Mitchell and Chapman in one over.

Welcome to Sportstar 's HIGHLIGHTS of the third T20I between India and New Zealand from Kolkata.

Great win for India. Winning start to Rohit Sharma's stint as India's new T20I captain. He won the toss tonight and decided to bat first. After a flourishing start, New Zealand chipped away before Deepak Chahar's eight-ball cameo helped India reach a fighting score. It was then up to the bowlers, who put on a superlative performance. It was headlined by Axar Patel, who finished with figures of 3 for 9 from his 3. That will be all from our side. Thanks for joining us tonight. Cheers.

GONE! Ferguson departs. India have won by 73 runs. They take the T20I series 3-0.

NZ 110/9 in 17 overs: GONE! Sodhi departs and Harshal has one more wicket. Boult is the last man. Ferguson has slammed two sixes here. 15 off the over.

NZ 95/8 in 16 overs: Venkatesh Iyer into the attack and gets a wicket straightaway! Milne departs. Just two off the over and a wicket.

NZ 93/7 in 15 overs: Chahal bowls out. Just a single off his last over. His spell tonight: 4-0-26-1.

NZ 92/7 in 14 overs: Santner is run out courtesy a direct hit by Ishan Kishan! Chahar is back into the attack. A couple of boundaries to end the over.

NZ 83/6 in 13 overs: Harshal back into the attack. GONE! Neesham departs thanks to a brilliant diving catch by Rishabh Pant. Milne, the new batter at the crease, finishes the over with a six.

NZ 76/5 in 12 overs: Here's Venkatesh Iyer. GONE! Seifert is run out after a breakdown in communication with Neesham. Santner joins Neesham. Just six from the over.

NZ 70/4 in 11 overs: Chahal continues. He gets the big fish - Guptill holes out, falls for a 36-ball 51. Neesham joins Seifert. Just 2 runs from it.

NZ 68/3 in 10 overs: Axar is back into the attack. Guptill brings up his fifty with a boundary. Seven from the over.

NZ 61/3 in 9 overs: Chahal back into the attack. Seifert works one past fine leg for four. Much-needed boundary. Guptill is keeping NZ in this game - gioes over deep mid-wicket for six. Guptill ends the over with a boundary.

NZ 45/3 in 8 overs: Harshal Patel into the attack. Four singles from Harshal. India tightening the noose in these middle overs.

NZ 41/3 in 7 overs: Here's Venkatesh Iyer. Good start from Iyer. Four singles from his first over.

NZ 37/3 in 6 overs: Bhuvi is back into the attack. After two dots, Guptill hits a six over sweeper cover. 7 off the over.

NZ 30/3 in 5 overs: Axar continues. GONE ! Phillips is clean bowled, trying to play the reverse sweep. Another excellent over from Axar - single and a wicket. Seifert joins Guptill.

NZ 29/2 in 4 overs: Chahal into the attack. Phillips has joined Guptill, who clobbers Chahal over wide long-on for six. Good comeback from Yuzi - just a single off the remaining balls.

NZ 22/2 in 3 overs: GONE! Mitchell holes out and it's Axar Patel with the breakthrough. Mark Chapman joins Guptill. GONE! Another one bites the dust, Chapman has been stumped. One run and two wickets from that over.

NZ 21/0 in 2 overs: Deepak Chahar with the new ball. Mitchell gets one away to deep extra for four. SHOT! Guptill's turn now as he launches one over long-on for six. Follows it up with a boundary straight down the ground. Guptill gets a reprieve! Deepak drops a catch off his own bowling.

NZ 5/0 in 1 over: Guptill and Mitchell to begin chase. Bhuvi with the new ball. Guptill on strike. He gets one up and over extra cover for his first boundary. Good comeback from Bhuvi. Only a single off the next four balls.


