CSK vs MI Highlights, IPL 2022: Chennai Super Kings crashes out of playoffs race after five-wicket defeat against Mumbai Indians

CSK vs MI Highlights, Tata IPL 2022: Mumbai Indians cruised to a five-wicket win with 31 balls to spare after bundling Chennai Super Kings out for 97 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Thursday. Hrithik Shokeen and Tilak Varma paved the way with a 48-run stand for the fifth wicket while Daniel Sams' three for 16 restricted CSK to its second-lowest total in the IPL.

Updated : May 13, 2022 11:45 IST , MUMBAI

Hrithik Shokeen Tilak Varma stitched a vital 48-run stand for the fifth wicket after Mumbai Indians was stuttering at 33 for four, chasing a paltry 98 against Chennai Super Kings at the Wankhede Stadium on Thursday.
Hrithik Shokeen Tilak Varma stitched a vital 48-run stand for the fifth wicket after Mumbai Indians was stuttering at 33 for four, chasing a paltry 98 against Chennai Super Kings at the Wankhede Stadium on Thursday.

Hrithik Shokeen Tilak Varma stitched a vital 48-run stand for the fifth wicket after Mumbai Indians was stuttering at 33 for four, chasing a paltry 98 against Chennai Super Kings at the Wankhede Stadium on Thursday.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's Highlights of the IPL 2022 match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians from the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.




MI 103/5 in 14.5 overs: SIX! Moeen darts it wide outside off and David drags this over deep mid-wicket with a slog sweep. Turning into him and punched to long-on for a single. Two runs to win. Tilak moves away outside leg and guides this straight to point. Driven to long-off for a single. Scores level. SIX! What a way to seal an otherwise drab run-chase. This was a long hop and David smashed it over mid-wicket. Mumbai Indians wins by five wickets with 31 balls to spare and any hopes that Chennai Super Kings may have had to sneak into the playoffs have been dashed.

MI 89/5 in 14 overs: Tilak flicks this length ball through square leg for one. David stands and drives through the covers for one more. Just 13 runs needed now. Tilak gets a top edge trying to guide this along the ground to third man but the ball lands in vacant area for a couple more. Single at long-off next ball. David is beaten outside off with a skiddy one before punching through covers for a single.

MI 83/5 in 13 overs: Moeen Ali with the ball. Drifting down on the pads and Tilak misses the attempted flick. Skidding into Tilak and he punches to mid-wicket for one. Shokeen is too early into the sweep and misses it completely. OUT! Shokeen steps out, misses and straight through into the stumps. Hrithik Shokeen b Moeen Ali 18(23b 2x4). David flicks this aerially through mid-wicket for a single. Tilak drives through covers to end the over with one more and keep strike.


MI 80/4 in 12 overs: Theekshana continues. Keeps it on a length outside off and a couple of dot balls to start the over. FOUR! This is wide outside off but fuller and Tilak reverse-sweeps this to the deep backward point boundary. A couple more through the covers next ball. Single and dot to end the over.

MI 73/4 in 11 overs: Driven through point for a couple of runs by Shokeen as Bravo goes wide outside off. He then strays on Tilak's pads, who flicks to fine-leg for a couple more. This is wide down leg-side and Bravo will need to reload this one. Full angling on off stump. Tilak defends it back to the bowler after first looking to lap this behind. Worked off the toes for another single and Tiak keeps strike.

MI 66/4 in 10 overs: Theekshana into the attack. Shokeen presses forward and flicks through mid-wicket for a single. Length ball punched to long-on for one more by Tilak. FOUR! Shokeen goes aerial over the covers and Uthappa fumbles horribly in the end to let through a boundary. Collects a single next ball with a push to cover. FOUR! Tilak gets a thick outside edge on the drive and it runs away to the third-man boundary.

MI 55/4 in 9 overs: First change in bowling as Bravo comes in. FOUR! Slower one first ball on fourth stump and Shokeen dabs this to the third man boundary with open face. Shorter and wider this time and slapped to deep point for a couple. Shokeen presses forward to defend the next one. Pushed to deep point for one more. One more for Tilak next ball behind point. Full on middle and off and Shokeen collects a single at fine-leg off the inside half of the bat.

