India vs England HIGHLIGHTS 2nd Test, Day 5: IND scripts historic win at Lord's, beats ENG by 151 runs

IND vs ENG 2nd Test Score Streaming Updates: Get live score updates, ball by ball commentary updates from India vs England 2nd Test, Day 5 at Lord's.


India takes the lead in the series with a historic 151-run win at Lord's.   -  Action Images via Reuters

Siraj returns. Siraj to Buttler. Edged and GONEEEE! This is just unbelievable... Siraj hits the length and shapes it away and Buttler's resolve finally gives away. He pushes at one away from the line and was a dead duck then. Pant takes an easy catch and Kohli sets off on a jubilant run.  Anderson, the new man. Kohli immediately points to Siraj to go for the bouncer, this man is hitting the peak of aggression right now. India surely having it now.  Siraj comes from around the wicket. A short ball to start. He goes full next and hits the timber!  It's all over, India wins! A humdinger finish! Siraj is the man once again, he finishes with four!

Bumrah you beauty! He traps Robinson with a corker, a cracking slow-ball does the trick at last.  He goes around the wicket and fires a couple of bouncers before sending in a wily, knuckle ball that outfoxes Robinson's defense. Electrifying scenes at Lord's. 54 balls left, two wickets remain. ENG 120/8 in 51 overs.

England holding on!  Sharma and Bumrah continue to attack the stumps but Robinson and Buttler put on a dead bat parade, enough to see them through to their current objective. Frustrations slowly creeping in for India. ENG 116/7 in 49 overs.

Kohli with an ultra-aggressive field for Bumrah. Three men on the face of the batsmen. Robinson does not flinch and he keeps six more off the track. The seamers have gone a bit defensive at the moment. ENG 113/7 in 47 overs.

Ishant replaces Shami. Kohli evidently had some issue with the latter's intent in his latest spell. Ishant gets some steep bounce and Robinson does well to keep his guard down and move off it. Another over ticked off. ENG 112/7 in 46 overs.

Buttler continues to hang about. Soft hands come to his rescue again as Bumrah finds a feather on return. The ball falls short off Rahul at second slip. Buttler has another poke off a similar length and the outside edges runs down the slope four.  ENG 112/7 in 45 overs. Drinks and we head into the final hour of the Test!

Shami continues to hit the deck and pump the ball in but Robinson does well to complement Buttler's efforts at the other end. Creases take shape on Kohli's forehead and continues poke a few words at Robinson from the slips. ENG 108/7 in 44 overs. 16 overs remaining.

Siraj cramps Buttler with a quicker one to his hips. Buttler glides it fine and it flies past Jadeja again at leg slip. Kohli continue to thread a tight field but Buttler continues to elude from the traps for now. ENG 108/7 in 43 overs.

Shami replaces Jadeja. Cracking line of attack and Buttler is forced to play as straight on the length as possible. Shami beats the blade with a jaffa that whiffs past Buttler's hanging willow. ENG 99/7 in 42 overs.

Siraj attempts to shun Robinson with the ball tailing in. He misses his radar way too much this time. Siraj strays to the pads and Robinson tucks it fine. The ball nearly carries to Jadeja at leg slip, tantalisingly close there! Kohli continues his verbal quest with Robinson. 19 overs left in the game. ENG 99/7 in 41 overs.

Jadeja continues to bowl from over the wicket. A bit too wide, attempting to hit the rough. Buttler prods forward and uses his front pad to keep him off the stumps. ENG 94/7 in 40 overs.

Siraj to Moeen. EDGE AND GONE! He gets his man this time. What line, what consistency from Siraj. The ball hits the length and moves away from Ali off the middle-stump. He's got no option but push at it and Kohli clinches a sharp low catch to skittle England further. India has a foot on the door! Curran the new man. Siraj fires one in and gone! Curran goes first ball! A king pair for the left-hander as Siraj delivers another snorter off the deck! What a moment. India is rampant all over Lord's. Siraj on a hattrick but misses a chance as he bowls wide off Robinson's arc. Things heating up in the middle as he Kohli continues to rush into Robinson's ears. Siraj finishes with another ripper, a brute that bumps onto Robinson's chest. High drama! 93 for seven, goodness me, never saw that coming this evening. ENG 93/7 in 39 overs.

