Real Madrid 3-1 Manchester City Champions league Highlights: Ancelotti guides Real to 17th UCL final

Real Madrid vs Manchester City UEFA Champions League semifinal Highlights: Enjoy the highlights of the RMA vs MCI from the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, Spain, wherein Real beat Man City 6-5 on aggregate to secure its place in the UCL final.

Updated : May 15, 2022 22:41 IST , MADRID

Karim Benzema celebrates scoring the decisive goal for Real Madrid against Manchester City in the semifinal second leg of the UEFA Champions League.
Karim Benzema celebrates scoring the decisive goal for Real Madrid against Manchester City in the semifinal second leg of the UEFA Champions League.

Karim Benzema celebrates scoring the decisive goal for Real Madrid against Manchester City in the semifinal second leg of the UEFA Champions League.

Welcome to Sportstar's highlights of the second leg of the UEFA Champions League 2021-22 semifinal clash between Real Madrid and Manchester City being played at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, Spain.

This was Neeladri Bhattacharjee bringing you buildup of this exciting fixture as well as minute-by-minute updates of the match as it happens.

That was all for the night. Thanks for tuning in, in what was another magical night in the UEFA Champions League, and take very good care of yourselves.



Match Report:

Real Madrid is through to the Champions League final after yet another phenomenal comeback in UCL, with Benzema scoring the winning goal from the spot.

Full Time

Real Madrid 3-1 Manchester City (6-5)

120' Manchester City goes on another attack and Grealish earns City a corner kick. The corner kick that follows sees the ball go out for a goal kick, one that is a dream end to that attack for Real Madrid and its goalie Thibaut Courtois

119' Sterling tries to make a run along the left flank and goes down appealing for a foul. To his shock, the referee asks him to get up. No foul awarded to Man City

118' Pep Guardiola is appealing his side to go further up the pitch. So is Ederson. Just two more minutes left as City makes attempts of a possible comeback.

115' Double Substitution for Real Madrid! In: Jesus Vallejo, Lucas Vazquez, Out: Vinicius Jr., Eder Militao

112' Yellow Card! Rodrygo tries to make a quick run in the City box, but Zinchenko gets him to the ground with a challenge from behind and the Ukrainian gets into the book

111' Free Kick for Manchester City as Pep's side looks for a set-pieve. Gundogan delivers the cross, which reaches Sterling off Grealish, but Real forces its opposition back into the midfield

108' Nacho races to tracks back and steals the ball off Sterling as Real contains another attack by Manchester City. The Spaniard has done a tremendous job, filling in for David Alaba

106' Foul! Militao tries to get to the ball and topples over Foden and the referee, surprisingly awards a foul against the City youngster

ET Second Half begins!

ET Half-Time!

Real Madrid 3-1 Man City (6-5)

105' Save! Foden heads the ball in, but Courtois gets a touch to it as he keeps the ball out of the net and the referee blows his whistle for Half-Time

105' Potential penalty call! Cancelo does get a hand to the ball, but it was not intentional as the referee does not give a penalty after a VAR check

104' Substitution for Real Madrid! In: Karim Benzema, Out: Dani Ceballos

101' Foul! Raheem Sterling goes in harsh to get the ball off Rodrygo and gets into the book right away.

98' Zinchenko crosses from the left and Fernandinho shoots way off target.  Real Madrid can sense it has a foot into the final. Just 12 more minutes to hold on to as Guardiola gets flashbacks of his nightmare at Bayern unich, where it was Real which knocked his side out

95' GOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! Benzema steps up for the prnalty and leaves Ederson on the other end to put Real in front

Real Madrid 3-1 Man City (6-5)

93' Rodrygo delivers a cross from the left flank to Benzema, and Ruben Dias fould the Frenchman for a penalty to Real Madrid

92' Chance! Vinicius crosses from the right for Benzema and the Frenchman shoots on target. Ederson makes a save to deny an early goal to Los Blancos

91' There is an intruden on the pitch and play stops for some moments. What a match ans teh match resumes with Militao kicking the ball away form his half

Extra-Time begins!

Regulation Time Over!

RMA 2-1 MCI (5-5) With no clear winner in 90 minutes, we go into extra time.

