SRH vs KKR Highlights, IPL 2022: Markram, Tripathi fifties help Hyderabad thrash Kolkata by seven wickets for third consecutive win

SRH vs KKR Live Score, Tata IPL 2022: Get the live IPL score updates of today's IPL match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders from Brabourne.

Updated : Apr 15, 2022 23:36 IST , MUMBAI

Rahul Tripathi of Sunrisers Hyderabad celebrates his half century.
Rahul Tripathi of Sunrisers Hyderabad celebrates his half century.

Rahul Tripathi of Sunrisers Hyderabad celebrates his half century.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's HIGHLIGHTS of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad from the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.



SRH 176/3 in 17.5 overs: Cummins angles it on middle on a length and Markram drives down the ground for one. Pooran hares for one more after tapping this fuller one on off stump to mid off. FOUR! Full on the stumps and Markram hacks through the line for a boundary at deep mid wicket. SIX! Dispatched! Length delivery, waist-high bounce and Markram pulls it over deep mid wicket. SIX! And that's the game. Markram pulls this short delivery over deep backward square leg and Sunrisers cruise to their third consecutive win.

SRH 158/3 in 17 overs: Narine bowls out. Markram cuts off the backfoot for a single. Poora then goes back to punch to long on for one more. Markram looks to slice this behind point but finds the fielder. Markram punches to long on for one and gets to his fifty off 31 balls. Pooran taps on the leg and takes one. He was halfway down the wicket as Narine grabbed the ball and took  a shy at the stumps...only to miss it. Markram cuts again for a single at deep point and keeps strike.

SRH 153/3 in 16 overs: Two singles to start Varun's third over. FOUR! A thick bottom edge as Markram rocks back to cut and it bursts through Jackson and gallops to the rope. SIX! A juicy delivery that pitches halfway down the wicket and Markram goes back and pulls it over deep mid wicket for six runs. Single and dot to end.

SRH 140/3 in 15 overs: SIX! Tripathi swivels and paddles this over fine leg for a maximum. OUT! Pace off from Russell outside off and Tripathi finds the fielder at long on pulling from outside off. Rahul Tripathi c Venkatesh Iyer b Andre Russell 71(37b 4x4 6x6). Pooran is in. Punched to cover for a dot. Slashes wide outside off next ball and misses but called wide. Length on leg stump and Pooran stands firm and pulls to fine leg for one to get off the mark. Tucked away to deep mid wicket by Markram for one more. FOUR-BYES! Slower one on a length outside off, Pooran misses the pull but Jackson is also deceived by the lack of pace and lets it go through his legs to the boundary behind.

SRH 127/2 in 14 overs: Umesh is back and SRH will hope for the floodgates to open again. Markram gets an inside edge to fine leg for one on the drive. Tripathi hangs back and dabs straight to short third for a dot. A slower one, dug into the wicket, and Tripathi drags this from outside off to square leg for just a single. FOUR! Markram gets a top edge on the pull and Jackson sprints towards the boundary to grab it but is just found wanting and it runs away to the boundary. FOUR! Markram slashes this through covers outside off. FOUR! This is glorious. Cut away off the backfoot through extra cover and that's three fours in a row. This over has released all the pressure that was building up.

SRH 113/2 in 13 overs: Tossed up outside off and whipped through mid wicket by Tripathi for two. Narine strays outside leg on two occasions and Tripathi misses out by paddle sweeping it straight to short fine leg. Length ball outside off and pushed off the backfoot through extra cover for one. Markram cuts and gets one more on the off. Four more from this over. Just eight runs have come from the last two overs and some pressure is building here for the Sunrisers. The required rate has risen to nine an over. A bit of a middle-overs crunch here.

SRH 109/2 in 12 overs: Cummins returns. Good length on off stump and Markram pushes it to mid off. Two singles follow as Cummins strays into the pads of the right-handers. Four singles from the over. Hyderabad is no longer in a hurry here as Tripathi's stunning fifty has given it a cushion in terms of the scoring rate.

SRH 105/2 in 11 overs: SIX! Tripathi doesn't stop here and slog sweeps Narine over long on off the first ball of the over. Flicks this one to fine leg for one as it was turning into him. Markram returns strike with one more behind square leg. Tucked off the backfoot for a couple at deep mid wicket.

