Iyer to Roy: 'Don't be cheeky, just smash the ball'

Needing a single off the last ball and the possibility of a 'Super Over' looming over, Shreyas Iyer walked up to Jason Roy and offered a word of advice.

Delhi Daredevils' Jason Roy and Shreyas Iyer celebrate their victory against Mumbai Indians on Saturday.   -  Vivek Bendre

Jason Roy of the Delhi Daredevils may have started the last over by fetching 10 runs off the first two balls of Mustafizur Rahman's over to level the scores, but the Mumbai Indians came back strongly, with three consecutive dot balls.

With a single needed off the last ball and the possibility of a 'Super Over' looming over the Wankhede Stadium, Shreyas Iyer, the Mumbai batsman who has been a permanent fixture for Delhi Daredevils in the last four years, walked up to Roy.

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Not only did he calm Roy down, but Iyer also offered a word of advice. The stylish batsman elaborated on the words of wisdom he passed on to Roy before the last ball.


On first win of the season, close match...
We are feeling phenomenal at the moment. We were waiting for this win and especially against Mumbai Indians, it's a great comeback from the team and obviously all of wanted to win this game, so we really enjoyed.

On having restricted the Mumbai Indians to 194
We were expecting around 220, but the bowlers restricted them well in the middle and we really bowled well in patches. The comeback was amazing by the bowlers and hopefully, we keep continuing doing the same things.

On being moved in the batting order in IPL
Well, I am always ready to bat in any position. You've got to be ready for any position you're put up. I was supposed to come in at No. 3. We had discussed that if Jason gets out, I would go in and if (Gautam) Gambhir gets out, Rishabh (Pant) would be going in.

Gambhir got out and he (Rishabh) had come out. They continued the partnership and had a brilliant partnership, Rishabh and Jason. Suddenly there was a patch in between where you know you've got to close down the run chase and (Glenn) Maxwell was the best man to go in at that time. Even I could have gone but Ricky (Ponting) believed more in Maxwell. It's part and parcel of selection.

On the close finish
As a batsman, you would love to close down the chase at the earliest, but they bowled some really good slower balls and the last over, it was tougher for Jason to pick up. But we were optimistic in our thinking and believed in ourselves and decided to take it to the last over. We knew that if we take it to the last over, we were going to win the game. That's what happened.

On his role assigned for the season
If it's your day, you can smash any ball. It depends on person to person how they would like to play. I usually prefer to take some time at the start and build my innings. There are quite big-hitters who could straight-away go from the first ball.

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You saw it today. We just decided that one of the top four batsmen have to stay till the end and score big so that the eventual result will go our way. That's what happened.

On whether he has curbed playing premeditated shots
I used to be careless regarding the shots a few years ago. But after some years, I have realised that if I give myself time, I can easily cover up runs. I did that today as well. I stayed calm. When I was playing dots, I just told that myself that I would cover it in the end. 'I am gonna finish the game,' that's what I kept saying to myself, and yes, it's helping me.

On Delhi Daredevil's batting order

As I told you, as the situation demands, you have to be ready at any number you bat and all the players have to be on their toes. You have to get the best results at any position you are told to bat at. I am currently enjoying the challenge.

In some matches, luck didn't go our way but obviously, all of us are hitting the ball really well.

On his chat with Roy just before the last ball
He batted more than me, so he had a better idea about the wicket. I just told him to hold his position. He was hitting the ball really well, so I told him to not try to be cheeky and that he could easily clear the boundary. I asked him to hold his position and smash the ball. Nothing major!

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