Warner, Finch centuries help Australia complete 10-wicket win - as it happened

Australia secured a 10-wicket win in the first ODI at the Wankhede Stadium with David Warner and Aaron Finch hitting unbeaten centuries to overhaul India's 255.

Updated : Jan 14, 2020 20:31 IST

Aaron Finch and David Warner dominate the Indian bowlers in chase of 256.
Aaron Finch and David Warner dominate the Indian bowlers in chase of 256.

Aaron Finch and David Warner dominate the Indian bowlers in chase of 256.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's LIVE coverage of the first ODI between India and Australia.


  • Australia wins! A 10-wicket win for Australia. David Warner drives a low full-toss from Mohammed Shami down the ground to complete the run-chase and put Australia 1-0 up in the three-match ODI series. The left-hander finishes unbeaten on 128, while captain Aaron Finch makes an unbeaten 110 himself.
  • AUS 249/0 in 36 overs - A three and two singles off the Ravindra Jadeja over. Jadeja drops one short and offers width outside David Warner's off-stump. Warner punches it square and good running between the wickets fetches Australia three runs. Mohammed Shami continues.
  • AUS 244/0 in 35 overs - A four and four singles off the Mohammed Shami over. Aaron Finch is offered width outside off-stump and he uses the pace of Shami to glide the ball fine and collect a four. In between, David Warner and Finch run hard between the wickets, indicating they haven't had a drop in intensity, to collect four singles and make it a big over.
  • AUS 236/0 in 34 overs - Hundred for Aaron Finch! Ravindra Jadeja strays down the leg, Finch paddles it fine for four and celebrates the century. Jadeja perhaps tried to spin it from leg-stump but it skidded on and it was easily put away by Finch. Three more singles in the over. Mohammed Shami comes back into the attack, replacing Kuldeep Yadav.
  • AUS 229/0 in 33 overs - A quiet over from Kuldeep Yadav! Just the three singles with Aaron Finch batting on 96.
  • AUS 226/0 in 32 overs - Back-to-back fours for David Warner to end Jasprit Bumrah's over. The first was a back-foot punch through the cover, giving the sweeper cover no chance to getting around it, the second is a stand-and-deliver punch drive through extra cover. The Indian fielders stand and watch: it's not the first time they have that this evening, with Warner and Aaron Finch finding the gaps on the field with precision.
  • AUS 215/0 in 31 overs - Kuldeep Yadav continues to be expensive! Aaron Finch lofts him for a six, which is followed by a two, a wide and a single, making it a 10-run over.
  • AUS 205/0 in 30 overs - Hundred for David Warner! Jasprit Bumrah offers width outside off-stump and David Warner cuts him behind square to find the boundary and complete his century. He follows it up with his trademark celebration, it's been a dominant innings from the left-hander! Bumrah overpitches the final ball of the over and Warner drives down the ground, beating the mid-off fielder to his left for another four and make it a big over for Australia. Kuldeep Yadav continues.
  • AUS 197/0 in 29 overs - A four and four singles off the Kuldeep Yadav over. David Warner has been severe on anything short or full, and Kuldeep drops one short and perfect for the cut. Warner rocks back and punches him through the covers, beating the sweeper cover to his left.
  • AUS 189/0 in 28 overs - Just two runs off the over! India thinks it has its first breakthrough, but David Warner reviews successfully to overturn an out decision from the on-field umpire. He tried to paddle Ravindra Jadeja to fine leg and got a faint edge before it hit the pad. The edge saves him! Kuldeep Yadav to bowl from the other end.
  • AUS 187/0 in 27 overs - A four and four singles off the Shardul Thakur over. Thakur was made to pay for straying onto leg-stump, with Warner guiding the ball to fine leg to pick up a four. India unable to stop the Australian batsmen from hitting fours or sixes in the chase so far. Ravindra Jadeja continues.
  • AUS 179/0 in 26 overs - Three singles off the Ravindra Jadeja over which doesn't trouble David Warner or Aaron Finch, though.
  • AUS 176/0 in 25 overs - Just four singles off the over, a quiet over under the circumstances. David Warner's batting on 83, with Aaron Finch on 79; an opportunity for both players to make an ODI hundred and even carry the bat. Ravindra Jadeja continues.
  • AUS 172/0 in 24 overs - David Warner with a fortuitous four off Ravindra Jadeja, who rounds off the over with a couple of dot balls. Shardul Thakur replaces Mohammed Shami with India searching for a breakthrough to stem the run flow.
  • AUS 166/0 in 23 overs - Two fours in the over from the blade of Aaron Finch, who punishes Mohammed Shami for offering width outside the off-stump. The first four was off a cut shot past point and with the second, he used the pace of Shami to guide the ball fine and beat Kuldeep Yadav at third man. Boundaries have started to flow again. Bowling change for India: Ravindra Jadeja replaces Kuldeep Yadav.