Siraj continues to slide the ball away from Ali and beats the edge twice. Nervy period for Ali but he keeps a cool head to see through another over. Siraj continues to maintain the pressure with any reward. Consistency is the key now. The spectators are in a lull as the batsmen continue with their blockathon. Another maiden. adeja is up again to Buttler from over the wicket. Buttler keeps fending him off length with his front pad. ENG 90/5 in 38 overs.

BIG MISS FOR INDIA! Jadeja finds the nick off Ali but the umpire denies it. Kohli suggests a review but it's turned down as Jadeja has overstepped! What a big miss for India. Jadeja continues to put Ali dancing with his front-foot as he finds vicious turn from the rough. ENG 90/5 in 36 overs.

Loud appeal for a caught behind as Buttler fishes at one away from the body off Siraj. Nothing in it though as the ball is dead on the pitch. All that Buttler needs to do now is put bat on ball. ENG 89/5 in 35 overs.

Ali and Buttler soaking in the pressure, England's Pujara-Rahane moment? Shami continues to attack Ali's stumps from around the wicket but is assured defence negates any troubles. The players move to drinks. Finally hour coming up! ENG 88/5 in 34 overs.

Siraj replaces Bumrah. He pushes the ball in angling from wide off the crease. Buttler's much better defense puts them off the pitch. Siraj goes full and Buttler moves in on it with a solid push through extra cover for four. The pitch is losing pace drastically and it's getting a bit for the seamers to make things happen. ENG 84/5 in 33 overs.

Shami employs the leg-slip, perhaps for the sharp bouncer to unsettle Ali but follows a fuller length. Ali's got it on his mind and is surprised to see a ball just short of the full length. He's on two minds whether go to at it and leaves it off the last second. The ball clips a toe edge and flies down to the left of Pant to the boundary. ENG 80/5 in 32 overs.

Another over out of the way for England. Buttler's defence has picked up and he remains solid throughout Bumrah's over. Runs aren't running through their minds anymore. ENG 76/5 in 31 overs.

Shami replaces Ishant. Shami maintains his nippy seam off the length and pushes Buttler deep in the crease. He beats the edge twice with absolute beauties and continues to build pressure on both batsmen. Survival is going to be no easy feat in the next 30 overs. India vs England LIVE score 2nd Test, Day 5: IND needs five wickets to win; Buttler, Moeen Ali aim for survival. ENG 75/5 in 30 overs.

Sensational bowling. Ishant tails in a couple of deliveries but Buttler blocks them off with a still blade. Ishant drills a couple of more in the channel and Buttler keeps himself out, barely. He finishes the over with a quick bouncer and Buttler promptly ducks out of it. What a spell, Ishant, 2/7 off 7 overs now! Bumrah continues to attack Ali's off-stump and he's living upto the challenge. Neither men giving away an inch. Two maidesn on the trot. ENG 75/5 in 29 overs.

Bumrah is menacing and keeps Buttler dangling for room. A sharp nip-backer nearly clips the off-stump as Buttler misses the line altogether. Bumrah goes short and Buttler nicks it! It flies to Kohli at slip who drops a fairly straight forward chance - a bit quick to him though.  Buttler is on the edge but fortunate to continue. ENG 75/5 in 27 overs.

Ishant tucks the ball in fine and pins Buttler down. Sharp from the senior man. He finishes with the ball shaping away from Buttler from the middle-stump and finds the edge that nearly carries to Kohli. Soft hands put him out danger. ENG 74/5 in 26 overs.

Bumrah is riled up and it only gets his lengths sharper. Buttler barely manages to get his bat down in time to keep a low ball off his pads. Bumrah gets Ali on strike and dishes him with a couple of bumpers before drawing the ball full and beating the edge sharply. Bumrah slides one down leg and Ali glances it to fine leg for a boundary. ENG 73/5 in 25 overs.

Ishant is nagging Ali with a sharp push through the off-stump channel. He directs Rohit to stand much further in the slips by putting a helmet on. Aggressive lines backed up with an aggressive field set-up now.  ENG 68/5 in 24 overs.

