Hockey World Cup 2018 highlights: France stuns Argentina 5-3

Hockey World Cup 2018: Argentina vs France: In a stunning second quarter, France scored four goals to beat Argentina 5-3 and enter the cross-over stage at the Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar.

France captain Victor Charlet celebrates his 23rd minute goal against Argentina in a stunning 5-3 victory at the Kalinga Stadium.   -  Getty Images

Welcome to Sportstar's minute-by-minute commentary of the Hockey World Cup 2018 Pool A match of Argentina vs France.


Here are the final Pool A standings



FULL-TIME: France 5-3 Argentina


Fourth Quarter

60' FRANCE HAS ELIMINATED SPAIN! This is the third World Cup appearance for France and it has beaten Argentina for the third time at the World Cup and did the unthinkable! Argentina progresses to the quarterfinal directly, while France and New Zealand will face teams from Pool D in the cross-over stages.

60' Argentina wins a penalty corner with a 15 seconds left on the clock.

58' Unless there are two more goals from Argentina, France in for something special here. What was expected to be mere formality has been turned out to be a nightmare for Argentina and Spain---who will be eliminated from the tournament within two minutes of time.

57' France turns on the screws as it wins another penalty corner. But Victor Charlet's dragflick which is directed towards the roof of the goal in the centre is palmed away by Juan Vivaldi.

54' GOAL FRANCE! The French are on fire today! Francois Goyet gets his reward for all the hard work he has put into his performance today. A left wing through ball from Viktor Lockwood is directed into the goal from close range by Goyet. France 5-3 Argentina

53' France fends off another Argentinian attack and manages to hit the Olympic champion the counter.

India spin legend Anil Kumble arrives at the Kalinga Stadium for the #HWC2018


49' France goes close again as Pieter van Straaten enters unmarked inside the circle from a Francois Goyet pass, but Juan Vivaldi comes up with a crucial interception to keep it out.

47' ARGENTINA EDGES CLOSE WITH A GOAL!  Another penalty corner for Argentina and Peillat converts it into his fourth goal of the tournament with a terrific finish past Arthur Thieffry. Argentina 3-4 France.

Third Quarter

45' MISS! Manini misses a sitter again. Agustin Mazzilli get to the baseline on the left flank and lifts the ball for Manini at the far post, who makes a mess of it. All he had to do was guide the ball into an unguarded goal and he misses the mark.

43' PEILLAT SCORES FOR ARGENTINA! The 26-year old is successful on the third attempt as he places his dragflick into the botoom right corner.

42' Argentina wins a penalty corner, but Peillat's dragflick is blocked by the first runner's stick and France breaks away at full pace. It takes Agustin Mazzilli to run from the opposite end to clear the danger inside the penalty area.

41' Jean-Baptiste Forgues makes a superb tackle to deny Joaquin Manini a shot on the goal.

39' Blaise Rogeau controls a long ball from the deep and battles it out with Gonzalo Peillat for the ball. The Argentine manages to win a free hit for his team.

37' France almost had its fifth of the match there! But Juan Vivaldi uses all his experience to keep out the point-blank shot by Francois Goyet.

Trivia: Nicolas Dumont of France, has also represented Belgium in 12 international matches before switching over to Les Blues.

32' This could be the first big upset of the tournament. Argentina still does not seems to have recovered from that shock as France come back through Vikot Lockwood's 360 degree turn and reverse hit at the far post.

HALF-TIME: France 4-1 Argentina

Second Quarter

30' FRANCE 4-1! What a second quarter it has been! France stay away from a three-goal lead for just two minutes, snatches it back with another beautifully constructed goal. Gaspard Baumgarten scores after Charles Masson strikes from a rebound.

28' IT'S A GOALFEST! Argentina pull one back as Lucas Martinez receives a pass from the right side and finishes from close range. The 25-year old picks up from the last match where he scored the third goal against New Zealand.

26' UNBELIEVABLE FROM FRANCE! France, all of a sudden are looking dominating and making the Olympic champion look like amateurs. The Argentine defence is gone missing as Timothee Clement passes at the near post and Aristide Coisne scores with the coolest of finishes. The French are in dreamland now.

Life line for France: If France can see out this scoreline, it will knock Spain out of the World Cup.

23' GOAL FRANCE! France has done it! Victor Charlet scores from France's second penalty corner with a brilliant dragflick into the right bottom corner.

18' GOAL FRANCE! The lowest-ranked team has breached the Olympic champion's defence. Captain Hugo Genestet dribbles his way through a crowded Argentinian area and finishes at the far post. Is there a chance for the French?

17' SAVE! Juan Vivaldi, Argentina's 39-year old goalkeeper, dives to his right in a fraction of a second to save a point-blank shot from Tom Genestet.

First Quarter

15' How did Argentina not score from that? Matias Rey races into the huge space on the right side and passes it to Joaquin Manini in the centre, who has just the goalkeeper to beat. But the forward takes it too easily and scoops the shot wide off the target.

12' Lucas Vila showcases some of his ball control skills to win a penalty corner but the umpire signals for a dangerous play. But Argentina wins it on the next attempt. Argentina goes for the variation as Peillat passes it to Maico Casella on the right side. But the angle of strike makes it difficult for Casella to score and is blocked by France.

8' Pedro Ibarra sends a through ball from the right side of the midfield, but Joaquin Menini, at the near post, does not attack the ball inside the circle.

Speaking about saves


6' Arthur Thieffry saves a right wing cross and manages to it keep out. France hit Argentina on the counter and Maximilien Branicki has a shot at the near post.

2' Penalty corner for Argentina and Peillat steps up for the dragflick. But the 2014 World Cup topscorer's dragflick has a stick deflection from French runner and is out of play.

1' We are off for the final Pool A of the #HWC2018!

Trivia: Argentina's Agustin Mazzilli is making his 200th international appearance for Los Leones, becoming the seventh player in the squad to reach the milestone.


Best Finishes at the World Cup

Argentina: Bronze medal (2014 Utrecht, Netherlands)

France: 7th place (1971 Barcelona, 1990 Lahore)

These are the current Pool A standings after the first match of the day at the #HWC2018


New Zealand rallied from 2-0 behind against Spain to draw 2-2 which means France can eliminate the Red Sticks if it can win against mighty Argentina.