Brazilian legend Zico reiterated again that Indian football will be better served if the Indian Super League (ISL) and I-League merged.

Speaking on the eve of his team’s match against Chennaiyin FC, the FC Goa coach said, “It will be good for football if they merge both and have a strong league. Currently the teams here in ISL can’t represent India in Asia. It’s not good to have two leagues.”

“If merged, you can also satisfy all the Asian federation rules like having three foreigners and one Asian. We can thereby have a very good structure, facilities and with that you will see the development of football.”

Seeking to buttress his argument further, Zico sought to use his own club as an example. “We had an amazing season last year,” he said. “Everybody got united; the fans, the city, the players. But from January to September nothing was going on. We can’t waste these opportunities.”

“These players then go to different clubs and when you start again the next year, its again new players and difficult. So we need one long league.”

Zico also placed one of 2014’s stellar performers, Romeo Fernandes’ indifferent form this year in this particular context.

“For Romeo I feel so regretful. He didn’t get many opportunities to play here. So he went to Brazil, spent some time there. He came back but didn’t get games. Now it’s harder for him to get into rhythm. It’s very bad for the players.”