IND 184/7 in 20 overs: Milne bowls the last over. FOUR! Full outside off stump and Chahar slices high and over backward point to the boundary. FOUR! Flicked to the deep square leg boundary with a fdeft flick. Pulled but into the ground and a couple at mid wicket. SIX! Back of length, gets on top of the bounce and slaps it over long on all the way. Full toss on the stumps but Chahar doesn't get all of it and lands at a vacant mid wicket for a couple of runs. Driven to cover for a single and that's the over. 19 runs off the last over and some clean hitting by Deepak Chahar!

IND 165/7 in 19 overs: SIX! In the slot outside off by Ferguson and Harshal gets under it to smoke it over long on for a six. Harshal follows the slower one wide outside off to paddle sweep it but misses. OUT! Harshal walks after hitting his wickets with the blade. He went deep into the crease to cut the full delivery but knocked his stumps over. Chahar gets a single off the first ball. Pulled by Axar and a great save by Guptill at deep square leg to keep it to a couple. Chahar chips it to mid off and keep strike with a single.

IND 156/6 in 18 overs: Boult bowls out in the 18th over. Short and sharp and Harshal went deep in the crease to play the ramp but misses. Short and fast and Harshal uppercuts it to third man for a single. Yorker and staved off by Axar for a single. A muted LBW appeal as it was drifting down leg. FOUR! Width on offer outside off and Harshal slashes it past point and a horrible misfield by Ferguson in the deep to allow the boundary. Slower bouncer and called wide by the leg umpire. Darts a searing yorker and Harshal fends it back to mid off. Chapman throws it at the stumps to allow a single on the overthrow. Another yorker and Axar can only defend it for a dot.

IND 148/6 in 17 overs: OUT! Slower one, full outside off by Milne and Shreyas slaps it straight to Mitchell at long on. 150 wickets for Milne in T20s. Axar and Harshal at the crease. Bouncer climbs too high and called wide. FOUR! Harshal thumps this slower ball outside off over mid off and to the fence. Full on the stumps and Harshal taps and scurries for a single. Back of length on off and Axar guides it to third man for one and gets off the mark. A single behind point for Harshal to end the over.

IND 140/5 in 16 overs: Boult returns. Low full-toss first ball and whipped away by Venky for a single at square leg. Shreyas prods it behind point for one. Bouncer flies over Shreyas and it is called a wide. Backs away to make room on off but it is too straight and ends up digging it out for one on leg. OUT! Knuckle ball on leg stump and Venky makes room and skies it to deep midwicket. Shreyas gets a single to end the over.

IND 134/4 in 15 overs: Santner bowls out. Full-toss on leg and put away at mid wicket for one. FOUR ! Venky dances down the pitches and blasts it straight to find the boundary at long off. Quick and short outside off and Venky slaps it straight to cover for a dot. A single for Venky at long on and Shreyas jabs it straight to point to end the over with a dot.

The Eden Gardens vibe!


IND 127/4 in 14 overs: Sodhi bowls out. Half-tracker wide outside off and slashed for one. FOUR! Shreyas slashes it between cover-point. Tucked away for a single. SIX! In the slot and Venky slog sweeps it over square leg for a maximum. Venky keeps strike with a drive to cover with a single.

IND 114/4 in 13 overs: Ferguson puts some pace back onto the ball. Whipped away by Venkatesh to deep square leg for a single. Slow full-toss on middle and Shreyas parries it back to the stumps at the other end and they collect a single. Five singles and a wide from the over.

IND 108/4 in 12 overs: Another over for Sodhi. Just inside the tramline on off and Rohit leaves thinking it is a ball. OUT! Wide outside off and Rohit drags it to smash it straight and Sodhi sticks his right arm out to complete a stunnnig reflex caught and bowled. Venkatesh tucks it away to deep mid wicket for a single and is off the mark. A couple at cover for Shreyas to end the over.

IND 103/3 in 11 overs: Santner to continue after the break. Fullish on middle stump and Rohit clips it to mid one for one. Shreyas punches it to long on for one more. FOUR! Good length on off and Rohit backs away slightly to dab it past third man to the boundary. Rohit brings up his fifty off 27 balls . FOUR! Shreyas ends the over with a boundary. Plays a late dab between point and cover.

