2018 World Cup quiz - final round

The 21st edition of the World Cup has been regarded as the best in the history of the tournament. Here's the final round of World Cup quiz.

Antoine Griezmann played a pivotal role in France's World Cup campaign. | AFP

1. In an exciting World Cup rounded off by a six-goal final, predictably only one match finished 0-0. Which two teams were involved?

2. Harry Kane became the first Englishman since Gary Lineker in 1986 to win the Golden Boot. Can you guess who won the Silver Boot?

3. A familiar sight at the World Cup was many Croatian fans wearing water polo caps along with their distinctive red-and-white checked jerseys. Why are they wearing these water polo caps?

4. At the age of 45, who became the oldest player to play at the World Cup beating the record of Colombian goalkeeper Faryd Mondragon?

5. Which World Cup stadium came to be known as the ‘Graveyard of Champions’ as three fancied teams – Germany, Argentina, Brazil – were knocked out there?

6. Four red cards were awarded at the World Cup – out of these, how many were awarded for violent conduct?

7. Something about the next World Cup then – as of today, which of the following is true about the next World Cup in Qatar?

8. Let’s end with one on the victors France – as a good luck charm what did the French team unusually do before the start of a match?

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