AUS-W vs IND-W Pink Ball Test Day 3 Highlights: Jhulan Goswami, Vastrakar shine as Australia needs 85 to avoid follow-on

AUS-W vs IND-W Live Score, Pink Ball Test Day 3: Catch live scores, commentary and news from the One-off Test between Australia Women and India Women in Carrara.

Updated : Oct 03, 2021 08:12 IST

Pooja Vastrakar celebrates the wicket of Tahlia McGrath during day three of the Test match between Australia and India at Metricon Stadium in Gold Coast, Australia on Friday.
Pooja Vastrakar celebrates the wicket of Tahlia McGrath during day three of the Test match between Australia and India at Metricon Stadium in Gold Coast, Australia on Friday.

Pooja Vastrakar celebrates the wicket of Tahlia McGrath during day three of the Test match between Australia and India at Metricon Stadium in Gold Coast, Australia on Friday.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's HIGHLIGHTS of the Pink Ball Test between Australia Women and India Women in Carrara. This is Lavanya Lakshminarayanan and Dhruva Prasad and we'll be taking you through day 3's play today.

LIVE: Final day of the AUS v IND Pink Ball Test:

And finally we get an entire day's play without weather interruptions. Heading into the final day, the focus will be on Indian pacers as Australia needs 85 runs to avoid follow-on with six wickets in hand.

AUS 143/4 (60 overs): Vastrakar back in for Meghna to bowl the last over of the day. India keeping the pressure on till the end. Gardner edges one past the first slip for four. Two dots to end the day. Stumps.

AUS 138/4 (59 overs): Australia needs another 92 runs to avoid follow-on. Five overs left in the day. Goswami to continue. Mandhana lets one slip through at cover to allow Gardner two runs.

AUS 136/4 (58 overs): Loose full-toss by Meghna and run down the leg by Gardner for two. Driven beautifully next ball put Vastrakar keeps it to one with a dive at cover. Three from it.

AUS 133/4 (57 overs): Tidy from Goswami. Just a single off Gardner's inside edge that runs to square leg.

AUS 132/4 (56 overs): Meghna replaces Vastrakar. On the money right away. Close to off stump, angling in and Perry is beaten.

AUS 131/4 (55 overs): Goswami returns with a maiden. Australia is building pressure on itself by going into a shell. It still needs 97 runs to avoid follow-on.

AUS 131/4 (54 overs): Perry pushes one past the bowler for one. A chance for the keeper on the last ball as Gardner steps out of the crease unaware of where the ball is. Taniya Bhatia misses the stumps.

AUS 130/4 (53 overs): Goswami is back with the ball as 11 overs remain in the day.  The ball keeps low and Gardner gets down just in time to swat it for a single. Two from it finally.

AUS 128/4 (52 overs): Just a single as Gardner gets off the mark with an inside edge.

The umpires are inspecting the ball again. It isn't clearing the ring-test and umpires are calling for another ball change. The pink ball seems to be losing shape.

AUS 127/4 (51 overs): FOUR! Finally some footwork from Perry against the spinners. Flighted from Gaikwad and Perry steps out to take it on the full and guide it past mid-off for a boundary. FOUR MORE! Over-pitched again and driven past point. Similar shot but Vastrakar cuts it this time at point.

AUS 119/4 (50 overs): OUT! Vastrakar gets McGrath. Short and wide on off and McGrath cuts it straight to Mandhana at point. Tahlia McGrath c Mandhana b Vastrakar 28(68b 4x4 0x6). The ball has been changed on Mithali Raj's insistence. Wicket maiden!

Around 50 minutes remaining in the day, with 14 overs left. Will we see another Goswami spell in the dying moments of the day to spice up the match?

AUS 119/3 (49 overs): Gaikwad flighting it well over the wicket to the right-handers. Just the one for McGrath down the leg off the pads.

AUS 118/3 (48 overs): Six dots off Vastrakar and it's a maiden. The medium-pacer doesn't stray from the off-stump line.

AUS 118/3 (47 overs): Seven from the Sharma over, including a four from McGrath past mid-on.

AUS 111/3 (46 overs): Maiden from Vastrakar. Consistent line between off and the fifth stump line.

AUS 111/3 (45 overs):FOUR! McGrath pounces on an over-pitched delivery from Sharma and exhibits the classic cover drive.