  • AUS 156/0 in 22 overs - David Warner breaks the shackles with a six over long-on off Kuldeep Yadav. Didn't completely get to the pitch but goes through with the shot and makes a good connection. The bowler not really culpable there. A two and two singles make it a big over for Australia.
  • AUS 146/0 in 22 overs - Another quiet over. Mohammed Shami bowls a disciplined length for much of the over and when he gave a bit of width to Aaron Finch, Ravindra Jadeja prevents the boundary by diving to his right and stopping it with his right hand. Kuldeep Yadav continues. 
  • AUS 143/0 in 21 overs - Kuldeep Yadav bowls a tight over. He finishes it by rapping Aaron Finch on his front pad as he leaned forward to defend. Finch had taken a big stride forward and that, perhaps, saved him as umpire Shamshuddin gives not out. The ball tracker shows the ball would have shaved the leg-stump and it was umpire's call. Mohammed Shami bowls from the other end.
  • AUS 140/0 in 20 overs - David Warner punishes Ravindra Jadeja for dropping one short, cutting him through third man for a four. Finch then gets an inside edge onto his front pad, India chooses to review the on-field umpire's not out decision, and the inside edge is clear. It loses its review. Kuldeep Yadav continues.
  • AUS 133/0 in 19 overs - India will be worried by the ease with which Aaron Finch and David Warner are collecting runs. Aaron Finch punishes Kuldeep Yadav for pitching one short with a cut for four through point. Four singles in the over and Australia gets eight runs.
  • AUS 125/0 in 18 overs - Ravindra Jadeja drops one short and David Warner rocks back and plays the cut to collect four runs. No sweeper on the boundary for India and Warner finds the gap between cover and point to get four. Kuldeep Yadav continues.
  • AUS 118/0 in 17 overs - Three singles in the over. A semblance of control in the last two overs for India, but Aaron Finch and David Warner have not been troubled. The broadcast shows India captain Virat Kohli having an animated talk with his team during the drinks break. Ravindra Jadeja comes on for his second spell.
  • AUS 115/0 in 16 overs - FIFTY for Aaron Finch! A good over from Jasprit Bumrah, who bowls wicket to wicket and also nails a yorker that was kept out quite comfortably by Finch.
  • AUS 110/0 in 15 overs - A quiet over under the circumstances, just one off it! Aaron Finch still doesn't look comfortable against Kuldeep Yadav, who goes past the outside edge. Appeal for a caught-behind but he has missed it completely. Jasprit Bumrah continues.
  • AUS 109/0 in 14 overs - Two fours in the over again! David Warner pulls Jasprit Bumrah for a four, beating the fine-leg fielder to his right. Bumrah then produces a sharp nipbacker that goes between bat and pad and moves so much after it passed the stumps that K.L. Rahul doesn't get close to collecting it. Four byes. Kuldeep Yadav continues.
  • AUS 100/0 in 13 overs - A six and five dots in the over! Aaron Finch hits his first six of the innings. Kuldeep gives too much air and it's right in the slot and Finch doesn't worry about the variation, just hits through the line. It goes over the sightscreen! Jasprit Bumrah comes on to bowl from the other end.
  • AUS 94/0 in 12 overs - Ravindra Jadeja gives the ball a bit of air and challenges David Warner to play an aerial shot, the left-hander obliges with a bottom-handed flick for six to deep midwicket. The ball lands on the boundary cushion directly. Just as the Indian spinners strung together a few dot balls, Australia breaks the shackles with a big shot for six. Kuldeep Yadav continues. 
  • AUS 87/0 in 11 overs - The bowling change nearly brings about a breakthrough for India! Kuldeep Yadav deceives Aaron Finch with a couple of wrong'uns and the ball falls in no-man's land as Finch got the leading edge twice. India, though, remains sloppy with its ground fielding, an indication that Australia has unsettled the entire unit with its aggressive start. Spin from both ends now? Ravindra Jadeja has come on to bowl from the other end.
  • AUS 84/0 in 10 overs - David Warner is enjoying the true pace and bounce of the Wankhede pitch, as he drives Shardul Thakur for a four through extra cover before flat-batting him to the point boundary for another four. Bowling change for India: Kuldeep Yadav comes on.
  • AUS 71/0 in 9 overs - Another over that produces two fours for Australia! This time it's Aaron Finch who drives Mohammed Shami - once off the front foot and another off the back foot - to the boundary. A couple of singles in between and Australia has collected 10 runs off the over without breaking sweat. Shardul Thakur continues from the other end.
  • AUS 61/0 in 8 overs - Two fours and a six from David Warner in the over. Warner brings his bottom hand into play on each occasion and Shardul Thakur pays the price for erring with his length. The fours came off half-volleys and when he tried to compensate by pulling his length back, Warner pulled him for a six over wide long-on. Ominous sings for India these! Mohammed Shami replaces Jasprit Bumrah from the other end.