IND 90/3 in 10 overs: Sodhi into his second over. Seven runs from the over as Shreyas digs out the last couple of balls to deep square leg for twos. Rohit and Iyer will look to rebuild after India lost three quick wickets at the halfway stage.

IND 83/3 in 9 overs: Santner continues. Good length tight on off stump and Pant chops it to short third. Sodhi mis-fields to allow a single. Rohit tucks it at mid on for one more. Pant is beaten trying to sweep and one bye. Pitched up and Rohit goes inside out to collect two at long off. OUT! Pant goes for a slog sweep but doesn't get it off the middle and Neesham pouches it at mid on.

IND 77/2 in 8 overs: Sodhi from the other end. Rohit works a low full-toss on leg to mid on for a single. Pant off the mark with a front foot flicks to mid on for a single. Drags it down drastically and Pant rocks back to smash it straight to cover for a dot. Two singles to end the over.

IND 71/2 in 7 overs: Santner into the attack. OUT! Good length outside off and Ishan looked to slice it past point but edged it to the keeper. Ishan Kishan c Seifert b Santner 29(21b 6x4 0x6). Suryakumar comes in at three. OUT! Flights it on off stump and dips on Suryakumar who steps out and drives it to Guptill at cover.

IND 69/0 in 6 overs: FOUR! Full-toss on off stump and put away languidly past mid off and to the boundary. A single to Rohit at mid off. FOUR! Full outside off and slogged over mid on to the rope. SIX! Good length but too straight and another signature Rohit pull to the fine leg area. That's 150 sixes for Rohit in T20Is . FOUR! Full-toss and Rohit helps it on its way to the mid wicket boundary. 20 runs off that over.

IND 49/0 in 5 overs: Milne brought back into the attack. Short and Ishan misses trying to cut it outside off. Slower one - the knuckle ball - just outside off and Ishan misses trying to open th face of the bat. FOUR! Good length on off stump and swatted away down the ground past mid-off. FOUR! Poor ball outside leg and Ishan just swivels and helps it to the fine leg boundary. Back of length on leg stump and Ishan jabs it to cover for a single. Rohit flicks a full delivery to square leg for one.

IND 39/0 in 4 overs: Ferguson replaces Milne. Good length on off and angles into Rohit who taps it back. SIX! Slightly fuller and Rohit clears his front leg to heave it over deep extra cover. Definitely not off the middle of the bat but enough wood on it to take it all the way. Full and Rohit flicks it to deep square leg where Phillips dives and displays some football skills to save a boundary and keep it to three runs. A single to third man to end the over.

IND 29/0 in 3 overs: Boult continues. SIX! The copybook Rohit pull over fine leg and into the crowd. Swivelled and used the pace to dispatch it. Decked in short and it flies over the keeper; one bye. FOUR! Too full and straight and Ishan flicks it with ease to deep square leg. Two short ones that Ishan can't get away to end the over.

IND 18/0 in 2 overs: Milne bowls from the other end. FOUR! Ishan gets off the mark with a boundary. Width outside off and Ishan slashes it to the third man area. Good yorker next ball and Ishan pats it to mid off. Low full-toss outside off and chopped it cover on the bounce. Back of length this time on leg and Ishan hops to defend it. Half volley outside off but Ishan doesn't connect well and slices it over cover for a couple. FOUR ! Back of length outside off and Ishan guides it to the boundary at third.

IND 8/0 in 1 over: Boult to Rohit. LBW appeal first ball but turned down. Swing and bounce for Boult straightaway. NZ doesn't review as it looked a bit too high. Replay shows it was pitching in line but missing top of leg stump by quite a bit. A slight delay here as Boult has asked for some sawdust. FOUR! This one shapes away with the angle and Rohit gets the edge to the third man boundary. FOUR! Too full this time and Rohit slashes it over point and to the boundary. Three dots to end the over. Boult revs in two in-swinging yorkers that Rohit defends before bowling a good length delivery just shaping away from off stump and Rohit leaves.

