IND vs ENG Highlights 5th Test, Day 2: Bumrah, Shami, Siraj leave England reeling at 84/5; India ahead by 332 runs

IND vs ENG Highlights, 5th Test Day 2: Get the score updates, commentary and highlights of the second day of the fifth Test between India and England at Edgbaston in Birmingham.

Updated : Jul 02, 2022 23:56 IST , BIRMINGHAM

Jasprit Bumrah celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of Ollie Pope.
Jasprit Bumrah celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of Ollie Pope.

Jasprit Bumrah celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of Ollie Pope.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's HIGHLIGHTS of the second day of the fifth Test between India and England from Edgbaston in Birmingham.

ENGLAND 84/5 IN 27 OVERS AT STUMPS (Root 31, Bairstow 12; Bumrah 3-35, Siraj 1-5)

England's hopes of striking back in the game were dashed, first by Bumrah the batter and then by Bumrah the bowler. At the end of the second day, England is reeling at 84 for five. But it still has Bairstow and Stokes, its most destructive batters, at the crease. All eyes will be on Edgbaston tomorrow, as this epic clash gets into its second act. Looking forward to bringing you all the action tomorrrow.

ENG 84/5 in 27 overs: England batters are desperate to get over with this day. They are taking their time, but nothing can save them from The Shami time. He forces an outside edge off Leach and Pant takes it in with glee.

Jack Leach c Pant b Mohammed Shami 0 (5b)

England's night watchman experiment has failed and is forced to bring out their skipper. How much would Bumrah love to get his opposite number before the end of the day? One more over left in the bank and Bumrah decides to cash it himself. Not the greatest over from the captian, but no harm done. And Stokes leaves the last ball.

ENG 83/4 in 25 overs: Jack Leach walks in as the nightwatchman. Shami shows no signs of slowing down as he strikes Bairstow on his fingers. The English physio comes out and soon enough, the batter is good enough to continue. But he is treated to a Shami special. That ball swung wildly and almost sniffed the off stump before forcing Pant to pull off a dive to save it. Shami then thrusts one into Leach's body and it clips off his bat only for Kohli to fluff the catch at first slip. Dropped! It looked like a tough one in the first glance, but Kohli should have held on to it, considering the lofty standards he has set for himslef. Shami follows that up with a loosener, which is too wide for Pant to stop it.  Four!  Siraj continues where he left off. Forces Bairstow to play out a maiden .

ENG 78/4 in 23 overs: Shami is getting his radar back on. He cuts Root in half and sends Pant sprawling twice in an over. Follows it up by rapping Bairstow on the pads. Looked too high at first sight as the Umpire turns down the appeal. Bumrah chooses to trust his bowling partner and goes up for a review. Results in the first misstep for the Indian skipper for the day. Review lost! Bumrah brings in Siraj to replace himself. Five dot balls later, Siraj cramps Root with a wobble seamer to get an inside edge and it is collected comfortably by Pant. All the pressure by Shami and Bumrah and the reward is collected by Siraj .

Joe Root c Pant b Mohammed Siraj 31 (67b 4x4 0x6)

ENG 77/3 in 21 overs: Two back-to-back maidens. Shami jags one back into Root. The Indian players jump up in unison, but it has clearly struck Root pretty high on his pads after he took a step out. No review. Nevertheless, Shami gets a maiden over through the former English skipper. Bumrah's persistence has no end, but Bairstow shows considerable restraint . Patience hasn't been a quality associated with Bairstow in recent times, but here we are.

ENG 77/3 in 19 overs: Shami pitches one up to the pads and Root times it well enough only for a double. Shami hasn't gained his trademark control yet. But he has time to go after these two. Bumrah , meanwhile, has been at his probing best as he draws yet another play and miss from Root. He goes for a yorker, last ball, which forces Bairstow to jam his bat down quickly. The English duo are being tested to the full by Bumrah

ENG  71/3 in 17 overs: Shami starts with a very wide line and it is too tempting for Bairstow 2.0. Flashes one and it flies over the slips for a four . Shami tucks the line back in, but Root still drives him through cover for a four . The skipper looks to continue his golden streak from the other end. He strikes Bairstow in the inside thigh pads and wisely decides to not go for the review. Talk about objectivity! The ball was clearly missing the stumps. Bairstow stays alive against an incisive Bumrah.

