For a change, the moment of the day came on the sidelines of an international match and not in the middle — a women's Twenty20 International at Brabourne Stadium.

Durga, a Grade VI student, an up-and-coming cricketer who plays the sport with her male friends, had bunked school to come to watch the match and catch up with her heroes.

Durga, who had been sat near the entry of the commentary box, spotted members of the commentary team — Anjum Chopra, Isa Guha and Mel Jones — taking a stroll during a break. The young girl couldn't help but want to meet them. Her wish was initially denied by the security guards.

Her wish was fulfilled via Twitter . A tweet from an account named Women's CricZone said Durga wanted to meet the commentators, and the trio were tagged in the post. Moments later, former India women's team captain Anjum Chopra and Isa Guha, who played for the England women's team from 2002 to 2011, came to meet the young girl and put a smile on her face.

Mel Jones couldn't join Chopra and Guha in meeting Durga earlier but after the match was over, she went and hugged the budding cricketer.

Chopra told Durga that she should follow her passion.

Jones later tweeted that Durga had made her day and she hopes she will be around to commentate when Durga makes it big.