PKL 2018-19 highlights: Patna, Bengaluru play out a draw, Gujarat edges out Jaipur

Patna Pirates and Bengaluru Bulls played out an entertaining 40-40 tie, while Gujarat Fortunegiants managed a narrow 33-31 victory over Jaipur Pink Panthers.

Jaipur Pink Panthers' Deepak Niwas Hooda in action against Gujarat Fortunegiants.   -  PKL

Welcome to SportStar's live blog of today's Pro Kabaddi matches of Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls and Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Gujarat Fortunegiants at the Tau Devilal Sports Complex, Panchkula.

Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Gujarat Fortunegiants

Second Half

31-33 Jaipur tries to get a draw by defending very high against Rohit Gulia's final raid of the match. However, the risk does not pay off and Gujarat Fortunegiants gets a narrrow victory. Jaipur has no chance of making it to the playoffs and stays fifth after this defeat.

30-32 The clock is winding down and Prapanjan is tackled to the ground by the Jaipur defence.


29-32 Gujarat gifts away two more points with a bonus and a self out.

28-32 Jaipur coach Srinivas Reddy instructs Ajinkya Pawar to watch out for Ruturaj Koravi's dive on the right cover and the raider heeds his coach's advice and gets a point.

27-32 Sandeep Dhul's super tackle on Sachin gets his High 5. But it is just one revival for the Panthers.

25-32 Parvesh Bhainswal gets a double-thigh hold on Lokesh Kaushik in a Do-or-Die raid for Jaipur.

25-31 Sachin takes advantage of Deepak Hooda's weariness and gets a toe touch on the Jaipur captain.

25-30 Prapanjan with another quick raid and two points. Deepak Hooda manages to pinch a bonus point.


24-28 Sachin Vittala runs in from the right corner to tackle down Ajinkya Pawar and Gujarat keeps the lead.

24-27 Prapanjan gets a point for a Gujarat with a successful raid.

24-26 One more successful tackle and a raid makes its 10 straight points for Jaipur.


22-26 Superb raid by Ajinkya Pawar and its an all-out for Jaipur! A self-out and a touch on his way back brings his team back into the game.


17-26 A series of errors by the Gujarat defence results in a super-raid for Ajinkya Pawar as he takes out Parvesh Bhainswal, Ruturaj Koravi and Sachin.

14-26 Ajinkya Pawar gets a touch on Hadi Oshtorak and another point for Jaipur.

12-24 Second all-out of the match for Gujarat Fortunegiants! Kenyan raider David Mosambayi is the last man standing, but he cannot escape after being trapped on the left corner.


11-21 Prapanjan gets a touch on Deepak Hooda, but steps out of the lobby on his way back. First points for Jaipur in this half.

10-20 Prapanjan gets two points despite efforts from Selvamani and Sandeep Dhul from the right cover.

10-18 Sachin picks up a point for Gujarat with the first raid of the half.

First Half


10-17 Jaipur gets two players back on the mat after a smart play near the midline by Sunil Siddhgavali. Jaipur was close on Haryana Steelers' heels last night, but has not turned up yet against a strong Gujarat defence.

8-17 Prapanjan claims a running-hand touch on Ajinkya Pawar. Jaipur reviews the decision and the point goes to Gujarat.

8-15 Sunil Kumar gets a double thigh hold on Selvamani and Jaipur is down to four men.

7-14 Deepak Hooda is taken down by Parvesh Bhainswal on the left cover. The Jaipur captain has struggled so far in the game following his super 10 against Haryana Steelers yesterday.

7-12 Sandeep Dhul gets a point for Jaipur with an ankle hold on Prapanjan.


5-11 Deepak Hooda is taken out and Gujarat, for now, is running away with the game.

4-10 Ajit Singh is taken down the Gujarat defence and it is the first all-out of the game in favour of Gujarat.

3-7 Sachin gets Deepak Hooda and and Santhapanaselvam. It leaves substitute Ajit Singh to save Jaipur from an all-out.

3-4 Sachin gets a running-hand touch on Selvamani to put his team in the front.

2-2 Parvesh Bhainswal gets a strong waist hold on Ajinkya Pawar near the midline and Gujarat levels the scores.


2-1 Sandeep Dhul gets a double-thigh hold on Sachin on the left cover and Jaipur takes an early lead.

0-1 Prapanjan opens the account for Gujarat with a bonus point.

Anup Kumar's farewell speech: "It is always difficult for any athlete to think that he will not play the sport one day. I don't remember when I started playing Kabaddi, but I wanted to remember the day when I stopped playing. Today is my son's birthday, and I think it is the best day to announce my retirement."

Anup Kumar announces his retirement!


Form Guide

Vs. Haryana SteelersWON3930
Vs. Gujarat FortunegiantsLOST2934
Vs. U MumbaTIED3535
Vs. Puneri PaltanWON3623
Vs. Tamil ThalaivasWON3724


Vs.  Jaipur Pink PanthersWON3429
Vs. Haryana SteelersWON4737
Vs. Telugu TitansWON2927
Vs. Patna PiratesWON4527
Vs. U MumbaLOST2636

Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls

Second Half

40-40 And its is tie! The game has been oscillating right from the beginning. A bonus+touch on Kashiling Adike gets Vikas Jaglan two points and Pawan Sehrawat is pinned to the mat by the defence to end the match in a tie. Patna is now in a touching distance of qualifying for the playoffs, while Bengaluru keeps its top place in Zone B with this result.

