Brazilian police file defamation suit against Neymar's rape accuser

The Brazilian police have issued a statement defending their "transparency, neutrality and impartiality" after Najila Trindade had alluded the force was corrupt.

Najila Andrade has accused Neymar of assaulting her after being invited to Paris.   -  Getty Images

Brazilian police confirmed on Thursday they had filed a defamation suit against Najila Trindade, who has accused Neymar of raping her and alluded the force was corrupt.

The police filed a complaint and issued a statement, defending their "absolute transparency, neutrality and impartiality".

During an interview with television channel SBT, Trindade said, “The police are bought, aren't they? Or am I crazy?”

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Danilo Garcia de Andrade became the third lawyer to drop Trindade's case on Tuesday, saying he no longer represented her. The lawyer wanted to see the content of a seven-minute video filmed during Andrade's second meeting with Neymar in Paris. She maintains the recording provides conclusive evidence that she was assaulted.

Trindade filed her complaint on May 31, saying Neymar had assaulted her after being invited to Paris.

—Police question Neymar—

The world's most expensive footballer was questioned by the police for the first time since being accused by Trindade.

Neymar, accompanied by a police escort, arrived at a Sao Paulo police station, where security had been ramped up for his arrival. Neymar, wearing a dark suit buttoned at the middle, entered the police station on crutches.

Neymar previously issued a statement to Rio de Janeiro police over WhatsApp messages posted on his Instagram account featuring intimate photos of Trindade. He told police that an assistant and technician were responsible for sharing the messages and photos.

According to a recent poll of 2071 Brazilians, 60 per cent believe Neymar is innocent. Only 14 per cent think he's guilty, Parana Pesquisas said.

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