  • AUS 46/0 in 7 overs - Jasprit Bumrah switches ends and his third over costs 10 runs. David Warner first pulls him for a four through square leg before Aaron Finch punches off the back-foot and collects four runs; Ravindra Jadeja with an uncharacteristic misfield at point, allows the ball to go right through him. Shardul Thakur to continue.
  • AUS 36/0 in 6 overs - India thought it had the wicket of David Warner, but on review, it's evident from the Ultraedge the left-hander didn't glove or edge it trying to play the pull. Warner reviewed the on-field umpire's decision with just a second left! A good first over from Shardul Thakur nonetheless, tucking Warner up with inward movement from around the wicket. He hit Warner's pads with the first ball of his spell, the umpire's decision was not out and India chose not to review. A wise decision as the ball tracker returns umpire's call. Jasprit Bumrah has switched ends.
  • AUS 33/0 in 5 overs - Eight runs off Mohammed Shami's third over, Aaron Finch finding the boundary for the third over in a row. A bit of shape from Shami but well outside the off-stump to allow Finch to free his arms. The Australian captain times the ball sweetly and the Indian fielders stand and watch as the ball raced away to the point boundary. The final ball of the over produces three runs following a misfield at mid-on from Shikhar Dhawan.
  • AUS 25/0 in 4 overs - A couple of fours in the over off the blade of Aaron Finch. The first is a drive through the covers, beating the diving fielder, and the second a back-foot punch between cover and point. The Australian captain has made a confident start and, in a small run-chase, he poses a significant threat to India.
  • AUS 14/0 in 3 overs - A close shave to finish Mohammed Shami's second over! From around the wicket, he goes past the outside edge as David Warner tried to defend off the front-foot, prompting oohs and aahs from the Indian fielders in the cordon. Aaron Finch, similar to Rohit Sharma at the start of the Indian innings, has driven well early in his innings. In this over, he plays a punch drive through cover and mid-off, the second four of his innings. Jasprit Bumrah to continue.
  • AUS 8/0 in 2 overs - Jasprit Bumrah's first over goes for just three runs. He got one to nip back in off the seam to Aaron Finch, who showed good judgment of his off-stump to not play the ball. Prodigious movement on that occasion, though, to interest Bumrah and India. Mohammed Shami to continue.
  • AUS 5/0 in 1 over - Australia openers - captain Aaron Finch and David Warner - have opened their account. No looseners from Mohammed Shami in the first over, but Finch capitalised on the one wide delivery, stroking it away through cover point for four. Jasprit Bumrah to bowl from the other end. ( K.L. Rahul is keeping wickets in Rishabh Pant's absence. Pant took a blow to his head from Cummins, no official word yet on the issue.)
  • IND 255/10 in 49.1 overs - ALL OUT! Kane Richardson gets the final wicket of Mohammed Shami, who top-edges an attempted lofted hit and finds himself caught by wicketkeeper Alex Carey. It's job well done from the Australian bowlers after captain Aaron Finch won the toss and opted to bowl first. Australia needs 256 to win and go 1-0 up in the series.
  • IND 255/9 in 49 overs - Twelve runs and a wicket in the penultimate over of the Indian innings. Kuldeep Yadav hit Mitchell Starc for a couple of fours - one drilled to the cover boundary, and the second flat-batted over the bowler's head - and India's 250 brought about a roar from the Wankhede crowd. On the last ball of the over, Mohammed Shami managed to get his bat down in time to keep out a Starc yorker, it went to Steve Smith at point and the batsmen tried to complete a single; bull's eye from Smith, though, and Kuldeep keeps walking. Out for 17 off 15.
  • IND 243/8 in 48 overs - A couple of plays and misses from Mohammed Shami to end the 48th over. Kane Richardson bowled back of a length for much of the over, denying Shami, in particular, the length to swing through the line. Mitchell Starc to continue and he'll bowl out.
  • IND 240/8 in 47 overs - Mohammed Shami drills a half-volley from Mitchell Starc through the covers off the last ball, making it a seven-run over for India. Kuldeep Yadav and Shami have shown good defence and managed to get bat on ball, giving India a chance to get to 250. The pair has added 11 runs so far. Kane Richardson to bowl his ninth over.
