Former Bayern Munich player and president Uli Hoeness will be released from prison on February 29, halfway through his jail sentence for tax crimes. The 64-year-old was sentenced to three and a half years in prison in March 2014 after being found guilty of seven counts of tax evasion, in which he defrauded authorities of a total of €27.2million.

Having started his sentence in June 2014, the former West Germany international will leave custody next month after serving 637 days, with Hoeness not thought to be at risk of reoffending.

Hoeness' probation has been set at three years, with an Augsburg Regional Court statement reading: "After hearing the convict, the chamber decided that the legal requirements are okay. Taking into account his personality, his past life, the circumstances of his crime, the weight of the threat weighed up with a legal relapse value, his conduct in prison, his living conditions and the effects that can be expected from exposure to him, the chamber has decided that there may be justifiable reasons for testing whether Hoeness can lead his future without punishment."

Hoeness served as Bayern president from 2009 up until his resignation shortly after being found guilty.