Bengaluru FC coach Cuadrat: Referees should be accountable for decisions

Cuadrat said the overall development of the game in Indian football is hampered if the referees keep making errors in the Indian Super League.

Carles Cuadrat has been critical of the refereeing in the ISL this season.   -  ISL/SPORTZPICS

For the second time in a week, Bengaluru FC coach Carles Cuadrat hit out at the refereeing standards in the Indian Super League (ISL). The Spaniard stated that for the development of Indian football the level of the refereeing will also have to improve.

After being held goalless on Sunday by the host Jamshedpur FC, which was the third successive draw for his side in the new season, Cuadrat said the overall development of the game is hampered if the referees keep making errors.

After 15 games, the quality of refereeing has emerged as a major point of concern in the ongoing Indian Super League. We discuss it on our ISL special podcast - The Full Time Show.


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“My premise is pretty simple. Like I am assessed by my club on the kind of work I do with the team and in the same way the players are banished to the bench if they do not perform well, the referees should also be made accountable about their decisions,” Cuadrat said. “I am not saying they are favouring one side or the other, but what shocks me is that I did not see much of improvement in the standard of referring in the four years that I have been here in the country. I find most of them keep repeating the mistakes,” he added.

Cuadrat said people are talking about the improvement of standards of players but there is hardly anything happening to elevate the standard of the referees. “You see there is a lot of improvement in the level of performances as the teams keep analysing their games and try to rectifying their mistakes. Please do not misunderstand me because this tournament is looking at developing the standard of the game and producing better players, then India should be able to produce better referees too and we have to work towards that,” the Spanish coach pointed out.

About his own team, Cuadrat said that his side is missing a finisher of the calibre of Miku as there are not many goals scored compared to the chances his side is creating. “We created a lot of chances and we are hoping that one day it will go in. There are a lot of restrictions with the budget and it does affect the final team selection. It happens all over the world. You can see that happening with Real Madrid after the departure of (Cristiano) Ronaldo. For us we are creating chances and also getting a lot of good final passes but sadly those are not counted as goals,” Cuadrat said.

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