MI 46/4 in 8 overs: Simarjeet bowls out from the other end. Tilak defends this full one outside off before ducking under this bouncer. FOUR! A rare loosener. Length ball on the pads and tucked away by Tilak to the fine-leg boundary. Length on middle and off and comfortable defended by Tilak. Another short of length delivery on off stump and defended again on the off. Pushed straight to cover for another dot to end the over.

MI 42/4 in 7 overs: Mukesh bowls out. Swinging away outside off and Tilak shoulders arms. This is full, swinging into Tilak from outside off. Tilak jams his bat down and collects a lucky boundary at fine-leg off the inside edge. Angling down leg-side next ball for a wide. Put away behind point for a single. A couple of fuller ones to Shokeen to follow - the second one a good yorker on off. Last ball is left alone in the channel. Mukesh ends with 4-0-23-3.

MI 36/4 in 6 overs: Simarjeet starts off with three dot balls to Shokeen. He keeps it in the channel outside off. This is going down leg-side, Shokeen misses the flick and Dhoni appeals. Given out but the review shows the ball missed the bat by quite a distance. A couple of singles to end the over.

MI 34/4 in 5 overs: Mukesh continues. Wide down leg-side first ball. Beaten! Swinging in and goes through Sams, who looks to hack across the line. Full toss outside off but Sams only manages a punch straight to cover. OUT! Full, struck Sams in front and given out. Sams reviews after some deliberation. It is hitting middle stump and Sams will have to go. The ball came in a bit from just outside off and Sams played all around the ball. Daniel Sams lbw b Mukesh Choudhary 1(6b). Stubbs almost chops on first ball driving this full toss outside off. OUT! He is gone next ball. Length ball on off, moved into him off the surface and Stubbs was beaten trying to defend off the backfoot. Tristan Stubbs lbw b Mukesh Choundhary 0(2b). Shokeen comes in. One leg-bye to end the over.

MI 32/2 in 4 overs: FOUR! Delectable straight-drive by Rohit! Straight, full on middle and Rohit drives it past the bowler with the full face of the bat. Beaten! Rohit goes for the straight-drive again but is beaten this time as the ball moves away in the air. FIVE WIDES! Rohit comes down the track to Simarjeet, the bowler responds by pitching it short and this shoots up over Dhoni and to the boundary. OUT! Rohit finds an outside edge trying to bunt this to third man and Dhoni does the rest. Rohit Sharma c MS Dhoni b Simarjeet Singh 18(14b 4x4). Tilak starts off with a single of the off-side. Sams take another single next ball, chopping this length ball to deep point. Tilak shoulders arms outside off and end of over.

MI 21/1 in 3 overs: Loud appeal for LBW first ball but turned down. Length ball on leg stump, nips into Rohit to beat him and gets him on the flap of the pad. FOUR! What a reply! Rohit shuffles wide outside leg stump, and flays this over the covers for a boundary. Full on middle and off next ball and defended back to the bowler. FOUR! Too full again and Rohit punches down the ground for another boundary. Coming into him and Rohit defends on the off-side. Angling across wide outside off and that's a wide ball. Single to end the over.

MI 11/1 in 2 overs: Simarjeet to Rohit. Length ball on off stump and defended on the off-side. Beaten! Shorter outside off and Rohit is beaten trying to push this off the backfoot on the off side. Full around off and Rohit drives well but straight to mid-off. FOUR! Full again just outside off and Rohit chips it over the  bowler and the ball dribbles to the boundary. Flicked away for a single through mid-wicket. Short one, on fourth stump, and Sams pulls out of a shot and lets it go through to the keeper.

MI 6/1 in 1 over: Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan will open the chase for Mumbai Indians. Mukesh Choudhary with the new ball. Low full toss on the pads on leg-stump. Kishan doesn't offer a short and Dhoni reviews this. It is pitching outside leg stump and Kishan survives. FOUR! Crisply driven through the covers on the front foot by Kishan. Pulls his length back a bit, wide outside off and slapped for a couple more at deep point. Beaten! Jags away off the pitch outside off and beats Kishan's outside edge. OUT! Kishan gets an outside edge to Dhoni trying to cut this outside off. Sams comes in. There is a loud appeal for LBW first ball but probably going down leg side.

Mumbai Indians needs 98 runs to win after a stellar show by its bowlers bundled Chennai Super Kings out for 97 - its second-lowest total in the IPL. The only resistance came with Dhoni's unbeaten 36 - extras (15) being the second-highest contributor to the team's total.