SRH 95/2 in 10 overs: A couple of singles to start Varun's second over. SIX! Full and straight and Markram whips it over long on for a six and brings up the fifty partnership. FOUR! Room outside off and Markram presses forward to slash it over covers and to the boundary. Steps out and flicks the next one for a single at mid wicket. Tripathi collects a couple behind point with some deft footwork and brings up his fifty in 21 balls.

SRH 81/2 in 9 overs: Narine into the attack. Drifts one down on the pads and Tripathi turns it down to deep square leg for one. Markram cuts off the backfoot through covers for one more. Tapped on the leg by Tripathi for the third single of the over. Beaten! It is dug into the pitch a bit and then skids on to Markram's cut. A single at long on to end the over.

SRH 77/2 in 8 overs: Varun into the attack. Drifts a bit on leg first ball and pushed to mid on for one. FOUR! Tripathi kneels and goes inside out over the covers for a boundary. SIX! This one is even better. A similar shot. Presses forward, gets on one knee and lofts it deep extra cover. SIX! This one was a carbon copy of the previous maximum. Back of length next ball and steered behind the keeper for one. Dot to end. 

SRH 59/2 in 7 overs: Aman Khan into the attack. Markram drives to long on for a single. Slower one on off stump and pushed to cover for a dot. FOUR! Tripathi gets a top edge on the pull and it blazes over the keeper for a boundary. Two singles off the next two balls. SIX! Short outside off and Tripathi cuts it behind point for a maximum.

SRH 46/2 in 6 overs: Slower bouncer and Williamson pulls it to the long on fence. OUT! Williamson chops on looking to drag this good length delivery from outside off through mid wicket and is livid with himself. Kane Williamson b Andre Russell 17(16b 3x4 0x6). Markram is in at number four and is met with a bouncer. Single next ball with a push on the off. SIX! Short of length and pulled away by Tripathi behind square leg.

SRH 35/1 in 5 overs: Umesh starts off with a good length delivery on off stump. Williamson gently pushes on off for another quick single. Tripathi gets one more off an inside edge that purrs to short third man. FOUR! Short one outside off and Williamson swivels and pulls to the deep square leg area for a boundary. Beaten! Williamson ventures out to dab this behind point but is beaten by the ball which jags back into him. Another shorter one outside off and Williamson hangs back and doesn't find the gap in the off. This one moves away too much outside off and wide called. Williamson steers to third man for a single and keeps strike.

SRH 27/1 in 4 overs: Williamson collects a single at mid on to start the over. FOUR! Cummins errs on the fuller side and Tripathi lofts it over covers for a boundary. He gets a bottom edge next ball that just misses the stump and hares for one. Williamson defends this one angling into middle. FIVE-WIDES! A bouncer, Williamson ducks under it and it keeps rising and beats the keeper to run to the boundary. Wide called for height. A couple of good length balls on off stump. Williamson defends the first one on off before pushing the next one to point and scrambling for one.

SRH 15/1 in 3 overs: FOUR! Drifted onto the pads and Tripathi clips it to the fine leg boundary. Tapped on the off for a single. Length on middle and off and nips into Williamson to rap him on the thigh pad. A couple of length balls on the stumps and Williamson keeps them away with his defense. A single to third man to end the over.

SRH 9/1 in 2 overs: Cummins from the other end. Comes around the wicket. Abhishek swings big outside off and gets an inside edge that goes to the keeper on the bounce. OUT! Abhishek wasn't looking comfortable at all with Cummins coming from around the wicket This was angling in from a length, Abhishek got a bottom edge on the pull onto the stumps. Abhishek Sharma b Pat Cummins 3(10b 0x4 0x6). Over the wicket to Tripathi. Drifts away down leg side and wide called. Tripathi shuffles across and looks to lap this from outside off but misses and collects a quick single. FOUR! Williamson backs out at the last minute from driving outside off and looks to hide the bat away from the ball but it runs away off the face of the willow to the third man fence.

SRH 3/0 in 1 over: Abhishek and Williamson begin the chase of 176. Umesh has the new ball and beats Abhishek's prod outside off by angling it away. Strays on leg next ball and Abhishek tucks it off his hips for a couple. Three dot balls as Umesh keeps it back of a length and in and around off stump to cramp the left-hander for room. The ball trickles to cover off the inside half of the bat and single to mid on to end the over.