  • WICKET - Pant perishes and India is falling apart. The extra bounce from Cummins does the trick as Pant goes for the pull, gets an edge and the ball hits his helmet before flying to the fielder at point.
  • Shardul Thakur joins Rishabh Pant.
  • WICKET - That's the end of Ravindra Jadeja's innings - a scratchy one - as he nicks Richardson to the keeper. Pant holds key.
  • FOUR - Rishabh Pant is swiftly changing gears and this time finds the boundary. He is going for his shots.
  • SIX - Change of bat and Rishabh Pant smacks Ashton Agar for a six - much needed from India's point of view.
  • The 200 is up for India at the end of 41 overs.
  • Ravindra Jadeja and Rishabh Pant are doing the rebuilding job and have managed to forge a stand. With 10 overs remaining, the duo would look to up the ante and help India post at least 270. Their partnership is worth 31 off 44. How much can they add remains to be seen.
  • WICKET - India is clearly in trouble and Australia has made a fantastic comeback by picking wickets. This time it's Shreyas Iyer who perishes.  Length delivery and Iyer chases it, gets an edge and Alex Carey does the rest. India need a partnership.
  • WICKET - Oh Dear! Adam Zampa gets the prized scalp of Virat Kohli. Tossed up delivery and Kohli hits straight back to the bowler and Zampa does well to latch on to it. India in a spot of bother.
  • Shreyas Iyer is the new man in.
  • WICKET - Shikhar Dhawan departs. India lose a bit of momentum as it loses both the set batsmen in Rahul and Dhawan. Pat Cummins gets rid of the opener as Dhawan goes for the flick but ends up getting a leading edge and Ashton Agar takes a good catch. Dhawan falls for 74 and misses out on a century.
  • Virat Kohli walks in at No.4
  • WICKET - Soft dismissal and against the run of play - Ashton Agar breaks the stand as KL Rahul departs for 47. Goes down the track and hits it straight into the hands of Steve Smith at covers. He was looking in good touch. and is certainly not happy with himself.
  • Fifty for Dhawan - Excellent batting from Dhawan as he reaches his fifty. Started off a bit rusty as the innings progressed, the southpaw oozed class with some lovely shots. Need to convert into a big one.
  • Fifty-run partnership between KL Rahul and Shikhar Dhawan is up and it has come in 54 deliveries. Both batsmen looking in fine touch.
  • Kane Richardson is back into the attack.
  • India has picked up the required momentum with Shikhar Dhawan playing the role of the aggressor. The fifty is up.
  • FOUR - Shikhar Dhawan gets a move on and with a couple of boundaries has broken away from the shakles. 
  • Appeal for LBW, the umpire says not out but Cummins insists on a review and Australia take it. Replays suggest the ball was pitching outside the leg stump and Shikhar Dhawan survives.
  • K.L. Rahul is the new man in.
  • WICKET - Huge wicket. Mitchell Starc gets the breakthrough and Rohit Sharma departs. Cross seam delivery, Rohit was done in by the lack of pace, goes through with the shot and drills it straight into the hands of David Warner at mid-off.
  • Dhawan is off the mark with a dab towards third man. There isn't much swing for the fast bowlers and as the match progress it will be a good track to bat. However, the initial 30 minutes will be crucial. 
  • Pat Cummins to partner Mitchell Starc and it will be Shikhar Dhawan on strike.
  • FOUR - After surviving a run-out chance, Rohit Sharma creams Mitchell Starc once again through the covers for a boundary. Fine start by India.
  • FOUR - Rohit Sharma starts with an exquisite drive through the covers and the ball races away to the fence.
  • We are done with the Anthems and are all set for play to begin. Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma reunite and are out there in the middle. Mitchell Starc will start proceedings with the new ball.
  • Stay tuned as we get you the toss and the pplaying XI's in a while.
  • Well the last time Aaron Finch and his men came India, they went on to win the series and even this series will not be any different. Two top teams battling out in the middle, it will be a tantalising contest. And it will be Virat Kohli vs Steve Smith.