37-40 Kashiling Adike gets a superb ankle hold on Vijay and Patna is down to three men.

37-39 Pardeep Narwal is taken out by a tackle on the right cover and Bengaluru extends its slender lead.

37-38 Another desperate block from Jawahar on Pawan Sehrawat and another easy point for Bengaluru.

36-36 Vikas Kale goes for a late tackle on Pawan Sehrawat near the midline and the raider gets the equaliser.

36-35 Pardeep Narwal (17 raid points) and Rohit Kumar (16 raid points) make successful raids. Anyone's game now.

35-34 The second all-out of the match for Patna! Vikas Kale and Vikas Jaglan make a combined dash to push out Pawan Sehrawat out of the lobby. The raider, however, gets a bonus point to keep his team close by.


31-32 After two brilliant raids to get three revivals, Rohit Kumar comes under the pressure and outs himself by stepping out of the lobby during a Pardeep Narwal's raid.

30-32 What a super raid that was from Rohit Kumar. He is once again the last man standing, but yet again, the skipper gets a bonus point and two touch points.

29-29 A hasty attempt by Jaideep to get a hold on Rohit Kumar, the last man for Bengaluru, gifts away a revival and a bonus point for Bengaluru. A second all-out slips away from Patna and the Bulls show their resilience once again.


28-26 Pardeep Narwal gets a running-hand touch on Amit Sheoran on the left conver. Bengaluru is struggling to keep players on the mat.

26-22 It's a super 10 for Pardeep! He takes out Pawan Sehrawat, Raju Lal Choudhari and Mahender in a super-raid. It is all Patna in this half so far.

21-21 Rohit Kumar is taken out on a Do-or-Die raid and Pardeep Narwal takes out the remaining two Bengaluru Bulls players. All the lead built in the first period is eradicated in two minutes.

16-21 And, the Dubki King is out! Pardeep is unable to keep his balance after missing a running-hand touch and steps out of the lobby. However, a review from Patna results in three Bengaluru Bulls players are out.

13-20 Vijay gets the first point of the second half with a successful raid. Pardeep Narwal gets a revival.

First Half


11-20 It is eight minutes since Pardeep Narwal has not taken to the mat after being taken out by the Bengaluru Bulls defence, which has now the upper hand in the match. The Bulls' defence has accounted for 8 tackle points, while Patna has accounted for just 3 defensive points.

11-14 Vikas Jaglan is lifted of the ground by the Bengaluru defence and captain Rohit Kumar flings him out of the lobby. It is the first all-out of the match.

11-11 Pawan Sehrawat brings his team back again with a touch point in a Do-or-Die raid.


11-9 Vikas Kale's tackle on Rohit Kumar makes the Bengaluru skipper lose his balance and the Patna defence pins him to the ground.

9-9 Mahender gets a superb ankle hold on Pardeep Narwal, bringing Bengaluru back on level terms.

9-7 Kashiling Adike evades an ankle hold on the right cover and gets Bengaluru back in the hunt.


9-5 Pardeep Narwal comes back with two more raid points and Pawan Sehrawat is put in an inescapable thigh hold by Vikas Jaglan and Manjeet comes to his teammate's aid immediately.

5-4 Vikas Kale is taken out by Rohit Kumar with a running-hand touch. The Bulls have steamrolled Telugu Titans on Tuesday, but the Patna defence has looked quite solid today resulting in an early lead.

4-3 Rohit Kumar revives Pawan Sehrawat with a leap over Jawahar Dagar, who went for a double-ankle hold.


4-2 Pawan Sehrawat is tackled in the centre and Pardeep Narwal takes another Bengaluru player out with his latest raid.

1-1 Pardeep Narwal gets his 200th raid point of the PKL Season 6 after Rohit Kumar gets a bonus point for Bengaluru Bulls.


Patna Pirates

Pardeep Narwal, Vikas Kale, Vikas Jaglan, Deepak Narwal, Manjeet, Jawahar, Jaideep

Bengaluru Bulls 

Rohit Kumar, Pawan Sehrawat, Mahender Singh, Ashish Sangwan, Kashiling Adike, Raju Lal Choudhary, Amit Sheoran


Form Guide

Vs. U.P. YoddhaLOST3147
Vs. Telugu TitansLOST3641
Vs. Puneri PaltanWON5336
Vs. Gujarat FortunegiantsLOST2745
Vs. Tamil ThalaivasTIED3535
  • A win for Bengaluru Bulls will take it 22 points clear in Zone B while a win for Patna Pirates will see it close the gap on Bengaluru Bulls to 12 points.

  • The two sides have split victories in their two meeting this season. While Bengaluru Bulls won the first encounter between the two sides, Patna Pirates prevailed by three points the last time these two sides played.

  • Pardeep Narwal and Rohit Kumar starred for their respective sides with Super 10s while Jawahar Dagar managed a High 5 for Patna Pirates in that game.