22:30 IST: And we are back. Shami with the ball for the restart.

22:16 IST: And we have a confirmed time for restart. It is 6:00 PM local time/10:30 PM IST , unless it rains again. The Indian bowlers would be itching to have a go at Root and Bairstow again today.

21:44 IST: Another round of inspection scheduled at 5:25 PM local time/9:55 PM IST . India's push, led by its skipper, Jasprit Bumrah, has been delayed by forces beyond its control. But what a day has Bumrah had. An almighty thrashing of Stuart Broad, followed by a triple strike.

21:23 IST: An inspection has been scheduled for 5:00 PM local time. Pointing towards a potential start.

21:03 IST: Early Tea has been called as the rain hasn't abated at Edgbaston.

ENGLAND 60/3 IN 15.1 OVERS AT TEA (Root 19*, Bairstow 6*; Bumrah 3-30)

ENG 60/3 in 15.1 overs: Another one almost falls playing away from the body as Root drives wide outside off and misses. The rain is coming down again and the players walk off the field. Rain stops play again. Siraj into the attack. Concedes a four off the third ball of the over. Short of a length and straight and Bairstow short-arm jabs it to the square leg boundary with nonchalance.

ENG 55/3 in 14 overs: Two runs from the Shami over, who keeps it on a good length. Bairstow pulls to deep square leg for a couple. 50 runs up for England in the 13th over as Root gets a lucky leading edge that runs away to the point boundary.

ENG 45/3 in 12 overs: Shami is relentless with his good length bowling outside off. Just one from the over.  OUT! Bumrah strikes off the last ball of the over again. Pope goes fetching wide outside off and gets the outside edge to the slip cordon. Third one for Bumrah. The dangerman comes in and the real test now awaits India with new batter Bairstow and Root in the middle. Ollie Pope c Shreyas Iyer b Jasprit Bumrah 10(18b 2x4).

ENG 42/2 in 10 overs: Shami jags one in sharply into Root with the angle and beats him. Too high, however, for the players to be excited for LBW. Single from the over as the batters are happy to leave in the channel. Bumrah ventures a little fuller this over. Just a single and a no-ball from the over.

ENG 39/2 in 8 overs: Shami continues keeping it consistently in the channel on a good length. Shapes one in a bit to Pope, who gets a thick outside edge fending it. FOUR! Width outside off and Pope slashes this behind point, which is vacant, and finds the boundary. Fuller and honing in on the stumps; Pope gets an inside edge onto his pads on the drive.

ENG 35/2 in 7 overs: Bumrah to Root. Pitched up and Root starts off with a beautiful drive that beats mid-off for FOUR runs. Bumrah completes the rain-hit over after the break.

19:41 IST: The Indian team is out in a huddle. The batters are coming down too. Play is set to resume.

19:33 IST: The covers are coming off at Edgbaston and play is likely to start at 7:45 PM IST.


19:23 IST: Another inspection at 7:30 PM IST . Not sure which way this is heading.

19:00 IST: An inspection is due at 7:15 PM IST . The rain seems to have subsided.

18:42 IST: There is still a drizzle around and it could be a while before play resumes.


ENGLAND 31/2 IN 6.3 OVERS (Pope 6*, Root 2*; Bumrah 2-14)

Bumrah for the seventh over. Beats Pope outside off first ball as he goes fetching for this. Five slips in place now. And the rain comes in again to interrupt play. Frustrating! Shami continues bowling a good length. One jags in a bit and Root almost chops as he gets an inside edge that just misses the stumps. ENG 30/2 in 6 overs.OUT! Gone first ball of the over. Bumrah invites the drive by going full outside off, Crawley obliges and gets the outside edge to Gill at third slip. Zak Crawley c Shubman Gill b Jasprit Bumrah 9(17b 1x4). Root beaten first ball with a jaffa outside off that holds its line! Leading edge next ball and Root is off the mark with two.