Bumrah returns. WHAT A START FROM BUMRAH! Root edges to Kohli second ball after Tea! A cracker from Bumrah puts Root on the spot. He goes wide off the crease and angles the ball towards top of off. Root has no choice but push at it and he jabs with hard hands. The edge flies to Kohli who you'd bet is putting the big man down! ENG 67/5 in 23 overs.

Final session begins! Only two results likely from here - an Indian win or a last-minute draw. Get in, folks! A thrilling few hours up ahead.

That's tea. 38 overs to be bowled in the final session. India need six wickets to win. You'd imagine Root stands between India and a 1-0 scoreline. Ishant has been brilliant so far. 4-0-6-2, his figures so far. Another session going India's way. Root is batting on 33. Shami and Bumrah got one each at the start to rattle England's top-order. England needs 205 runs.

Ishant Sharma equals Zaheer Khan with 311 Test wickets - becomes the joint-leading wicket taker by an Indian in a single country away from home - 51* wickets in England.

4 byes. Shami into the attack and concedes extras straightaway. Been a tough day behind the stumps for Pant, who has had to throw himself a lot today. Less than 10 minutes until tea. After a loose start, Shami right on the money. Six from the over. Ishant to bowl his fourth over. GONE! Would you believe it? Ishant gets Bairstow out lbw last ball before tea! Kohli reviewed with seconds left on the clock and the replays showed 3 reds.

Siraj continues. Leg slip in place. Root gets a single off the second ball. Bairstow now, 1 run. Single to end the over. Ishant in the middle of a probing spell. He has occasionally bowled the middle and leg line here, has Ishant. Just a single off that over. ENG 60/3 in 20 overs.

Siraj continues. He nips one down leg and Root pokes at it. The ball flies past a diving Pant. Well, the ball brushes his fingers and that will go down as a dropped chance! Need to be at your absolute best to dislodge the England skipper. Siraj follows up with a couple of shorter deliveries but Root places himself behind it. Ishant continues and he looks menacing already. He begins with a fuller delivery that seams away as Root attempts a flick to midwicket. The leading edge flies towards a vacant backward point and the skipper survives. Bairstow is on his toes as Ishant brings the ball in sharply. He gets off strike with a single to fine leg. ENG 56/3 in 18 overs.

Good over from Siraj. A maiden. England need 229 runs. Can India pick up another wicket before tea? Ishant replaces Jadeja. Ishant nips one in and hits Hameed flush on the pads, shouts in appeal and GONE! Umpire Gough raises his finger instantly!  The review doesn't go his way and Hameed's brief resistance is over. Bairstow is the new man. Ishant begins with a brute of a ball. It springs up and smacks Bairstow's helmet and flies to the boundary over Pant. Top over from Ishant to start his spell. ENG 48/3 after 16 Overs.

Mohammed Siraj, India's highest wicket-taker in the first innings, to have a crack. Root flicks it away for a couple. Good running between the wickets by both batsmen as Hameed collects two. Five from that over. Jaddu, in the meantime, rushing through his overs. A maiden now. ENG 43/2 after 14 Overs.

Bumrah and Jadeja in tandem. Root collects another boundary off Bumrah. Meanwhile, Hameed settling in after the early jitters. ENG 38/2 after 12 Overs.

More runs for Root and England. After conceding 4 byes, Bumrah concedes a boundary off the last ball, Root guiding it to the third man fence. Jadeja into the attack. Starts with a maiden. ENG 32/2 after 10 Overs.

FOUR! Short ball from Bumrah and Root pulls it away for four. Good comeback from Bumrah. Five dots to end the over. Shami concedes 4 byes and follows it up with a peach next ball. More extras. Shami concedes 4 byes again. ENG 24/2 after 8 Overs.

FOUR! A touch too full from Bumrah and Root drives it through covers for four. Four off the over. Dropped. Rohit drops a sitter in the cordon. Hameed gets a reprieve. Agony for Shami. Just two off it in the end. ENG 12/2 after 6 Overs.

Bumrah concedes 3 off his second over, Hameed pushing a length ball past mid-on to add three more to his score. A maiden from Shami. Hameed and Root will be put to the sword here. ENG 6/2 after 4 Overs. This is the first time England openers have been dismissed for a duck in the same men's Test innings at home.