KKR 175/8 in 20 overs: Spinner to bowl the last over. It will be Suchith. OUT! Coming into Aman with the angle and he misses trying to haul it over mid wicket an timber! Aman Khan b Jagadeesha Suchith 5(3b 1x4 0x6). This one also comes into Umesh with the angle, who flicks off the backfoot to mid on and hares for one. Length outside off and Russell thumps it down the ground and it races to long off. He doesn't run. SIX! Spinning into Russell from back of a length and Russell goes back to pull it over deep mid wicket. SIX! Another length ball outside off and he goes back again and launches it over long on for a very flat maximum. FOUR! Going down leg. Russell gets an inside edge trying to paddle sweep and it runs past the keeper to the boundary. 16 runs come from the final three balls and Russell ends unbeaten on 49 runs off 25 balls.

KKR 158/7 in 19 overs: Russell gets a couple at long off before digging out a yorker for one more. OUT! Cummins holes out at long on. He wanted to launch this slower from outside off to the fence on leg side. Bhuvneshwar gets his first wicket. Pat Cummins c Marco Jansen b Bhuvneshwar Kumar 3(3b 0x4 0x6). FOUR ! Aman Khan is in and carves his first ball over the covers and to the boundary. A single and a dot to end. Bhuvneshwar goes full, the last one being another yorker which dips into Russell's toes, forcing him to jam his bat at it desperately.

KKR 150/6 in 18 overs: FOUR! Full on middle and serenely driven over the bowler for a boundary by Rana. Rana backs outside leg and looks to slices this one outside off over the covers. There is a slight noise before the ball goes into the keeper's hands. OUT! Appeal for caught behind turned down and SRH reviews. There is a spike on UltraEdge and Rana has to go. Nitish Rana c Nicholas Pooran b Natarajan 54(36b 6x4 2x6). Cummins gets a full-toss first ball which he lofts over square leg for one. FOUR! Full-toss again on middle stump and Russell clears his front leg to muscle it through the mid wicket region and to the boundary. Yorker this time and Russell gets some bat on it to collect one. Two for Cummins as he flicks another yorker to mid wicket.

KKR 138/5 in 17 overs: Bhuvneshwar into the attack. Follows's Rana shimmy outside leg and cramps him. Rana just manages a flick to mid wicket for a single. FOUR! Back of length, rising up on Russell and he ramps it over the keeper to the boundary. Wide outside off and Bhuvneshwar will need to reload that one. Toe-crushing yorker on middle and Russell is forced to scramble to keep it from hitting the stumps. SIX! Full around off stump and Russell clears his front leg and lofts it over the covers for a maximum. Another searing yorker, this is angling on leg stump, and Russell jams his bat into the ground to keep it away. FOUR! Just short of a yorker on leg and Russell flicks it to the square leg boundary.

KKR 122/5 in 16 overs: Umran bowls out. Searing yorker fist up to Russell and dug out to mid wicket for a dot. Angling away outside off on a full length and Russell skims it through to deep point for a couple. Umran comes over the wicket now. Russell swings and misses outside leg, probably beaten for pace. Wider outside off on a length and Russell swings and misses outside off this time. Third consecutive dot to Russell. This one is a bouncer and Russell ducks at the last moment to avoid his head being taken off. Another slash outside off and Russell misses again. Just two runs from Umran's final over and he ends with brilliant figures of 4-0-27-2.

KKR 120/5 in 15 overs: Short one first ball by Natarajan and Rana ducks under. FOUR! Full outside off, Rana shuffles across and laps it to the fine leg boundary. Single for Rana behind square and fifty up for him in 32 balls. One more Russell through mid wicket. Yorker outside off and dug out straight to backward point.

KKR 114/5 in 14 overs: Jansen returns. Rana flicks this length ball on leg stump to fine leg for a single. Bouncer first ball to Russell and he ducks under it. A couple for Russell through mid wicket. SIX! Length outside off and Russell powers a pull over deep mid wicket for a maximum.

103/5 in 13 overs: SIX! Umran comes around the wicket to Rana and pitches it on a length outside off. Rana goes back deep inside his crease and cuts over third man for a flat six. Three runs next ball as Rana flicks it through mid wicket. Two dots to Jackson. SIX! This one is pulled over deep backward square leg. OUT! Pulled again and this shoots up off the top edge and Natarajan takes a great catch at third man. Sheldon Jackson c Natarajan b Umran Malik 7(7b 0x4 1x6).

