With Test cricket losing its popularity, India's batting legend Sunil Gavaskar feels the challenge is to bring the crowd back into the stands.

"Major challenge is attracting crowds to the venues. They have got so used to the limited-overs version. The excitement and the big shot-making in these limited-overs formats is making them watch less of Test cricket," Gavaskar said in an exclusive interview with Sportstar .

Is T20 cricket posing a threat to the longest format of the game? Gavaskar disagrees: "No. I don’t think so. Thanks to T20, more people are watching the game now. We must be thankful to T20 actually. The connoisseur might argue that cricket standard is not the same, but as far I am concerned the game has become more attractive."

Domestic following

During his playing days, domestic cricket was given a lot of importance and also widely followed and watched by fans.

"It does pain me. But what can we do? It’s the same with Test cricket, the longer version of the game which people don’t seem to have time for. Today, with everything being taken care of because of the TV rights, whether international cricket or domestic cricket, I think they should be able to make the entry very nominal. Should bring down the ticket prices. Give children below 15 free entry," he said.

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