AUS 106/3 (44 overs): Dew seems to be settling in and the spinners will find the going hard. Vastrakar bowls in place of Gaikwad.  FOUR! Perry squirts it past gully for a boundary off the backfoot.

AUS 102/3 (43 overs): The lone run from Meghna's over.

AUS 101/3 (42 overs): Gaikwad is having issues gripping the ball. Short and slightly wide and McGrath cuts on the backfoot for four. Hundred up for Australia.

AUS 97/3 (41 overs): Sloppy from Goswami at mid-on as McGrath gets two runs. FOUR! On the pads from Meghna and McGrath plays it square on the leg for four. Two more off a full-toss. Driven hard but Jemimah's stunning dive will mean just the one. 10 off the over. Expensive.

AUS 87/3 (40 overs): Gaikwad replaces Sharma. Shafali Verma at cover lets one through her legs for Perry to steal a single. 

AUS 86/3 (39 overs): Full and flicked down mid-wicket by Perry for a single. Meghna keeping it tidy.

AUS 85/3 (38 overs): Sharma is not letting anything through as she completes another maiden. Unsparing line that keeps the shackles on McGrath.

AUS 85/3 (37 overs): Meghna replaces Vastrakar. Just a leg-bye down the leg.

AUS 84/3 (36 overs): Finally a run for the Aussies off Sharma. Perry goes down the pitch and steals one down the off side. Veers down leg and McGrath swivels to nudge it fine for one.

AUS 82/3 (35 overs): Vastrakar bowls a maiden to McGrath with a tight off stump line.

AUS 82/3 (34 overs): Third maiden on the trot for Sharma. She bowls it full and Perry defends with a straight bat.

AUS 82/3 (33 overs): GONE!Big Wicket! The skipper walks as Vastrakar gets her straight on the pads with an inswinger on good length. Unluckily for Lanning as replays suggest an inside edge. Meg Lanning lbw b Vastrakar 38(78b 7x4 0x6). McGrath gets off the mark with a couple down midwicket.

AUS 80/2 (32 overs): Sharma going full but Perry prefers to defend on the back foot. Six dot balls and it's a maiden. Perry is on six runs from 33 balls.

AUS 80/2 (31 overs): Vastrakar replaces Jhulan. Single for Perry with a flick on the on side. A slight change in line for Vastrakar as she goes legish. Splendid cover-drive by Lanning off a half-volley on off, but just two as Mandhana cuts it off.

AUS 77/2 (30 overs): Deepti Sharma starts off with a maiden. Interesting field for her with silly point, short mid-on and square leg in play. Jhulan in the slips. Sharma keeps it on the off.

AUS 77/2 (29 overs): Not much room given from Goswami. Just two as Perry plays a straightish drive.

AUS 75/2 (28 overs) : Gaikwad tossing it up and Lanning is on the defensive. FOUR! A short one from the spinner and the skipper goes back and cuts it between gully and point for four.

AUS 71/2 (27 overs): Brilliant from Goswami. Keeping it outside off, keeping the batter guessing whether to play or not. Last ball misses the edge by a whisker. Perry definitely not comfortable.

AUS 71/2 (26 overs): Gaikwad doesn't stray, keeping it dead straight. Perry steals a lucky single off the inside edge.

AUS 70/2 (25 overs): Goswami to resume after tea. The veteran is unrelenting. Shaping away and moving in. Perry inside edges and gets one behind the stumps.

Session 2 recap

After declaring just three overs into the second session, India has Australia under the pump with Jhulan Goswami's twin strikes that removed both openers. After conceding a record 377 runs in India's first innings, Australia would have liked a wicket-less second session. However, Goswami struck with an unsparing inswinger that disturbed Mooney's woodwork as Australia was one down for 14.

Lanning then joined Healy to put up 49 runs before the veteran seamer found the latter's edge to give India the second wicket with Australia at 63. As Ellyse Perry joins the skipper in the middle, the third session will be crucial to assess whether the match is heading towards an exciting fourth and final day or a drab draw. And also watch out for the much-talked about twilight zone!


AUS 69/2 (24 overs): FOUR! Lanning goes deep into her crease and cuts past backward point for a boundary off a loose ball from Gaikwad. Dropped! Taniya Bhatia drops a tough one right before tea. Lanning gets the bottom edge and Taniya is stung on the upper thigh. Tea time!