TOSS: Australia won the toss and opted to bowl first.


Virat Kohli: We would have fielded first as well. It is a good challenge for us. Pretty happy to be batting first. We are pretty happy with the toss. At home, I don't think anyone else challenged so much. They won last time. Quality sides will challenge you everywhere. We are very excited.

Aaron Finch: We are gonna bowl first. Looks like a reasonably good wicket. Hopefully, there will be some dew later. The feeling is very good. Lot of guys have been playing Tests and BBL. The guys are pretty confident. I think the guys that have come in, have done well. We are going with two spinners.


At a time when bilateral cricket is jostling for relevance, sandwiched between the countdown to the T20 World Cup and the World Test Championship is a three-match ODI series between India and Australia, which starts at the Wankhede Stadium here on Tuesday. Despite little relevance in larger context, when the world’s two best teams square off each other, you don’t need any more significance to be attached to the face-off.

That will certainly be the case over the next week. Add to that the fact that both India and Australia have fielded full-strength squads for the short series and it could lead to a terrific Tuesday in offing for aficionados and connoisseurs alike.

India captain Virat Kohli had no doubt there will be no dearth of intense action in the three-match series. “Look, when you are playing Australia, you don’t look at the relevance of the series. It’s about playing against the best. The way they are playing their cricket now, after Steve and David have come back, it’s pretty intense,” Kohli said.

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“They are challenging every team and they are dominating few teams as well. I think we, along with Australia, are probably the top two sides in the world, as far as the balance is concerned. Whether it’s relevant or irrelevant that’s for people to decide. But we as a team are excited to play Australia, in our conditions, to test ourselves against the best.”

India has the tough choice to make when it comes to its batting order, with all three specialist openers in sublime touch. While batting coach Vikram Rathour on Sunday had said either Shikhar Dhawan or K.L. Rahul will start the series along with Rohit Sharma, Kohli contradicted his view, stating the triumvirate could well feature in the line-up. In such a scenario, Kohli may move down to No. 4 from his customary No. 3.

Kohli was naturally at his best during Monday’s training, prevailing over Jasprit Bumrah in a mini-battle during India’s optional practice and also celebrating it in style.

Australia, on the other hand, will be keen on unleashing its lethal pace triumvirate of Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins and Josh Hazlewood on India’s famed order. Set to play an ODI together for the first time since October 2018, the troika will be looking forward to start Australia’s maiden ODI assignment since the World Cup with a bang at Wankhede.

At the same time, Australia will be banking its hopes on Marnus Labuschagne to carry on his Test exploits into the ODI arena. If Labuschagne marks his debut by complementing veterans Steven Smith and David Warner on Tuesday, Aaron Finch’s men can hope for an encore of its series victory last year.

Despite not travelling with its best combination, Finch and Co. made a stunning comeback after trailing 2-0 to take home the series 3-2 in India last March. India will know that to avenge the series defeat, it will have to play out of its skins over the next week.

If the series-opener ends up a high-quality affair, the series will not at all struggle for relevance.

Match starts at 1.30 p.m and can be viewed on Star Sports. Hotstar takes care of the live streaming.


India:   Virat Kohli (Capt.), Rohit Sharma (Vice-capt.), Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey, Kedar Jadhav, Rishabh Pant (wicket-keeper), Shivam Dube, Ravindra Jadeja, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Navdeep Saini, Jasprit Bumrah, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Shami.

Australia squad:   Aaron Finch (Capt.), Ashton Agar, Alex Carey (Vice-capt.), Pat Cummins (Vice-capt.), Peter Handscomb, Josh Hazlewood, Marnus Labuschagne, Kane Richardson, D'Arcy Short, Steve Smith, Mitchell Starc, Ashton Turner, David Warner, Adam Zampa.


On-field umpires: Michael Gough, Richard Kettleborough; Third umpire: C. Shamshuddin; Fourth umpire: Virender Sharma

Match referee: Ranjan Madugalle

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