KKR 88/4 in 12 overs: SIX! Rana launches this length ball over mid wicket for a maximum. Natarajan comes back strong with a yorker. Next one is full again and Rana digs it out for two. FOUR! Length ball outside off and Rana lofts it over covers and finds the boundary. Single for Rana through mid wicket. Jackson gets an inside edge onto the pads as Natarajan darts in a length ball going across that nips in.

KKR 75/4 in 11 overs: Suchith continues. Rana pulls the first one to deep mid wicket for a single. Jackson starts off with a solid defensive shot back to the bowler before running one down through square leg for a single. Rana collects a couple by flicking this ball on leg stump on the front foot. Loud appeal for lbw as Rana misses a sweep on a ball that pitched on leg stump. SRH reviews but it pitched outside leg and review gone. One more to end the over.

KKR 70/4 in 10 overs: Rana steers behind point for a single as Umran follows him outside leg with a back of a length delivery. He nips the next one into Shreyas with a back of a length ball and he gets an inside edge that shoots off his thigh pad. Umran runs in to take it put is just short. Perhaps a dive would have got him a wicket. Keeps Shreyas and Rana on the their toes with his pace and a short of a length ploy. OUT! Yorker in the blockhole, Shreyas moves outside leg to make room and is knocked over. Shreyas Iyer b Umran Malik 28(25b 3x4 0x6).

KKR 67/3 in 9 overs: Suchith with the ball as Sunrisers bring spin into the scheme of things. FOUR! Strays outside leg first ball and Shreyas paddle sweeps it behind to the boundary. Shreyas drives to long off for a single. Two dots to Rana before he darts in another one outside leg and this time Rana sweeps it behind with ease to the boundary. Rana reverse-sweeps in front of stumps and collects a single behind point. Pooran is excited behind the stumps, first appeals for LBW before pleading for a run out. LBW is turned down and umpire review shows Shreyas was easily in.

KKR 57/3 in 8 overs: Shashank Singh into the attack. Shreyas starts off with a single. Rana misses a cut before stepping out next ball and flaying a boundary to the deep cover fence. Two singles follow as Shashank keeps it back of a length. Next one is wide down leg side. Rana closes the over with a couple, dabbing behind point.

KKR 47/3 in 7 overs: Umran is in with the ball after the PowerPlay. Length outside off and Shreyas pushes through the off side for a couple. Beaten! Another length ball outside off and Shreyas is beaten for sheer pace. Similar ball and Shreyas misses the ball in a similar fashion. Dug in shorter next ball, closer to off stump and Shreyas tips toes and guides it to short third for a couple. Umran gets the ball to move into Shreyas in the air and he misses the flick through leg after shuffling across his stumps. FOUR! Length ball on leg stump and Rana hops and flicks it to the fine leg boundary.

KKR 38/3 in 6 overs: Jansen continues. Dot to start with as he angles it into Shreyas and he taps on the off. FOUR! Full on middle and leg and Shreyas drives past a diving mid on to the boundary. Short of a length leg stump and Shreyas tucks it off his pads for a couple at fine leg. One more for Shreyas down leg side. Bouncer to end the over.

KKR 31/3 in 5 overs: OUT! Natarajan is in and cleans up Venkatesh first ball. He angled it in and the ball kept going in with the angle and knocked off stump. Venkatesh Iyer b T Natarajan 6(13b 1x4 0x6).SIX! Dug in and Narine goes deep in the crease and pulls over mid wicket. OUT! Yorker and Narine slices it straight to cover fielder. Sunil Narine c Shashank Singh b T Natarajan 6(2b 0x4 1x6). Rana is in and ends the over with three dots. He is beaten outside off going for a booming drive.

KKR 25/1 in 4 overs: FOUR! Shreyas contorts and flaps this short one on leg stump to the boundary behind. He shuffled across to off stump then moved back to cover his leg stump, saw the bouncer and clumsily ramped it behind before tumbling over. Jansen is viciously moving the ball around here. He gets one to move away off the pitch to such a degree that it beats Venkatesh's slash outside off and thuds into Markram's finger at first slip.

KKR 19/0 in 3 overs: Bhuvneshwar continues. Full on off stump and Shreyas drives through the covers for three runs. FOUR! Venkatesh gets an outside driving again in the corridor and it runs away to the third man fence. Shapes it away coming over the wicket and beats Venkatesh's drives on the off on two occasions. Four consecutive dots to end the over.