Umpires walk onto the field. Sourav Ganguly rings the bell to mark the commencement of the match. Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan made their way to the middle to open the batting and the Eden crowd is its usual energetic self.

Live action from the Eden Gardens at 7:00 PM IST. Stay tuned!

UPDATE : Ishan Kishan and Yuzvendra Chahal come into the XI in place of KL Rahul and R Ashwin. Lockie Ferguson replaces New Zealand skipper Tim Southee in the Playing XI and Mitchell Santner will lead the Kiwis today.

India Playing XI: Rohit Sharma (c), Ishan Kishan, Suryakumar Yadav, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant (wk), Venkatesh Iyer, Axar Patel, Deepak Chahar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Harshal Patel, Yuzvendra Chahal

New Zealand Playing XI : Martin Guptill, Daryl Mitchell, Mark Chapman, Glenn Phillips, Tim Seifert (wk), Jamesh Neesham, Mitchell Santner (c), Adam Milne, Ish Sodhi, Trent Boult, Lockie Ferguson

India wins the toss and elects to bat.

UPDATE: The dew has set in at the Eden Gardens and both captains will be looking to chase again.

Toss and Playing XI coming up at 6:30 PM IST. Stay tuned!

The City of Joy is all set to host its first T20I since November 2018


T20Is at Eden Gardens, Kolkata (2011-18):

Matches Played: 8

Batting first won: 2

Batting second won: 5

No result: 1

Average first innings score: 143


The spectator limit for the third T20I between India and New Zealand at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata on Sunday is 70 per cent. Though Rohit Sharma and Co. sealed the series 2-0 in Ranchi, there is still a lot of hunger among the fans to watch a live game at the historic ground after two years - the last being the pink-ball Test involving Bangladesh.

COVID-19 had snatched the ODI against South Africa in March 2020.

There are no long queues, but people who missed the digital rush to purchase a ticket for the game have been loitering around the B.C. Roy Club House premises expecting to find sellers. It explains the excitement to watch the action unfold under the lights on a winter evening.

India could not shine at the T20 World Cup 2021, but there is a chance to make amends in Australia in 2022. And with 19 games remaining before the next ICC showpiece, head coach Rahul Dravid would not mind testing the youngsters in different situations.


It will be interesting to see if India pushes left-hander Venkatesh Iyer up the order as K.L. Rahul deserves a bit of rest after a stellar run throughout the year. Ishan Kishan could be the other option. The youngster played a few good knocks for Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League but could not make the T20 World Cup opportunity count against the Black Caps.

There could be opportunities for batter Ruturaj Gaikwad, pacer Avesh Khan and leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal.

Off-spinner R. Ashwin is a tactician with a bag of tricks. It is no surprise that he has the best economy among all the Indian bowlers in the first two games — 5.75 in Jaipur and 4.75 in Ranchi — along with two wickets. His presence and inputs will be important.

Newcomer Harshal Patel, who won the Player of the Match award in his debut in Ranchi for picking up the wickets of Daryll Mitchell and Glenn Phillips, is expected to continue.

New Zealand doesn't have much to do in the absence of regular skipper Kane Williamson. Tim Southee did a fair job to pull things back with his exceptional bowling in the second game — 3/16 in four overs — but did not find enough support from the other bowlers.

The Black Caps will be keen to avoid a whitewash. They need to polish their power-hitting skills at the death overs. After healthy starts by Martin Guptill and Mitchell, the energy has been fizzling out towards the end.

The toss will be a factor as Eden is known for its dew at the onset of winter. The side batting first will have to score in bulk to ensure victory as the conditions may not help the bowlers in the second innings.

Eden is Rohit's happy hunting ground, and coincidentally, he was the captain in the last T20I at this venue in 2018 against the West Indies.

The Indian team landed in Kolkata late afternoon. There was no training but Dravid and batting coach Vikram Rathour dropped by to inspect the ground.

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