90+6' Free Kick for Man City! One last chance this. Zinchenko takes it, but no chance from it whatsoever

90+1' GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Rodrygo sticks his head in for another goal within a minute as Real Madrid goes level on aggregate. A cross from the left is met perfectly by the brazilian as Ancelotti's side gets back on level terms

Real Madrid 2-1 Man City

90' GOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!! Rodrygo gets the ball off a cross by Benzema and he scores for Real

Real Madrid 1-1 Man City

88' Cancelo delivers a cross from the left from a croner kick, set-piece attempt, but Courtois gets to it first as Real tries to go on attack. Benzema gets the ball off Vinicius, but fails to control it as Grealish gets the bal lback for City

84' Yellow Card! Jack Grealish tries to make a run along the left flank and is brought down by Eder Militao for a free kick to City

78' Substitution for City! In: Jack Grealish, Out: Gabriel Jesus

75' Ancelotti has brought on Camavinga and Asensio for Luka Modric and Casemiro to allow fresh legs to run the midfield. Is a come-back on the cards? Stay right here and we will find out

73' GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!! Bernardo Silva makes a run into the final third, passes to Mahrez and the Algerian's left foot does the job as he buries the ball into the net

Real Madrid 0-1 Manchester City (3-5 on aggt.)

72' Walker looks to be limping off the fied as Zinchenko comes on for the full-back and De Bruyne is replaced by Gundogan. Double substitution for Man City!

70' Foul! Vinicius tries to make a run along the left flank and is fouled by Walker. The English full-back does not look in good shape at the moment as the City's medical team attends to him

68' Substitution for Real Madrid! In: Rodrygo, Out: Toni Kroos

67' Another free kick to City! This time De Bruyne takes it for a set-piece chance as Real Madrid clears the ball away from its box

65' Foul! Dani Carvajal fouls Kevin De Bruyne as the referee books the Spanish full-back. Free Kick to City, which is taken quickly

62' Injury Scare! Kyle Walker is sitting on the ground shaking his head, as Zinchenko gets ready to come on. However, Walker looks to be fit enough to continue. The Ukrainian will have to wait for now

60' An hour of play is done as neither side has been able to beat the last line of defence as Pep Guardiola's side and Vinicius makes a run along the left again. He beats Walker as he crosses to his right as Benzema stood waiting, but the City defenders get to it first, heading the ball away

59' Mendy waits to deliver a pass is surrounded by City players as they go about with their high press.

58' Walker passes to De Bruyne, but the Belgian is dispossessed by Nacho as Real Madrid gets the ball to Courtois to put that build-up to bed

56' Real goes on another attack, this time with Benzema carrying the ball into the final third, passes it to Vinicius, who fails to control the ball. A touch too late, gifts the ball to Man City sho clears the ball away

55' Another miss by Real Madrid! Vinicius gets a pass off Casemiro and Walker tracks back late. However, Vinicius fails to make the best of this situation yet again as City maintains its slender lead

51' Vinicius makes a run into the City box and passes to Modric, who shooots on the volley. The shot once blocked ois somehow missed by Ederson and Vinicius rushes to exploit the mistake. However, three Man City defenders around the goalkeeper keep Real's attack at bay and clears the ball

50' Save! Gabriel Jesus makes a run into the Madrid box this time and shoots. Courtois makes another save and Real goes on attack on the other end, only top see Modric pushed down by Bernardo for a foul

49' Manchester City is forcing Real to stay back in its half as Fiden makes alarming runs along the left flank and a cross from the right is headed away by Mendy

46' Early Chance! A cross form the right is met by Vinicius, but the Brazilian fails to keep the shot on target. What a start in the second half at Madrid!

Second Half-begins!


Real Madrid 0-0 Manchester City (3-4 on Aggt.)

45' Real Madrid goes on attack and a cross from the left by Mendy goes our for a goal-kick after a touch by Casemiro

43' Off Side! Benzema gets the ball along the left flank, goes one-on-onw with the keeeper and shoots. The shot is off target, but the linesmen already had the flag up

40' Foden tries a shot with his weaker right foot, but he Belgian goalkeeeper has been stunning tonight as he pulls off yet another stunning save

39' Foden, Bernardo and De Bruyne get together and run rings around the Real Madrid defence. However, the final shot by Bernardo is blocked for a City corner. The corner that follows is cleared by Real

37' Vinicius makes a run to get the ball, but Walker gets to it first as the Brazilian goes down appealing a foul. The referee is not interested as all and asks the winger to get up

36' Mahrez carries the ball along the right flank this time, beats two Real Madrid defenders and shoots. The shot, once blocked is shot again by Foden. This one is cleared and Real goes on attack at the other end

35' As match resumes after a bried treatment for Casemiro, Foden is ruled off-side and Real gets possessuin back and this time Benzema is down. It looks to be some soft blow on his chest after hitting the bal, but he back in action shortly

32' As City begins to regain possession, boos and jeers increase at the Santiago Bernabeu and Casemiro pulls Foden down, dragging his shirt and injures himself in the process

30' Casemiro gets back possession of the ball and Real, after a back pass to Courtois looks to be settling on to build another attack from scratch. The last time Man City travelled to Madrid, it returned home with a goalless draw, in its favour on aggregate

28' Kroos takes the free kick, which is cleared by the City defence, but Kyle Walker ooks to be down after a clash of heads and eventually gets back to his feet

27' Shot! Kroos takes the free kick and the ball was travellig damgerously close to the net. However, after a deflection off Mahrez, it goes out for a corner kick.