CSK 97/10 in 16 overs: FOUR! Length on the pads by Meredith and Dhoni pulls this away to the fine-leg boundary. Cut to point for a dot next ball. Defended back to Meredith off the backfoot. SIX! Good length delivery, slow, and Dhoni pulls this over deep square leg. Wasn't short enough for the pull but went through with the shot nevertheless. Cut away again but straight to backward point. OUT! Bouncer, Dhoni ducks under it but takes off for the single as it is the last ball of the over. Kishan strikes the stumps at the striker's end and Mukesh is well short of his crease. Mukesh Choudhary run out (Ishan Kishan 4(4b 1x4).

CSK 87/9 in 15 overs: Dhoni hangs back and carves this to deep point but doesn't run. Slower one, angling across outside off by Sams, and it goes under Dhoni's bat. Another slower one in the same area and Dhoni misses again. This one goes too far outside off and wide ball called. Guided to cover - goes high off the pat and no run taken again. Slower one and pitched short - Dhoni mistimes the pull to square leg for a single. Full toss and Mukesh defends it to end the over.

CSK 85/9 in 14 overs: Ramandeep with the ball. Dhoni drives from his crease through the covers for a single. Nasty bouncer next ball that rattles Theekshana. OUT! Fullish outside off, a bit of extra bounce and Theekshana drives this straight to short cover. Maheesh Theekshana c Rohit Sharma b Ramandeep Singh 0(3b). FOUR! Mukesh gets an outside edge past the keeper after a couple of dots.

CSK 80/8 in 13 overs: SIX! Bravo finally cuts loose. Steps out to Kartikeya and tonk s him over wide long-on for a maximum. OUT! This pattern continues as batters continue to depart right after smashing a boundary. Full toss outside off and Bravo wants to loft this over covers but Tilak clings to a stunner at short cover. Dwayne Bravo c Tilak Varma b Kartikeya Singh 12(15b 0x4 1x6). Simarjeet stays deep inside his crease and starts off with a dot and a couple behind square leg. LBW appeal next ball and given out. Dhoni goes up straightaway. OUT! It is hitting top of middle and Simarjeet has to go. Simarjeet Singh lbw b Kartikeya Singh 2(3b) . Theekshana defends this solidly back to the bowler to end the over.

CSK 72/6 in 12 overs: Beaten! Bravo goes for a booming drive outside off and some sharp in-swing from Bumrah beats him comprehensively. A couple of dots more. Bravo now on five runs off 11 balls. Guides this one straight to point. Length ball coming into him and he tucks it off the backfoot for a single behind square. Bouncer to Dhoni to end the over.

CSK 71/6 in 11 overs: Kartikeya continues. A leg-bye and a couple of singles from the first four balls. Bravo seems to be struggling against spin. Dhoni drills a fuller one past point to end the over with a couple.

CSK 65/6 in 10 overs: Bravo starts off with a single. SIX! Dhoni steps out and hammers this over deep backward square leg for a maximum. Clipped off the pads for a couple more at fine-leg. Dhoni steps out again but flicks this to the fielder at mid-wicket off his pads. Dhoni goes for the paddle but this drifts further down leg side and called wide. He punches off the backfoot through covers for a single.

CSK 54/6 in 9 overs: Kartikeya into th attack. Bravo punches the second ball off the backfoot for a single through covers. Full around leg and Dhoni misses as he presses forward to defend. Almost gone next ball! Dhoni gets a leading edge that loops up and falls just short of  a short cover. FOUR! Dhoni swings across the line and thumps this full one the long-on boundary. That brings up the fifty for CSK in 8.5 overs . FOUR! This is cut away by Dhoni behind point.

CSK 45/6 in 8 overs: Meredith continues. Short of length ball, angling across outside off to Dube, and he jams this down into the ground for a dot ball. FOUR! Short and pulled away by Dube to the mid-wicket boundary. OUT! Boom and bust as Dube goes next ball. Short again, this comes at an uncomfortable height and Dube ends up edging behind to the keeper trying to ramp it over him. Shivam Dube c Ishan Kishan b Riley Meredith 10(9b 1x4). Wide outside leg and it goes over Ishan for five wides . Bravo on strike. Beaten! Sharp away movement and Bravo misses by a distance as he pokes in the channel. Beaten again! This is similar, closer to off stump and just moves away enough to beat Bravo's defensive bat. Another length ball and Bravo pokes this behind point for a single.

