Abby Wambach defends USA after 13-0 humiliation of Thailand

After criticism over USA's relentless pursuit of goals, the country's all-time leading scorer Abby Wambach came to the team's defence.

Alex Morgan celebrates one of the United States' 13 goals against Thailand.   -  Getty Images

Abby Wambach defended the United States after the reigning Women's World Cup champion routed Thailand 13-0 amid criticism over its merciless performance and celebrations.

USA put Thailand to the sword in Tuesday's record-breaking win as titleholder showed no mercy in its World Cup opener.

Alex Morgan scored five goals in Reims, where USA claimed the largest margin of victory ever at a World Cup in both the men's and women's tournaments. However, some criticised USA's relentless pursuit of goals and celebrations while holding a substantial advantage, which frustrated former star Wambach — the team's all-time leading scorer with 184 goals.

"For all that have issue with many goals: for some players this is their first World Cup goal, and they should be excited," 2015 World Cup winner Wambach wrote via Twitter. "Imagine it being you out there. This is your dream of playing and then scoring in a World Cup. Celebrate. Would you tell a men’s team to not score or celebrate?"


Wambach urged players to do their best at all times and called on FIFA to give more resources to countries that need it. She also questioned whether the men's national team would be under fire for a similar result.

"Really respecting the game and what you've worked for is to do your best at ALL times," Wambach said. "This is a call to @FIFAcom to do more and give more resources for some of these countries. It's the World Cup folks. Would you say this about the men? Didn't think so."

Wambach, 39, added: "With all due respect: did you see @alexmorgan13 last two goals and her last assist?!!! They were world class. And this isn’t rec league soccer. This is THE WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!! Stop judging these women with patriarchal glasses. You would never say this about a men’s team. Period."

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