AUS 65/2 (23 overs): Goswami is back into the attack. Back of length, and Goswami gets Healy on the helmet. OUT! Healy hangs her bat outside off to get the edge as Taniya Bhatia completes the dismissal. Alyssa Healy c Taniya Bhatia b Jhulan Goswami 29(66b 3x4 0x6). Perry budges the needle straightaway with a single.

AUS 63/1 (22 overs): Lanning responds with an authoritative four through point after Vastrakar gets in a fiery bouncer to the helmet grill.

AUS 59/1 (21 overs): Lanning takes a single by flicking it off her pads. A couple for Healy through extra cover.

AUS 56/1 (20 overs): Vastrakar is persisting with a benign wide of off-stump line. One from it.

AUS 55/1 (19 overs): Gaikwad concedes just one, keeping it between middle and off.

AUS 54/1 (18 overs): Vastrakar bowls a maiden, keeping with batters quiet with a probing off-stump line.

AUS 54/1 (17 overs): Gaikwad drops it short for Lanning to pull away for four down deep mid wicket.

AUS 50/1 (16 overs): Dropped! Lanning slashes hard outside off, gets the edge only for Deepti Sharma to drop it at slip. And close again as the leading edge drops in no-man's land.

AUS 48/1 (15 overs): Gaikwad is right on the money with a tight middle stump line. Lanning living dangerously as one whizzes past the outside edge. Maiden from the spinner.

AUS 48/1 (14 overs): Healy and Lanning consistently chipping away ones and twos on the off-side field. Four from the over.

AUS 44/1 (13 overs): Rajeshwari Gaikwad is brought in to test the Australians with spin. And Healy responds with a four straight up. Too short from Gaikwad and Healy has no qualms in slapping it away to the square leg boundary. Gaikwad adjusts her lenghth and concedes just one more. Five from the first over of spin.

AUS 39/1 (12 overs): Vastrakar replaces Meghna. Aussies seem to be settling in. Five from the over.

AUS 34/1 (11 overs): Lanning pulls it away for four as Goswami goes back of length. Five from the over.

AUS 29/1 (10 overs): Nine runs from two overs as Healy and Lanning get a boundary each.

AUS 20/1 (8 overs): FOUR! Healy drives again through the covers to fetch another boundary.


AUS 16/1 (7 overs): Goswami tails it into Mooney. BOWLED! Slightly fuller on the stumps and shaping into her and Mooney misses trying to tuck it away down leg. Beth Mooney b Jhulan Goswami 4(16b 0x4 0x6). Skipper Meg Lanning comes in to steady the Aussie ship. Lanning gets off the mark with an edge past slip that fetches her a couple. Vastrakar dives in time to flick it back from touching the rope.

AUS 14/0 (6 overs): Meghna is employing the short ball. A well-directed bouncer floats across Healy's helmet as she misses the pull. Meghna overdoes it this time and it's a wide over the batter's head. Sharp from Mandhana at short leg as she picks and throws at the stumps to almost effect a run out. Single to Mooney to end the over.

AUS 11/0 (5 overs): Two from the Goswami over.

AUS 9/0 (4 overs): Meghna keeps it tight with the off stump line. Just one from it.

AUS 8/0 (3 overs): Goswami moves the ball into Healy. A half-hearted lbw appeal turned down, would have just clipped top of off stump. Maiden from Goswami as she consistently targets the channel area. Healy resists the temptation.

AUS 8/0 (2 overs): Meghna Singh with the new ball from the other end. Mooney is off the mark with single down to mid-off. Meghna is taking decent movement off the pitch as the ball shapes away from Healy. Driven again through cover by Healy for three runs as Mandhana stops it from running all the way for four. 

AUS 4/0 (1 over): Goswami to Healy to get the Australian innings underway. Two slips in place. Goswami is keeping it slightly outside off and Healy is happy to leave. FOUR! Australia off the mark as Healy drives through cover off a half volley.

Australia's openers take the field, finally. Healy particularly was itching to get going. She is joined by Beth Mooney.


FUN STAT: This is India's highest Test score in Women's Tests. The previous best was 343 all out at Ahmedabad in 1984.

India declares. Players walking off the field as Australia will begin its batting...finally.

IND 377/8 (145 overs): Meghna off the mark with a single. FOUR! Perry decks it in short, Goswami takes her eye off the ball and swings to get a four off the edge. Short again and Goswami pulls it away awkwardly for one. Meghna makes room and slogs through mid-wicket for a single.

