Chelsea vs Liverpool Carabao Cup Final Highlights - Liverpool wins title after 10 years

Carabao Cup Final Chelsea vs Liverpool: Read the EFL Cup final highlights of the CHE vs LIV match from the Wembley Stadium, London.

Updated : Feb 28, 2022 01:21 IST

Liverpool players celebrate after winning the penalty shootout 11-10 as Kepa Arrizabagala, Chelsea's goalkeeper missed the final spot kick in sudden death.
Liverpool players celebrate after winning the penalty shootout 11-10 as Kepa Arrizabagala, Chelsea's goalkeeper missed the final spot kick in sudden death.

Liverpool players celebrate after winning the penalty shootout 11-10 as Kepa Arrizabagala, Chelsea's goalkeeper missed the final spot kick in sudden death.

Welcome to Sportstar's live blog of the Carabao Cup final clash between Chelsea and Liverpool being played at the Wembley Stadium in London.

This was Neeladri Bhattacharjee bringing you the pre-match buildup minute-by-minute updates of this high-voltage clash. That was all for the night. Thanks for tuning in and take very good care of yourselves.

Match Report:

Liverpool wins the penalty shootout 11-10 to win the Carabao Cup (Formerly known as the EFL Cup) after 10 years. A decade of wait, a decade of hopes all end up at Wembley as Klopp and the Reds celebrate with all their heart.

What a match! What a night at Wembley!

Penalty Shootout begins!

Extra Time Up! We are going into the penalty shootout.

Chelsea FC 0-0 Liverpool FC

120' Substitution for Chelsea! In: Kepa Arrizabagala ; Out: Edouard Mendy

115' Alexander Arnold crosses the ball for Origi, who passes to Milner and then Salah gets the ball, whose shot is cleared by Kante and then Lukaku makes a run on the other end, but his cross is cleared by Van Dijk. Great Football all around.

112' Milner's through ball is received by Jota, but he fails to control it as Liverpool's chance to score a winner fades away eventually

110' Another goal ruled off-side! Kai Havertz gets the ball in the box after a run and then the flaf goes up. Peter Drury is perhaps right -- If the take of this match was to be written, it would be "and the flag is up!"

109' Alonso passes to Rudiger, who then passes to Jorginho. Jorgingho's long ball is too much for Lukaku in the penalty box as Chelsea fail to make the best of yet another chance

107' Konate marks Alonso's run to conceded a corner kick which Reece James takes. Kelleher jumps to fist the ball away

Second Half begins of ET Begins!

First Half of Extra time ends!

Chelsea FC 0-0 Liverpool FC

104' Foul! Jota tries to attack on the break from the midfield ,but Reece James brongs him down to end the attack and the Reds get a free kick, which is taken quickly

102' It is all attack for the Blues, with the ball moving smoothly through the blue shirts as a cross into the box is finally headed away by Van Dijk

100' Konate steals the ball in the midfield, which then goes to Fabinho after touches from Jota and Alexander Arnold and then Salah makes a run to be stopped eventually

98' Offside! Lukaku makes a run, gets the ball, stops and turns and then shoots as he finds the net. But, aftera  VAR check it is ruled out for an offside.

97' Substitution for Liverpool! In: Divock Origi, Out: Luis Diaz

96' The match is concentrated in the Liverpool half for now as Salah's run in stiffled by Thiago Silva and Wener tries run through the space in front of the box, passes to Kante. However, Kante's shot is way off target

93' Robertson passes the ball for Diaz, who made a run along the left flank, but he slips -- evident of how exhausting the high-pressing play has been for Klopp's side tonight

92' Konate gets his first touch of the ball and plays a diamond at the back with Fabinho the pivot in the midfield

Substitution for Liverpool! In: Ibrahima Konate , Out: Joel Matip

Extra Time First Half begins!

With the result undecided after the 90-minute mark, the match goes into extra time and becomes the 19th such final, counrtesy to brilliant goalkeeping by both the goalkeepers Mendy and Kelleher.

90 Minutes Up! Match goes into extra time,

Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool

90+5' Save! Lukau gets a soft touch off an Alonso cross, but the ball was going in which was denied by Kelleher by another brilliant save

90+3' Liverpool's corner kick is met buy Milner and then a pinball of headers follow, whch comes to a half when Reece James goes down holding his rib. Is a goal coming now or will it go into extra time?  We will have to wait and watch

90+1' Save! Van Dijk heads the ball on target form the corner kick, but Mendy makes another stretched save to deny Liverpool the opening goal

90' Yellow Card! Salah is fouled by Kovacic as the Egyptian tries to make a run on the break and the Croat gets booked in the process

86' The corner kick falls for Diaz and after a pinball of shots is cleared away by Kante after a crucial save by Mendy

85' Salah tries to cut in from the right, but Alonso clears the ball away for a throw in and then Salah's floats in an aerial ball for Diaz, which is intercepted by Chalobah for corner kick  

82' Shot! Lovely flow of play by Liverpool with Diaz dragging the ball into the box, passes it to Salah and then Milner plays a one-two to finally shoot off target