Out come the England openers. India, led by skipper Kohli, look amped up. Lights are on. Overcast conditions. Perfect for fast bowling. Bumrah with the new ball.  Three slips and a gully for Burns. Right on the money first ball, Bumrah. Rising from a length, surprising Burns with the bounce. GONE! Bumrah gets Burns! The left-hander departs for a duck. Got a leading edge, gobbled up by Siraj. One down. Nine more to go. Haseeb Hameed in next. 1 for 1. Md . Shami to share the new ball. Sibley on strike. GONE! PEACH! Shami gets Sibley caught behind for a duck. What a delivery.  A length ball on off-stump, squaring up Sibley. Root joins Hameed. Hameed is off the mark with a single last ball. ENG 3/2 after 2 Overs.


Ollie Robinson starts proceedings after lunch. Two dots to get the second session underway. Bumrah is on strike. My word, what happened there? This one doesn't get up at all and the ball brushes Bumrah's pads and runs away for 4 leg byes. Poor fielding from Jimmy who fails to stop this on-drive from Bumrah. Races away to the fence. Eight off the over. Anderson will bowl now. There's a hold-up in play. Meanwhile, looks like Kohli is getting ready to declare. Floodlights are on. Shami is adjusting his thigh-pad. We are back on. Two dots first up. Edged and wide of slip for four. Shami and Bumrah have added 89 for the ninth wicket. Bumrah 34 not out and Shami unbeaten on 56. India declare on 298/8. England needs 272 to win in 60 overs.

A maximum of 64 overs available. India haven't declared yet. Out come Bumrah and Shami. What will the two men do? Swing from ball one or play on merit? Let's find out.


Solid from Shami. Rock solid defence against Anderson. This is now the highest 9th wicket partnership away from home since 2010 for India. Well played, Shami. Well played, Bumrah. That's lunch at Lord's. India has collected 105 runs in 26 overs. The partnership between Shami and Bumrah is now 77. The lead is now worth 259. England surely feeling the heat here. Not only has India piled on the lead but these two batsmen have also eaten into a lot of time. Two sessions to go in this Test. Will India declare or will England finally clean up the tail? We will find out in 40 minutes.

Incredible riposte from Bumrah and Shami and they are not done yet. We are nearing lunch on day 5. Meanwhile, Anderson bowls another over. Just a single off it. Shami gets to his 50 with a four and a monstrous six! What an innings this. Mo Ali bearing the brunt. 12 runs off that over. India leads by 256 runs. IND 283/8 after 106 Overs.

Anderson vs Bumrah. Anderson bowls a bouncer that smashes Bumrah on the helmet and India get leg byes, 2. The partnership is worth 53 now. FOUR! Shami tees off against Mo, a four over deep mid-on. Bumrah collects 3 off the last two balls, an edge goes wide of slip allowing Bumrah to hare back for the second. The last ball is a single to backward square. IND 270/8 after 104 Overs.

Anderson returns. Bumrah gets a single first ball. SHOT! Shami flicks and flicks well - four more. Hit it over a leaping Jonny Bairstow at mid-wicket. And again... another flick from Shami, just a couple this time. Shami defends the last ball back to Anderson. Dropped.  Root drops Bumrah at slip. Shami brings up the 50 stand with a single! IND 259/8 after 102 Overs.

SHOT! Shami essays a beautiful cover drive off Moeen for four. Gets a single next ball.  England's a little hamstrung at the moment. Neither Wood nor Anderson is a 100 per cent according to Harsha Bhogle on air. Five off that over. Curran continues. Meanwhile, Anderson is warming up. Wood's off the field. 2 off it. India's 250 comes up. IND 250/8 after 100 Overs.

Moeen Ali introduced into the attack. 2 runs for Shami. Easy pickings. Another couple for Shami. These runs are worth their weight in gold. Four from that over. Lead is now 210. FOUR! Curran gets extra bounce and a top edge off Bumrah's bat clears gully and races away to the third-man boundary for four. SHOT! Bumrah plays another glorious cover drive for no run! IND 243/8 after 98 Overs.