IND 370/8 (144 overs): Looks like Sharma has been asked to crank up the pace. Two boundaries in two balls. She smashes one past mid-on before getting a lucky top edge that goes over the keeper to the boundary. And OUT! Debutant Campbell gets her revenge. Deepti tries to pull it through square leg but the ball keeps low and crashes into her back leg. Deepti Sharma lbw b Stella Campbell 66(167b 8x4 0x6) Nine from the over and a wicket.

IND 361/7 (143 overs): Goswami is facing Perry. She gets off the mark with a thick outside edge past the slips that gets her two.

Dinner is over. Second session is underway.

Session Recap

After two consecutive days of rain washing out a large of portion of play, India began day three at 276/5, after losing a flurry of quick wickets towards the end of play on day two. 

Wicketkeeper Taniya Bhatia and Deepti Sharma took guard at the start of the day, adding 43 runs in 24.3 overs, a pace that wasn't ideal considering the time left in the match. Bhatia then fell to Campbell for 22, making way for Vastrakar to join Sharma.

The duo put on a 40-run partnership in 17.1 overs as Sharma brought up her fifty. Vastrakar then edged one to Mooney at slip off Perry on the last ball before dinner break. Perry completed 300 international wickets with that dismissal.

India could be considering a declaration soon with a big total on the board and time running out in the match. Chances are we could see Indian bowlers rolling their wrists as the second session gets underway.

IND 359/7 (142.3): Dinner break. Last over before dinner gets underway. OUT! Mooney takes another blinder. Perry bowls it full outside off. Vastrakar drives through cover, gets the edge and Mooney dives at slip to complete the dismissal. Pooja Vastrakar c Beth Mooney b Ellyse Perry 13 (48b 2x4 0x6).Perry completes 300 international wickets. And dinner break is declared with that wicket.

IND 358/7 (142 overs): Vastrakar and Sharma get a single apiece as two come from the Gardner over.

IND 356/6 (141 overs): Just a single off the Perry over as Vastrakar nudges one to extra cover for a single.

IND 355/6 (140 overs): Gardner replaces Wareham to bowl her 29th over. And she drops one off her own bowling. Vastrakar drags one outside off straight to the bowler, but Gardner doesn't hold on to it. Vastrakar gets off strike with a single. Sharma sinks to her knees and sweeps one to deep mid wicket.

IND 350/6 (139 overs): Sharma pierces a full outside off delivery from Campbell past point for a couple.

IND 348/6 (138 overs): Glorious four from Vastrakar. Smashes one straight for four as Wareham delivers a half volley. Sharma sweeps to get one and reaches her half-century!

66 runs and 1 wicket in this session so far.

IND 342/6 (137 overs):
Maiden over from Campbell.

IND 342/6 (136 overs): Wareham continues and she continues to toss it up to the batters. Sharma sweeps the first delivery for a boundary and follows that up with a single through extra cover. The over ends with a hiccup for Vastrakar. She's beaten by a short ball, tries to pull but it by the keeper and Lanning scrambles to provide protection too. Oof. Five runs off the over.

IND 337/6 (135 overs): Campbell continues from the other end. She has been clocking good speeds today. Deepti has struggled with her short deliveries. Looks like Australia has to take some wickets if they want a shot at a bat faster. Sharma negotiates a back of the length delivery to short leg for a single, prompting Campbell to come round the wicket now. Vastrakar manages a single between mid-on and mid-off while Sharma pulls her square for just a single again. She finishes with a BEAUTY of a ball! She's changed the line there, going short and it rises from under Vastrakar's nose. Lovely. Three runs off the over.

IND 334/6 (134 overs):
Maiden to start with for Wareham. She's tossing the deliveries up to Vastrakar.

Georgia Wareham comes in for the first time today and along with her comes a fielder in the slip and short leg.

IND 334/6 (133 overs): Maiden from Campbell

Jhulan has her pads on. Looks like India plans to bat deep after all.

IND 334/6 (132 overs):
Deepti Sharma seems to have an agenda now. She's facing Molineux positively, pushing for two runs off the first ball and driving the second ball down cover for four. Seven runs come off the over in total.

IND 327/6 (131 overs):
Campbell returns to concede just one run.

IND 326/6 (130 overs):
Molineux comes in. Field is moving around. Some intent from Lanning to make something work here? Boundary for India is what comes off it. Molineux sends an uppish delivery down to Vastrakar. She punches this one on the front foot past the bowler for four. Five runs off this over.