ENG 27/1 in 4 overs: FOUR-BYES! Shami is on fire first ball. Bounce and away movement beats Crawley and also Pant to run away for four extras. Excellent stop next ball by Jadeja at point as Crawley drives a full one. Leading edge to follow and a couple for Crawley. Crawley wants to tuck this full one on the pads and misses - one leg-bye. FOUR! Short and Pope pulls this to the deep backward square leg region for four runs to get off the mark.

17:43 IST: The players are back on the field to resume play. We will see an extended session as Lunch was called early due to rain. England 16 for one for the loss of Alex Lees, who was castled by Bumrah with one that came in.

17:33 IST: The sun is out and the covers have been removed. Play will resume at 17:45 IST, in just over 10 minutes from now.


Early Lunch has been taken.



As the showers come in, umpire Aleem Dar stops Shami bowling from bowling the first ball of his over. The covers are brought on.

WICKET! What he can do with the bat, he can do one better with the ball. Bumrah oversteps on the sixth legal ball and then cleans up Lees with the extra ball! The length ball comes in and crashes into the stumps; sneaking through the gap between bat and pad. ENG 16/1

ENG 7/0 in 2 overs: Shami from the other end. Three slips and a gully. Lees gets an inside edge for four off the fifth ball.

ENG 2/0 in 1 over: Bumrah with the ball now. Alex Lees on strike. Zak Crawley at the other end. Three slips and a gully in place. Two off his over. The floodlights are on at Edbaston.


WORLD RECORD! Broad has just bowled the most expensive over in Test cricket. He concedes 35; 29 of those to Bumrah who smacked four fours and two sixes including one off a no-ball. Bumrah remains unbeaten on 31 off 16 balls.  Jasprit Bumrah has edged past Brian Lara as the man with the most runs in a Test over. Siraj, meanwhile, holes out to Anderson, who gets a five-for; his 32nd in Test cricket. India bowled out for 416! 416 after being 5 for 98.


IND 377/9 in 83 Overs: WICKET! Stuart Broad comes on in place of Ben Stokes and breaks the partnership. Shami ramps a short ball straight to third man. Broad's 550th Test wicket. Bumrah joins Jadeja. Anderson is back into the attack with the new ball. He finally cleans up Jadeja for 104! He walks off to a standing ovation. Siraj joins Bumrah.

IND 371/7 in 79 Overs: Shami off the mark with two back-to-back fours off Potts in the 77th over. First, a pull through midwicket followed by a cut through backward point. Next over, Jadeja enters the 90s with a thick outside edge off Stokes over slips for four. Shami then pulls Stokes through backward square leg for another boundary. HUNDRED! Jadeja gets to his first overseas hundred with two consecutive fours off Potts, off 183 balls. What an innings.  Third Test hundred.

IND 340/7 in 75 Overs: Matthew Potts raps Jadeja on the pads first ball. Appeal for lbw but the ball is clearly sliding down leg. Jadeja gets a single off the fourth ball. Shami has two balls to negotiate. And he does that without much trouble. The new ball is five overs away.

IND 339/7 in 74 Overs: Ben Stokes with the ball. Jadeja will take strike. Just two slips. The first ball has been left alone. Jadeja wants two off the third ball but has to settle for a single. Shami plays out three dots. 1 from the over.

14.58: Good news, fellas. We have an on-time start.

14.42 What an exhilarating day of cricket we had on Friday. India was reeling at 98 for 5 before Pant and Jadeja joined forces for a counterattacking double hundred stand. Pant, in trademark Pant fashion, ransacked England's bowling, especially Jack Leach. He had able support from Jadeja, whose evolution as a Test batter has had an instrumental role in making India the formidable Test side that it is today. England would want to wipe out the remaining three wickets as quickly as possible. India, on the other hand, would hope to get closer to that 400-mark.

14.39 Welcome back. It's raining at the moment and the covers are on.


Rishabh Pant and Ravindra Jadeja's century-run stand took India to a dominant position on Day 1. The 222-run partnership by Pant and Jadeja is India's joint-highest stand for the sixth or a lower wicket in an away Test. Here's how the first day's play went - REPORT



India has never won a Test at Edgbaston, losing six and drawing one on the 1986 tour.

Bumrah is the first fast bowler to captain India's Test team since Kapil Dev in 1987.

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