KKR 12/1 in 2 overs: Jansen from the other end. First ball is a wide down leg. Venkatesh drives the next ball, which is full outside off and Suchith dives in the covers to keep it to a single. OUT! Angling away from Finch just outside off stump and Finch gets a bottom edge going for a heave on leg side. Aaron Finch c Nicholas Pooran b Marco Jansen 7(5b 0x4 1x6). Shreyas is in next. Fuller wide outside off and Shreyas pushes it to mid off for a risky single. Beaten! Jansen pitches it on a good length and gets it to straighten off the wicket to beat the drive. Venkatesh is beaten again as this moves away wider outside off and is dug in much shorter. Drives the last ball straight to point.

KKR 9/0 in 1 over: The umpires and players have filed onto the field at Brabourne. Venkatesh and Finch walk out to open the innings for KKR. Bhuvneshwar has the new ball. First ball swings away from Venkatesh and he guides to third man for a single. Finch comes down the counter the early swing and flicks it to mid on for one more. Venkatesh also steps out and Bhuvneshwar follows him on the legs and swings it in, beating his flick and just one leg-bye. More in-swing and Finch gets an inside edge trying to flick it through leg side. SIX! Pooran comes up to the stumps. Swinging in but too full and Finch launches it over long on for six. Finch slaps this good length ball outside off to mid off to end the over with a dot.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Venkatesh Iyer, Aaron Finch , Sheldon Jackson (wk) , Shreyas Iyer (c), Andre Russell, Nitish Rana, Pat Cummins, Sunil Narine, Umesh Yadav, Aman Khan , Varun Chakravarthy.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Abhishek Sharma, Kane Williamson (c), Rahul Tripathi, Nicholas Pooran (wk), Aiden Markram, Shashank Singh, Jagadeesha Suchith , Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Marco Jansen, Umran Malik, T Natarajan.

TOSS: Sunrisers Hyderabad won the toss and elected to bowl. Jagadeesha Suchith comes in for the injured Washington Sundar. Three changes for Kolkata - Aaron Finch, Aman Khan and Sheldon Jackson come in for Sam Billings, Rasikh Salam and Ajinkya Rahane.

18:50 IST: Aaron Finch and Aman Khan have received their caps for Kolkata Knight Riders and are set to start today. We are yet to know who will replace the injured Washington Sundar for Sunrisers Hyderabad.


Delhi Capitals beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 44 runs

Gujarat Titans beat Punjab Kings by six wickets

Punjab Kings beat Chennai Super Kings by 54 runs

Lucknow Super Giants beat Chennai Super Kings by six wickets

Delhi Capitals beat Mumbai Indians won four wickets


Kolkata Knight Riders won by 6 wickets (October 3, 2021)

Kolkata Knight Riders won by 10 Runs (April 11, 2021)

Kolkata Knight Riders won in Super Over (October 18, 2020)

Kolkata Knight Riders won by 7 wickets (September 26, 2020)

Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 9 wickets (April 21, 2019)


It rose to the Indian Premier League party later than expected.

Just when Sunrisers Hyderabad was getting its act together, winning two in a row, it faces a new selection headache ahead of the Friday night face-off versus fancied Kolkata Knight Riders.

The Orange Army will be forced to seek a replacement for Washington Sundar. The reliable all-rounder split his webbing during the win versus Gujarat Titans earlier in the week. With Washington ruled out, it will be interesting to see how the Sunrisers rejig their combination to cover all bases in spin bowling.

It has at its disposal the Karnataka duo of leg-spinner Shreyas Gopal and left-arm spinner J. Suchith, both effective batters. However, if the management feels the need to strengthen the big-hitting department in the lower order, it may pave way for Abdul Samad’s return to the side.

With a key player missing, Sunrisers will be hoping for its top five batters to continue to fire and make up for the absence of Washington at the Brabourne Stadium. Rahul Tripathi will be eager to go hard against his previous franchise.

With Tripathi having found his touch along with Abhishek Sharma, captain Kane Williamson, Nicholas Pooran and Aiden Markram, it will be a treat for the spectators when they come up against one of the most effective bowling units of the tournament.

That the well-oiled attack, with Umesh Yadav being a revelation, will be fresh after four-day break augurs well for the Kolkata franchise.



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