CSK 35/5 in 7 overs: Hrithik Shokeen introduces the first over of spin. Full outside off, Dube chips it just over a leaping cover fielder and some good fielding in the deep keeps it to a couple of runs. A couple of dot balls to follow it up. Angling into Dube this time and he drives it down to long-on for a single. Two dots to end the over. Dhoni presses forward to defend and then gets beaten with the one that spins into him on a good length.

CSK 32/5 in 6 overs: Meredith is into the attack. Yorker on middle and off and Rayudu digs it out on leg for a dot ball. Swinging away wide outside off and Rayudu reaches out to bunt it on the off. FOUR! Stand and deliver! Length outside off and Rayudu stands tall and punches this between cover and point. OUT! Gone next ball. Cut him in half. Rayudu inside edges this short of good length delivery to the keeper as he goes back in his crease anticipating a short one. Ambati Rayudu c Ishan Kishan b Riley Meredith 10(14b 2x4). Dube comes in and starts off with a couple, whipping a full one off his toes. Single to end the over.

CSK 25/4 in 5 overs: OUT! Gaikwad will be kicking himself after this dismissal. Loose ball outside leg and Gaikwad was strangled trying to flick it behind. Ruturaj Gaikwad c Ishan Kishan b Daniel Sams 7(6b 1x4). Dhoni comes in and Sams bowls outside leg again and left alone - wide ball. Angling across on off stump and Dhoni defends it to short cover. Angling further across outside off and Dhoni shoulders arms. Full on the pads and tucked away by Dhoni for a couple at square leg. Going down leg again and wide ball again. FOUR! Full on off-stump and Dhoni drives this through the covers pressing forward. Full on middle this one and driven back to the bowler for a dot ball.

CSK 17/3 in 4 overs: FOUR! Elegance personified! Gaikwad leans on this full delivery outside off and drives it through the covers. Bouncer in the channel next ball and Gaikwad lets it go. FOUR! Length ball on off stump and Rayudu opens the face of the bat to guide this to the third-man fence. Intelligently done. Short, angling down leg, and Rayudu pulls and gets it just over the keeper. Good effort in the deep by Meredith keeps it to a couple.

CSK 6/3 in 3 overs: Gaikwad starts off with a single at fine-leg before Sams throws down a bouncer to Rayudu. Three dots in a row now. Length ball, angling across in the channel, and left alone by Rayudu. Another dot to end the over.

CSK 5/3 in 2 overs: Bumrah from the other end. Moves the first one away from Uthappa's poke outside off and beats him. This one comes into him and beats him again. Another play and a miss. Uthappa goes for an expansive cover-drive but the ball nips in and whizzes past his inside edge. OUT! Full around middle and off, curling in and Uthappa's misses the flick and this is straight in front. No DRS still. Robin Uthappa lbw b Jasprit Bumrah 1(6b). Two dot balls to end the over. Maiden wicket for Bumrah. Good news from the middle is that the technical snag has been fixed and the review system is back in the fray.

CSK 5/2 in 1 over: Sams to Gaikwad from over the wicket. Full on middle and off and clipped to mid-wicket for a first ball single. OUT! Conway goes first ball. Full on middle, angling down leg side and rapped him on the pads. Conway cannot review this as there is no DRS available at the moment due to technical issues at the stadium. This could have been going down leg-side. Devon Conway lbw b Daniel Sams 0(1b). Moeen Ali comes in at three. Starts off with a dot ball, tapping on off-side. Next one is a wide outside off. OUT! Short one, Moeen miscues the pull and catching practice at mid-wicket. Moeen Ali c Hrithik Shokeen b Daniel Sams 0(2b). Uthappa is in. Sams darts this outside leg-stump for another wide. Outside leg again and another wide ball. Length ball on leg and middle and tapped back to the bowler. Uthappa pushes this to point for a quick one.

The two umpires are out with the new ball. The Mumbai Indians huddle is done. Gaikwad and Conway are out to open the innings for Chennai Super Kings. A last ditch attempt to qualify for CSK while MI has only pride to play for. Sams has the new ball.


Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Ishan Kishan (wk), Tilak Varma, Tristan Stubbs , Ramandeep Singh, Tim David, Hrithik Shokeen , Kumar Kartikeya, Daniel Sams, Jasprit Bumrah, Riley Meredith.

Chennai Super Kings: Ruturaj Gaikwad, Devon Conway, Robin Uthappa, Ambati Rayudu, Shivam Dube, Dwayne Bravo, MS Dhoni (c) (wk), Moeen Ali, Mukesh Choudhary, Simarjeet Singh, Maheesh Theekshana.

TOSS: Mumbai Indians has won the toss and elected to bowl first. Tristan Stubbs comes in for Kieron Pollard and Hrithik Shokeen replaces Murugan Ashwin. Chennai Super Kings is unchanged.

18:55 IST: News from the middle is that Tristan Stubbs - who came into the squad as replacement for the injured Tymal Mills - will make his debut today.

PITCH REPORT: Very humid day at Wankhede. Quite a generous smattering of grass and not much dryness to assist the spinners. Hayden reckons it is a 175-plus wicket.


Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 67 runs (May 08)

Rajasthan Royals beat Punjab Kings by six wickets (May 07)

Kolkata Knight Riders beat Rajasthan Royals by seven wickets (May 02)

Lucknow Super Giants beat Delhi Capitals by six runs (May 01)

Delhi Capitals beat Kolkata Knight Riders by four wickets (April 28)


Lost to Lucknow Super Giants by 36 runs (April 24)


Lost to Punjab Kings by 11 runs (April 25)

Lost to Kolkata Knight Riders by six wickets (March 26)


A few years ago, a clash between  Chennai Super Kings  (CSK) and  Mumbai Indians  (MI) at this stage of the season would have been framed as a dress rehearsal for the final.

However, Thursday's IPL contest at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai will see both sides take the field with different goals.

While not mathematically out of the race yet, MS Dhoni's team faces a tough road to the playoffs. MI has already been eliminated.

Tackling spin has been MI’s bugbear in 2022. And Suryakumar Yadav being ruled out of the IPL with an injury has added to its woes. His calm and assured run-accumulation in the middle order, against pace (SR: 169.60) and spin (SR: 122.64), made him MI's most assured batter in an otherwise wretched season.

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MI has lost 23 wickets and managed the second-worst run rate (7.49) of all teams against spin so far, which CSK could look to exploit through its spin-heavy attack. Sri Lankan off-spinner Maheesh Theekshana and England's Moeen Ali have offered the control and ability to bowl difficult overs inside the PowerPlay and towards the death overs.

Their match-up with Kieron Pollard, MI's greatest finisher, will be interesting. Pollard has scored more runs against CSK (583) than versus any other team but the natural decline in his power-hitting abilities has left Rohit Sharma's side considerably weaker.

Pollard vs spin has been a lopsided contest this year. He has been out five times while striking at a touch over 80. His overall strike rate of 107.46 in IPL-15 is his worst since his IPL debut in 2010.

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If Pollard is rested, Dewald Brevis could replace him. An otherwise erratic Ishan Kishan has shown promise with scores of 51, 45 and 26 in his last three games. But trying him at two-drop (314 in nine innings at strike rate of 146.04 at 4 in IPL 2020) and Tilak Varma at 3 could also be an option, with Brevis opening the batting.

Meanwhile, CSK suffered a blow on the eve of the game as Ravindra Jadeja was ruled out of the tournament due to a rib injury. He had also missed the last game against Delhi Capitals. It has been a disappointing season for Chennai’s bonafide finisher.

But CSK has found stability at the top with three consecutive fifty-plus stands since Devon Conway's return. Conway has been severe against spin, striking at 196.55 while his opening partner Ruturaj Gaikwad has taken down pacers, hitting at a touch under 135. Their PowerPlay tactics against MI will make for an exciting watch.

In the pace bowling department, CSK has relied mainly on left-arm pacer Mukesh Choudhary, who, in the first leg against Mumbai, took 3 for 19.

MI will be relieved at Jasprit Bumrah’s return to form against KKR (5 for 10) — the best figures overall this season — after he went wicketless in seven out of the first 10 games.

As a tough group stage draws to a close, CSK will battle for survival while MI will seek a new blueprint for 2023.


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