IND 321/6 (129 overs):
One run off the over but not before a passionate appeal from Healy for a catch off an edge from Vastrakar. Campbell sends one short and it goes just over Vastrakar, who ducks to avoid the bouncer. Looks like a knick was heard but replays show Vastrakar in the clear.

IND 320/6 (128 overs):
Molineux returns. Very economical and tight. One run off the over.

IND 319/6 (127 overs): MAIDEN TEST WICKET FOR STELLA CAMPBELL. Sends it down towards the off stump. Taniya is drawn out to connect but it's knicked to the keeper. Healy is not one to miss those. But now, for the important bit - the Aussie hair ruffle. Healy comes forward to do the honours there too and Campbell's ponytail needs a redo. WICKET Taniya Bhatia c Healy b Campbell 22 (75b 3x4 0x6) Vastrakar joins Deepti in the middle.

IND 318/5 (126 overs):
Molineux continues. Sharma sweeps for a single but quiet over otherwise. The Australians need to force a wicket. Molineux has created so many chances, as Ananya Upendran points out here.

IND 317/5 (125 overs):
Sutherland returns and concedes just the one run.

I, for one, want India to declare and looks like Alyssa Healy shares that sentiment. Here's what she said to the broadcasters a while ago

IND 316/5 (124 overs):
Molineux to Sharma and she gets an edge off the first ball. Lanning reacts late and can't reach in time enough to make anything of it. She's miffed there and rightly so. One run from that over.

Lisa Sthalekar believes India should declare when it would make the Aussies most uncomfortable which right now looks about before the dinner break. Nifty strategy that. What will the Indians do?

Taniya Bhatia is getting some attention from the physios. Tape for her fingers.

IND 315/5 (123 overs):
Sutherland returns and gets an edge! But it goes wide of Lanning at slip. She got her fingers to it but it was too much for the Aussie captain to manage. Three runs come off the over. India firmly in control here. Time for drinks.

IND 312/5 (122 overs):
After one run from Sutherland in the 121st over, Molineux returns with a maiden.

Message to Meg: Bowl Wareham and Campbell! Wareham especially. Yes she leaks runs, but what does this side have to lose given how things are already going?

IND 311/5 (120 overs):
Maiden for Molineux

Fun stat: This is now the highest total a visiting side has made when batting 1st in a women's Test in Australia, beating England's 290 at the WACA in 1984.

IND 311/5 (119 overs):
Sutherland returns and the desperation is evident on the faces of the Australians. Third day of bowling now. They're quite evidently sick of it but no breakthroughs in sight. After two consecutive maidens, Sutherland concedes a run.

IND 310/5 (118 overs): Molineux continues and gets by without conceding a run.

IND 310/5 (117 overs):
Sutherland continues. Maiden for her.

IND 310/5 (116 overs): Two runs from this over from Molineux

Gardner was seen holding her shoulder. Let's take a quick look at the bowler workload. My! Perry and Gardner need a break.


Second bowling change. Molineux into the attack.

IND 308/5 (115 overs):
Maiden for Sutherland. Is there anyone else here who wanted to see Wareham? Feels a little like she's being underused. But Meg Lanning is spoilt for choice, so oh well!

Sutherland is into the attack now.
She was impressive yesterday. Can she whip up something here and maybe even get a wicket?

IND 308/5 (114 overs):
Good running here by Bhatia and Sharma. Six runs off the over, ft a no ball from Perry. She's lost her line a bit and is a little all over the place. Shame.

Rachel Haynes has missed out on this Test but there's some good news from the home front for the Aussie mainstay. Big congratulations, RH and Leah.

IND 302/5 (113 overs):
Oh Gardner concedes a boundary again and this time it brings up the India 300! Deepti Sharma does it this time, sweeping over mid-on. She loves to sweep. Nice way to bring up the big 3-0-0. Five runs in total from this over.

IND 297/5 (112 overs):
One run from a quiet Perry over after that lush Gardner over.

IND 296/5 (111 overs): Loose ball from Gardner. This will be punished and it is. Bhatia with some good footwork cuts this square and it will beat two fielders as it runs off for four runs. Bhatia bookends the over with another boundary - on the backfoot and down to third - lovely shot this. Expensive over for Gardner.

Scenarios for the series now: If Australia wins this Test, they take an unassailable lead in the series. If India wins or if this is a draw, India will need to win all the T20s to be able to claim the series.