26' Free Kick! Vinicius tries to barge into the City box, but goes down after a sift touch off Rodri and Real gets a free kick

25' Valverde steals the ball of De Bruyne as the midifield looks to be a hotbed of fantastioc duels between the present and the future of elite midfielders

24' Four white shirts keep the City attack in checl at the moment, with Militao glued to Jesus

23' Shot! Bernardo Silva cross the ball form the left for De ruyne, who receives it and serves it on a plate for Jesus and the Brazilian shoots. Unfortunately it flies off-target

20' Save! Bernardo Silva gets the ball in the penalty box and shoots right on target. Courtois, as he has tonight, makes another brilliant reflex save. That certainly looked to be going in, if not for the Belgian.

18' Shot! Benzema chests the ball down, but passes to Vinicius to shoot on the volley and he does, but the shot is off target

16' Real tries to attack on the counter and Vinicius makes a run with the ball. Sprints into the City box, but his final pass to Benzema is intercepted and City stop that attack

14' Save! Manchester City has calmed its nerves for the moment and is trying to build from the back, with small passes. Bernardo Silva pulling strings in the midfield as De Bruyne tries to make forward runs. De Bruyne gets on-on-one with Kroos and unches a shot that is saved by Courtois

10' The free kick after Casemiro's foul is taken by Mahrez and the ball falls right into the gloves of Courtois

7' Foul! De Bruyne tries to make a run and is fouled by Casemiro. No cards involved in spite of vehement protests by the City players and another scuffle between Modric and Laporte ensues. This time the referee books both of them!

Double yellow card!

6' Bernardo Silva to Cancelo, back to Silva and his cross is taken care of by a triangular defence of Real Madrid

5' Hand ball! Manchester City breaks on the counter with Bernardo Silva making a run into the Madrid box, but the ball hits his arm and the referee gives a free kick to Real to end that attack

4' Chance! Benzema gets a delicious cross in the box and heads it. However, the header is too high as it flies over the goal

3' Cancelo, who has returned after a suspenesion, tries a run along the left flank, but his cross goes off a block by Militao for a corner kick. The corner kick supplies in by De Bruyne is finally headed by Dias, but a crowd of white shirts clears the ball away

2' Kroos takes the free kick, which is cleared by the City defence and a raucous Santoago Bernabeu continues to cheer for its home team

1' Free Kick! Early attempt to break in form the left flank by Vinicius Jr., but Mahrez fouls him as Real gets an early free kick

12:30 am: Kick-Off!

The players are out on the field after the Champions League anthem and have taken their positions. Man City starts in Navy blue, while Real Madrid starts in its signature white kit.

12:20 am: Warm-ups!

The players are out on the field and are warming up before kick-off! The stage cannot get bigger. Manchester City is on the brink of a consecutive Champions League final as the 13-time UCL champion eyes vengeance.

Stay tuned for the match as it happens right here!

12:10 am: Players to look out for:

Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City: It took just 93 second for the 30-year-old to establish how important he was for the team as he put City in front against Real Madrid in the first leg -- the quickest City has ever scored in the competition's history.

With four assists and two goals this season in UCL, Kevin De Bruyne has become the most crucial player for Pep Guardiola in the competition.

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid: The last time an English team travelled to Bernabeu, Benzema had scored a golden goal that had taken Real into the semifinals.

In fact, after his brace against City, he became the first player in Champions League history to score as many as five goals away from home in the knockout stages against clubs from a single nation in a season.

Perhaps, Pep will be aware of the damage the 34-year-old, irrespective of his age can have, with his team already conceding two off him in the first leg. With seven semifinal goals, he has more UCL semi-final goals (7) than Lionel Messi (6).

12:00 am: What have the managers said?

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City

11:40 pm: TEAM FORM: Manchester City comes into the match with four wins from its last five matches in all competitions, including a loss to Liverpool in the FA Cup semifinals.

Real Madrid, on the other hand, returned to winning ways, beating Espanyol 4-0 after a loss to City in the semis, as it lifted the league title with 81 points from 34 matches in La Liga.

