After ten seasons of countless games and transactions in lakhs and crores at auctions, there is a fresh spin in the Indian Premier League structure. The cash-rich cricket league took a leaf out of football to introduce mid-season transfer, for the first time since its inception in 2008.

When does it start?

The transfer window opened on April 29, Sunday, after the game between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Rajasthan Royals (Match 28). It ends on May 10 with the Delhi Daredevils-SRH game (Match 42). There is a 12-day period to move players across franchises.

Why is it necessary?

The mid-season transfer window in IPL is similar to the January transfer window in football. Here, players who failed to create an impact in the first half of the tournament may get a fresh start with a new franchise. It will also create opportunities for players who warmed the bench in their respective teams. IPL is a result of some serious planning and the mid-season transfer will help the franchises with a plan B.

How does it work?

By now, all teams have figured out their marquee players. The decision lies with the franchise; they need to identify players they want to keep/release. This also allows the franchises to sign players whom they couldn’t buy at the pre-season auction. There should be mutual consent between the franchises while moving the players.

Which players can move?

All uncapped players are eligible for the transfer. Among the capped group, players who appeared in less than two games are eligible.