World Cup Quiz - Part I - (1930- 1962)

Garrincha (L) was part of Brazil's 1962 World Cup-winning squad. | Getty Images

1. If two of the grandstands at the Estadio Centenario - the centrepiece stadium of the 1930 World Cup – were named Olympic and America, what were the names of the other two stands?

2. The oldest goalscorer (a Bolivian) in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers shares his name with which famous personality?

3. Luis Monti uniquely played for two different nations in the 1930 and 1934 World Cup. In fact, on both occasions, the teams he played for reached the finals. Which two teams did Monti represent?

4. Which was the first Asian team to play in the World Cup and in which year did it happen?

5. By what popular name is the final of the 1950 World Cup between Brazil and Uruguay popularly referred to, considering the events that took place that day?

6. Regarded as one of the most successful managers ever, who won both league and domestic cup titles in Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, and Austria, as well as the European Cup twice. He made his World Cup playing debut in 1954. Who is this manager-par-excellence?

7. What did Nils Liedholm, Kalle Svenson, and Gunnar Gren (they were popularly known as Sweden’s Gre-No-Li triumvirate) claim they would do in case Sweden reached the 1958 World Cup final, considering how improbable it was?

8. The 1962 World Cup saw the unique distinction of six players winning the Golden Boot. Who among the following was not one among the six?

9. As a pre-match ritual during the 1962 World Cup, Chile decided to consume either the national drink or eat the national food of their opponent. Which of these did they not have?

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