80' Triple Substitution for Liverpool! In: Diogo Jota, Harvey Elliot, James Milner, Out: Sadio Mane, Jordan Henderson, Naby Keita

78' Offside! Chelsea's three attackers Werner, Lukaku and Havertz go on attack and finally Havertz heads the ball into the net and just then the linesman raises his flag to rule the goal out

77' Mane goes down in the penalty box as fans ask for a penalty after Rudiger's challenge, but that's that of that appeal as play goes on

76' Shot! Diaz makes a run along the left flank this time, glides to his right and shoots as Mendy makes another key save

75' Alexander Arnold and Salah pair up to exploit the right flank and the the final ball, floated in by Arnold is finally too much as the ball goes out for a goal kick

73' Double Substitution for Chelsea! In: Romelu Lukaku, Timo Werner, Out: Mason Mount, Christian Pulisic

69' No Goal! Alexander-Arnold's free kick headed in by Mane, is finished into the net by Joel Matip. However, Virgil Van Dijk is seen to be stopping Reece James in the build up and the referee, after a VAR check rules the goal out

64' What a clearance! A mistake by Mendy and the ball goes to Mane, who passes to Salah and the Egyptian hares down the wing, glides to the right and dinks past Mendy. However, Silva sprints to the goal line to clear the ball away

63' Both players are back on their feet and it is attack right away, with Liverpool trying a run to Diaz from Matip, only to be intercepted by Chelsea, who make a run on the other end to get a corner kick

60' Navy Keita and Chalobah go for the ball, and hihgh boots for both players injure each other as the referee goes for a VAR Check. Keita is back on his feet and the check is complete, with no further bookings or action for the challenge

58' Save! Mount makes a run along the right and plays a one-two with Havertz and then goes for goal with another shot. This time, Kelleher is there to grab it up quickly

56' Azpilicueta foes not look in good shape and Reece James looks to be getting ready to come on and yes it is the English defender on to replace the Spaniard

55' Liverpool goes on the attack, with Diaz running down the left wing, cuts in right, but fails to go past Chalobah to get a corner for Liverpool. Robertson corner is cleared easily for a throw in

50' Diaz gives a similar aerial ball for Mane, who rushes into the box, but Mendy is there to intercept the pass and spoil Mane's attempts in that attack

49' Off the bar! Mason Mount is released in front of the box, and the Englishman pauses and takes a shot, which hits the inside of the woodwork and goes out of the goal

48' Chance! Havertz makes a run along the right, shifts on his left and right, beats Matip, but his cross fails to find anybody for a tap-in

46' Chelsea starting on the same note it began the first half with -- on the attack with Azpilicueta making runs along the right, but his cross is headed away from the Reds' box

Second Half Begins!

The players are out on the field and as the both sides have one mission -- to go home with the Winner's medal from Wembley.


Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool

45' Miss! Mason Mount makes a run alongside Havertz and Pulisic and gets the ball off Havertz, but misses the target. What a miss this!  

42' Chance! Havertz passes to Azpilicuets in front of the box, but the Spaniard's shot flies off target. It wasn't very far though!

41' Henderson's pass to Diaz is crossed into the box, but Mendy is present to catch it to end the development

39' Havertz passes fo Pulisic in the final third and the US forward takes a shot which is fisted away by Kelleher

37' Chance! Diaz floats in a gorgeous ball from the left for Salah, but CFC defenders mark him well enough as his header goes out for a goal kick

35' Off side! Chelsea attacks on the break with Havertz getting the ball from the midfield and makes a run into the box, beats the goalkeeper, but beats the goal as well. Either way, the linesman raises his flag for an offside

33' Liverpool is starting to play from the back, trying to drag Chelsea to the front and Keita gets the ball in the midfield, with Salah making a run behind the Chelsea defence.

However, the ball is cleared by the blue wall.

30' Double Save! Naby Keita takes a bullet of a hit from outside the box, which is saved by Mendy and the ball falls for Mane, whose shot is also saved.

30' It is all Liverpool in the attack now, small passes, triangular passes -- it is all happening at Wembley right now

27' Keita, Robertson both march on attack and the latter's cross goes out for a corner kick. The ball in by Robertson falls into the box amid a melee and Azpilicueta may have touched the ball accidentally.

After a brief check, chances of a penalty is ruled out.

25' Mason Mount tries to attack on the break and Keita chases him and brings him down. Amid vehement protests by the Blues, the referee does not give a card, but lets the midifleder off after a few words

23' Van Dijk sets the ball rolling along the left flank, which is carried by Robertson to Diaz and Chalobah's touch gives LFC a corner kick

22' Arnold leaved it with a touch for Salah, who goes for goal, as the ball glides and flies off target

21' Foul! Mason Mount nudges Mane at the back and the Liverpool winger earns a free kick for the Reds from a scoring position and Alexander Arnold and Salah are ready for the kick, with Henderson in the middle

18' Chance! Alexander Arnold floats in an amazing ball for Mane, who jumps on the wrong side, doesn't get a proper contact with his head and the ball goes out for a goal kick

