PKL Highlights: Gujarat Fortunegiants clinch thriller against UP Yoddha

Gujarat Fortunegiants preserved its unbeaten run at home with a closely fought 37-32 win against UP Yoddha in Pro Kabaddi League's interzone challenge week.

Gujarat Fortunegiants is on an eight-match unbeaten streak.   -  Vijay Soneji

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37-32 Unbeaten for nine games in a row now, Gujarat Fortunegiants! Gujarat preserves its unbeaten record at home with a thrilling victory against UP Yoddha who put up a good fight. The game could have gone either way towards the end there. It's the ninth loss of the season for UP Yoddha.

35-32 All out! Phew!We sympathize with all of you who have lost your nails over this game. It's been that kind of a game. Gujarat is back in the lead and with only a minute to go, that might be that.

29-31 But it's UP Yoddha that goes into the lead here with a Super Tackle on Sachin.  Just two minutes to go.

28-27 There could be another twist in the tale here. UP Yoddha is down to two men and an all out looks imminent.

24-23 Sachin puts Gujarat Fortunegiants in the lead again but it's slender. Now it gets interesting!

21-23 There it is! There's the turnaround in the game. Srikanth Jadhav gets a Super Raid, wiping out the entire team. Five points for the raid and two for the all-out and suddenly, look who's in the lead! 

21-17 All UP Yoddha needs is one all-out and this game could take on a completely different hue. And it looks like it could happen soon. Gujarat is down to three men and UP Yoddha is inching forward. 

19-13 Jeeva Kumar gets another referral right. UP Yoddha has been spotless in one aspect.

19-11 Does UP Yoddha have the quaity and the character to pull this back? There's no dearth of quality, but Yoddha has been consistently underperforming this season.




19-10 Eight tackle points, seven raid points and has kept the UP Yoddha side quiet. Brilliant start from the home side and Gujarat goes into the half-time with a nine-ppoint lead.

19-9 There was a small period where UP Yoddha racked up three successive points but Gujarat has reclaimed dominance here.

17-6 Another poor raid from Jadhav. UP Yoddha is making it easy here for the home team. 

16-5 UP Yoddha is still trying to find its feet in the game. Srikanth Jadhav and Rishank Devadiga will look to revive their season here but so far they've been inefficient.


12-4 Lee reduces UP Yoddha to one man and it sends on a raider to avoid an all out. But Gujarat's defense is strong and confident. Big lead already.

8-3 Rishank Devadiga is also brought down. Big loss for UP Yoddha which is reduced to two men now.

7-3 With a good spell of play by Gujarat's defense, the game has turned on its head. Yoddha's numbers go down rapidly.

3-3 It's all even after the first five minutes. Sachin picked up two points on a raid and K Prapanjan was taken down by UP Yoddha.

The home team Gujarat Fortunegiants comes on the back of an eight-game unbeaten streak, while UP Yoddha has been struggling this seaso. It has lost eight games so far.