Goals win you games and this is exactly what the players in the following list have followed throughout their careers. 

Their goals, sometimes significant and sometimes not too grand in the larger scheme of things, have kept their teams going. Have a look at the top five goalscorers in the history of the competition.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Portugal (13 goals)

Portugal captain and the highest active international goalscorer (108 goals), Cristiano Ronaldo is not a surprise on this list. He went ahead of Platini with during the 2020 tournement with 24 matches more.

He scored three goals in the last edition of the tournament in 2016, which Portugal won.

Michel Platini - France (9 goals)

It is almost scary to think that Michel Platini sits at the top of the Euro goalscorers list having played just one edition of the tournament in 1984 - which France won. 

The nine goals came in five games, including a goal in the final. To put into context how immense this record is, France scored a total of 14 goals in the finals of the 1984 European Championship. Out of that 14, the French captain scored nine, which means he almost scored 65% of the total goals by his team. 

What makes this record more outstanding is that he did it while playing from midfield. 

Alan Shearer - England (7 goals)

The highest goalscorer in Premier League history with 260 goals, Alan Shearer is third on this list with seven goals in nine matches. 

He has scored 30 goals for England, which puts him at eighth in England’s all-time highest goalscorers list.  

Antoine Griezmann - France (6 goals)

The French forward has just played the last edition in 2016, where he scored six goals in seven matches. 

His performances made him the top goalscorer of the tournament and he was awarded the ‘Player of the Tournament’ award. Unfortunately, his goals failed to win his team the title, as France lost agonisingly to a solitary goal scored by Portugal’s Eder in 2016’s final. 

Being a part of one of the strongest teams in Euro 2020, Griezmann has a chance to replicate or even better his record and help France win its third title. 

Ruud Van Nistelrooy- Netherlands (6 goals)

One of the game’s most natural finishers and notorious for his poaching abilities, Van Nistelrooy has also six goals for the Netherlands in eight matches. 

He played in two editions of the tournament - 2004 and 2008.