2018 World Cup quiz - Round 2

1. Harry Kane became the third English player to score a World Cup hat-trick in their game against Panama. Who are the other two Englishmen to have scored World Cup hat-tricks?

2. After his brace against Iceland, Ahmed Musa of Nigeria became the third all-time highest scoring African at the World Cup. So, who is the leading African goalscorer?

3. At Moscow's Spartak stadium, there are a set of four statues prominently placed on the left side of the goalposts. These are a tribute to four brothers - Andrey, Aleksandr, Nikolai, and Pytor Starostin. Why have these brothers been recognized?

4. For what particular reason has the English team installed blackout curtains at their team base in Repino?

5. Talking to the media before their game against Morocco, what did Ronaldo reveal as the reason for his 'goat' celebration (he did it after scoring against Spain)?

6. After the first round of matches got over, FIFA collated player data and found which player to have recorded the fastest top speed?

7. What did Carles Puyol mention as the reason for him not being allowed to commentate on Iranian TV?

8. Nearly 12,000 Euros were gathered through an online fund for what reason pertaining to something related to the second round of matches?

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