Bumrah, Shami hanging in there amid shrt ball barrage and verbal volleys. Bumrah gets a single off Wood and the lead goes past 200. Another straight drive from Bumrah, and the ball again hits the stumps at the non-striker's end. Sam Curran back into the attack. Bumrah pushes the first ball square of the wicket for a single. Shami, now, collects a couple. Shami plays a picture perfect front foot drive but gets just a single for it. Bumrah shoulders arm and it's four off that Curran over. IND 233/8 after 96 Overs.

SHOT! Bumrah plays a ferocious cut shot for four. Ouch, that would have hurt. Bumrah is hit on the side of the grille. Refuses to run. The physio is out to have a look. Lead is in the 190s now. The Indian tail is wagging today. Meanwhile, drinks have been called. We are back live. Bumrah gets a single. Last ball of the over. Bumrah turns down Shami's call for a quick single. Robinson continues. He concedes two singles first up. England giving away too many easy singles. IND 225/8 after 94 Overs.

Wood continues. Shami takes a single and gets off strike. Bumrah gets a single off the fourth ball. Two from that over. Robinson to Bumrah, 1 run courtesy a hook shot. Shami plays a cracking cut shot for a single. Bumrah plays a glorious straight drive but it is a little too straight as the ball crashes into the stumps at the non-striker's end. Bumrah finishes off with a single. IND 216/8 after 92 Overs.

Mark Wood is back into the attack. Eventful over. Appeal for a catch against Shami, not given by the umpire. England don't review. The replays show the ball brushing Shami's shoulder. A maiden from Wood, more importantly, Shami is still out there. Robinson continues. Sharma gets a single. Shami too. Easy singles on offer at the moment. Ishant has been given out lbw! He reviews it. Replays show 3 reds and Robinson has another one.  Ishant falls for 16 - what could prove to be a priceless 16. We will see. Bumrah off the mark with a couple. Four runs and a wicket. IND 211/8 after 90 Overs.

FOUR! Ishant has a wild swing at this Anderson delivery and gets four for it! Valuable runs for India. Ishant collects a brace off the last ball. Anderson went full and Ishant hits it past mid-on for a couple.  SHOT! Shami greets Robinson with a cracking boundary square of the wicket. Shami takes a single and gets off strike. Ishant swings for the hills again but misses this time. Gets a single next ball. A single for Shami off the last ball and the lead's 180. IND 206/7 after 88 Overs.

No swing for Jimmy so far. He's yet to zone in on an ideal length too. FOUR! Pant dances down the track and smokes one through covers for four. Takes a single next ball. One delivery for Ishant to survive. FOUR! Ishant does more than that - he collects four more. Nine off that over. Robinson continues. Pant defends the first ball back to Robinson before collecting a brace off the next ball. GONE! Robinson gets his man - Pant is out caught behind! Mohammad Shami is in next. IND 194/7 after 86 Overs.

Off we go. Anderson to begin with the new ball. Pant on strike. Two slips and a gully in place. Pant gets a single at last. Ishant has two balls to survive. He survives. Ollie Robinson shares the new ball. Pant on strike. Robinson had Pant caught at cover in the first Test. Pant gets a single off the fifth ball. Ishant fends off the last ball, lands safely. IND 183/6 after 84 Overs.

We are all set for action to resume on day 5! India has Pant and four tailenders. The visiting side leads by 154. How many more can they add? England will take the new ball today in all likelihood. Will be interesting to see Pant's tactics against Anderson.

Stats courtesy MOHANDAS MENON: India's lead now is 154 runs with four wickets remaining. Only on 3 occasions, India has successfully defended targets of 170 or less in Tests - both v Australia 107 at Mumbai 2004 and 143 at Melbourne 1981. And once 170 v SAf at Ahmedabad 1996

Weather prediction: Another dry day is predicted at Lord's. All set up for a thrilling day five.

How Day 4 unfolded:

Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane stitch a 100-run partnership to rescue India after a top-order wobble. At 181 for 6 at stumps on Day Four, India is 154 runs ahead. (REPORT)

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Playing XIs

India XI:  Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant (wk), R Jadeja,  Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Siraj, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah

England XI: Rory Burns, Dom Sibley, Haseeb Hameed, Moeen Ali, Joe Root (c), Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler (wk), Sam Curran, Ollie Robinson, Mark Wood, James Anderson


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