Man City's last five matches:

  • 1-0 Win vs Leeds United (Premier League)
  • 4-3 Win vs Real Madrid (UEFA Champions League)
  • 5-1 Win vs Watford (Premier League)
  • 3-0 Win vs Brighton and Hove Albion (Premier League)
  • 2-3 Loss vs Liverpool (FA Cup semifinal)

Real Madrid's last five matches:

  • 4-0 Win vs Espanyol (La Liga)
  • 3-4 Loss vs Manchester City (UEFA Champions League)
  • 3-1 Win vs Osasuna (La Liga)
  • 3-2 Win vs Sevilla (La Liga)
  • 2-3 Loss vs Chelsea (UEFA Champions League)

11:28 pm: HEAD-TO-HEAD: Manchester City and Real Madrid have met seven times in competitive fixtures in the past and City has won three and drawn two, while Real Madrid has won two matches.

  • Manchester City 4-3 Real Madrid
  • Manchester City 2-1 Real Madrid
  • Real Madrid 1-2 Manchester City
  • Real Madrid 1-0 Manchester City
  • Manchester City 0-0 Real Madrid
  • Manchester City 1-1 Real Madrid
  • Real Madrid 3-2 Manchester City

11:12 pm: Starting Lineup of Manchester City is out!

Ederson (GK), Joao Cancelo, Ruben Dias, Aymeric Laporte, Kyle Walker, Rodri, Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Phil Foden, Riyad Mahrez, Gabriel Jesus

11:00 pm: Who can start for Guardiola's side and what can one expect from the second leg? Sportstar provides an outlook of what to expect in Madrid tonight.


10:50 pm: Weather Update!

10:35 pm: One of the predicted lineups are out!

Real Madrid Starting XI: Thibaut Courtois (GK), Dani Carvajal, Eder Militao, Nacho, Ferland Mendy, Toni Kroos, Casemiro, Luka Modric, Federico Valverde, Karim Benzema(C), Vinicius Junior.

Here's how we think Manchester City will lineup tonight.

Manchester City Predicted XI: Ederson (GK), Joao Cancelo, Ruben Dias, Aymeric Laporte, Nathan Ake, Gundogan, Rodri, Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Phil Foden, Jack Grealish


Real Madrid is hoping to produce one last magical Champions League night at the Santiago Bernabeu this season.

After coming from behind at home to get by Paris Saint-Germain in the last 16 and defending champion Chelsea in the quarterfinals, Madrid needs to rally past Manchester City to return to the final for the first time since it won its record 13th European Cup title in 2018.

Madrid lost 4-3 in the first leg in England, when it trailed by two goals three different times.


The match against Man City comes only four days after Madrid celebrated winning the Spanish league title at the famed stadium. The club hadn’t clinched a title at the Bernabéu in 15 years. The 2020 league trophy was secured at an empty Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium at the team's training center because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The most significant celebrations at the Bernabeu this season came during the team’s run to the Champions League semifinals.

The first was against PSG, when Madrid looked beaten after losing the first leg 1-0 and conceding early in the return game in the Spanish capital. The hosts rallied, however, with a second-half hat trick by Karim Benzema.

With another hat trick by Benzema, Madrid won the first leg against Chelsea 3-1 in England, but went down 3-0 at the Bernabéu before a stunning comeback in extra time allowed it to make the Champions League semifinals for the 10th time in 12 seasons.

Madrid advanced 5-4 on aggregate despite that 3-2 loss, which was only its third at the Bernabéu in 22 home matches in all competitions this season. The others were a 2-1 setback against Moldovan club Sheriff in the group stage of the Champions League, and a demoralizing 4-0 loss to Barcelona in the Spanish league in March.

Madrid this season has 15 wins, four draws and three losses at the stadium, which remains under renovation but welcomed the return of fans after the team played last season at the smaller Di Stefano.

Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti is not likely to count on defender David Alaba on Wednesday because of a muscle injury sustained in the first half of the match in Manchester. Nacho Fernández is expected to replace him and play along side Éder Militão. Nacho and Militão didn't play in the league match on Saturday because of suspensions.


Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale also are not expected to make it to Wednesday's match, but Ancelotti otherwise will have a full-strength squad available. The only doubt remaining is whether he will play with Rodrygo or Federico Valverde.

Rodrygo, who scored twice in the title-winning game on Saturday, would make the team more dangerous offensively, while Valverde would help more in the midfield.

Man City is trying to make it to its second consecutive Champions League final after losing the title decider to Chelsea last season.

( via AP )

Where can you watch the match?

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