17' Action on the other end! Mane makes a run into the CFC Box and tries to cross for Salah, but Chalobah intercepts top clear the ball away

16' Two shots in succession! Havertz crosses from the left for Mount,, who turns and goes for goal, but is blocked and then Pulisic takes another which is cleared this time

16' The match looks to have slowed slightly after Silva's injury, whois back on his feet, and now Matip tries to makes a run into the box, but is deterred by Rudiger

13' Injury Scare! Thiago Silva looks to be holding his left rib-cage area and the Brazilian looks to be down as CFC's medical team assists him

11' Diaz makes a great run into the Chelsea box, is stopped, but manages to pass to Mane, who then crosses to Salah, only to be intercepted by Kante and then cleared out

9' Chelsea is pressing very high at the moment -- a vicious start against Liverpool, but no real goals to show for so far

7' Foul! Azpiliceta tries to make a run along the right flank and Fabinho chases him and brings him down for a free kick to Chelsea. The free kick in by Mount is hit by Rudiger, but no real danger from the shot

6' Save! Pulisic gets the ball right in the penalty box after a pass from Azpilicueta. Both are on-side and Kelleher makes a great save to keep the scores level

5' Salah gets the ball from Mane, makes a run into the box, but is surrounded by three Blue shirts and then the ball that is passes along the right is crossed by Alexander- Arnold, only to be cleared away

4' Havertz to Mount and then Alonso tries to chase the ball, but Alexander-SArnold makes sure the ball goes out for a goal kick

2' Chelsea goes on the attack trying to play along the wings and is pushed back as Mendy gets the ball back to set the ball rolling again towards the other end

10 pm:  Kick off!

After a symbol of solidarity with Ukraine amid Russian invasion of the country, the teams walk out to take their positions. We are ready. So are the palyers. Let the match begin! 

9:53 pm: The players are done with the warm up. The stage is set and Carabao Cup is back with full crowds at the majestic Wembley Stadium.

9:30 pm: Battle of two iconic managers

Thomas Tuchel and Jurgen Klopp have both won the Champions League with their current sides and in terms of major trophies, Tuchel is slightly above the fellow German at eight, while Klopp has won seven major trophies.

9:20 pm: Liverpool eyes history in historic final.

The Reds could set a new record if it wins the Carabao Cup tonight.

The Carabao Cup 2022 Final will mark almost a decade to the day that Liverpool last won the competition in 2012, with captain Jordan Henderson – aged just 21 at the time – the only player remaining from the League Cup-winning side, featuring in the Final against Cardiff City.

9:04 pm: Starting Line-ups out!

Chelsea Starting XI: Mendy, Chalobah, Thiago Silva, Rudiger, Azpilicueta (c), Kante, Kovacic, Alonso, Mount, Havertz , Pulisic

Liverpool Starting XI: Kelleher, Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Thiago, Henderson, Diaz, Salah, Mane


Jurgen Klopp has already ended Liverpool's 30-year top-flight title drought as well guiding them to Champions League glory but he will be hoping to overcome his Wembley jinx as he attempts to finally win a domestic cup in England.

He takes his side to Wembley on Sunday for a showdown with Chelsea in the League Cup final, on a ground where he has not enjoyed a great deal of success to date.


"How many times have I been to Wembley? Twice and lost both times," Klopp told Sky Sports this week. "That's fine, because I normally do things the third time. It has been the story of my life.

"I did it with the Champions League and other things. It is a good sign. I like the stadium. Both times my teams have played here we played really well and lost. I am more than happy to try again."

Klopp's Borussia Dortmund lost to fellow German side Bayern Munich in England's national stadium in the 2013 Champions League final, before seeing his Liverpool team beaten by Manchester City three years later in the League Cup final.

Liverpool is looking to win the League Cup for a record ninth time, with its last success in the competition coming in 2012 via a penalty shootout victory over Cardiff City. This is its 13th final in the competition – at least four more than any other side.

Klopp's record against Chelsea and its boss and compatriot Thomas Tuchel is not all that impressive, however.

Under Klopp, Liverpool has won 35% of its meetings with Chelsea in all competitions - six out of 17. Among sides it has faced, at least 10 times under the German, only against Manchester United (33%) does it have a lower win ratio.

Klopp is, in fact, winless in his last four managerial clashes with Tuchel, including three since Tuchel joined Chelsea.

Tuchel is set to become the eighth different manager to take charge of an English club in the finals of each of the League Cup, FA Cup and European Cup/Champions League, and the first to do all three while in charge of the Blues.

He is aware of the task facing the Champions League holder since Liverpool appears to be back to its relentless best.


It has won its last nine matches in all competitions, including a 6-0 thrashing of Leeds United in the Premier League on Wednesday.

"We don't speak regularly," Tuchel said of his relationship with Klopp. "It's only pure pleasure to play them because they give you a hard time and we're facing him with a very strong Liverpool team, after brilliant results.

"So, it's a big challenge but it's a big occasion and we feel competitive regarding our last matches with Liverpool. It's a pleasure to meet him and be in a final at Wembley again. I am very grateful for that."

( via Reuters )

Where can you watch the match?

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