Hungary’s punishment for offensive fan misconduct during the European Championship was reduced by UEFA on Wednesday. The two-game stadium closure in June for the Nations League was halved to one home game without fans.

The UEFA verdict came despite more incidents of racist abuse and violence by Hungary fans in World Cup qualifying games this year. At Euro 2020, Hungary fans racially abused opposing players and held up anti-gay banners at games played in Budapest and Munich.

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Hungary was kept on probation for two more years with the threat of a further stadium closure, and UEFA also upheld the fine of EUR 100,000 (USD 113,000). The deferred UEFA punishment was not applied for World Cup qualifying matches in September and October because they are officially FIFA games.

After Hungary fans racially abused England’s Black players at the Puskas Arena in September, FIFA barred fans when Albania played in Budapest the following month.

FIFA also imposed a fine of CHF 200,000 (USD 215,000) on the Hungarian football federation, which is led by FIFA and UEFA vice president Sandor Csanyi.