IND 288/5 (110 overs): Two runs off this Perry over. The score is crawling along.

Healy: Not sure what the game plan is, still going pretty slow

IND 286/5 (109 overs):
Gardner is getting some good bounce here. That generates a top edge off Deepti Sharma's bat as she tries to pump in some aggression here. Lands safely fortunately for her and unfortunately for Australia.

IND 284/5 (108 overs):
One run from this Perry over for India. Nearly 30 minutes down, the Indian batters are still finding their feet here. What's an ideal score India should declare at?

IND 284/5 (107 overs):
Bhatia gets a rare boundary off Gardner. Shorter delivery from the spinner and the Indian batter will not miss a chance to place this well. The balls beats Molineux enroute to the ropes. However, the sight that matters is Jhulan Goswami without pads. Don't think she intends to bat today. Does this mean a declaration is coming?

IND 280/5 (106 overs):
Maiden over from Perry. More than what's on the field, it's all about the mental math at the moment. Perry had the chance to get Taniya Bhatia packing though in that last delivery after a low edge travelled wide to the keeper. But the ball fell just short of Healy.

IND 280/5 (105 overs):
Sharma gets a single off Gardner and that will be sole run from this over. I wonder what India's gameplan is now. Will they want to get to a 300-ish total and then take Australia on a little before the first session ends? It will all depend on how many wickets Australia can take here in this first hour.

IND 279/5 (104 overs):
Perry comes in to attack and a we have a few yorkers on display here from the Aussie allrounder. No damage done, but two runs added to the scoreboard by India here.

IND 277/5 (103 overs):
Spin early in the attack now. Refreshing change in strategy from Lanning. She comes away with a maiden.

IND 277/5 (102 overs):
McGrath completes her over- just the one run off that last ball and the over in total.

9:25 AM IST: Is a declaration on India's mind?
If Smriti Mandhana's post-match thoughts are to go by, then no. Mandhana said the batters will look to get off to a good start and then talk a call depending on how things go. How this session will go for India, we will have to wait and see. Stay tuned for live action in a few minutes.


From a well-deserved maiden century for Smriti Mandhana to a contentious dismissal which saw Punam Raut walk back to the pavilion, here are the talking points from day 2 of the Pink Ball Test between Australia and India in Carrara. Read more:

Punam Raut and Smriti Mandhana were the highlights of day 2 of the Pink Ball Test between India and Australia in the Gold Coast on Friday.

Jason Gillespie has weighed in on the Punam Raut- Spirit of the Game discussion:
The “spirit of cricket”, and what constitutes this, differs from country to country and in some cases, between states/counties/provinces/islands. The laws of the game are in place. Stick to these and the grey areas within our game are removed.

Weather forecast for day 3:
Its 25° in the Gold Coast now with the sun expected to stick around consistently. We're clear in terms of rain possibility. Let's see how the day progresses. Excited about the prospect of a full day's play.


Day 02 recap:

Mandhana on her innings:


Day 01 recap:

  • Meg Lanning won the toss and chose to field
  • Smriti Mandhana and Shafali Verma put together a 93-run partnership for the first wicket
  • Australian pacers struggled to bowl the right lengths to the openers, especially Smriti. The wicket did not provide the help Lanning anticipated
  • Lone wicket of Shafali Verma falls on day 1
  • Rain washed out two sessions almost entirely
  • India ends day 1 on 132/1 with Smriti Mandhana unbeaten on 80
  • Adjustment: Day 2,3,4 will begin 30 minutes early to adjust overs lost on day 1

Here is a detailed analysis of day 1 and what went right and wrong for both sides:


THE SERIES SO FAR: Australia comes into this Test with a 2-1 lead in the three ODIs played in Mackay. The third ODI saw India bring Meg Lanning's side's unbeaten run in the format to an end. 26 consecutive wins in the format is no joke and it rightly took a special performance from the Indians to halt this record run. Read more here:



There are quite a few injury updates ahead of this Test. Harmanpreet Kaur will not play this game due to a thumb injury.  For Australia, Rachel Haynes will sit out not just this Test but the rest of the series due a hamstring injury she sustained during the ODI leg of the series.

WEATHER FORECAST: There is a storm warning and a rain forecast for the first two days of the Test. We hope we manage to get some decent time out in the field today.





You can catch the one-off Pink Ball Test between India and Australia on the Sony Sports Network. The match will also be streamed live on the Sony Liv app.harm

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