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UP Yoddha climbs up a spot in the points table as it gets past Bengal Warriors. The win extends UP Yoddha's unbeaten run to five games. The side largely banked on its defensive prowess to get the better of Bengal Warriors, while the raiding duo of Pardeep Narwal and Surender Gill each scored nine points. The star performer of the evening was Bengal Warriors captain Maninder Singh, who scored 19 points. However, his side's defence was below par and managed only four points in the entire game.


FULL-TIME! UP Yoddha defeats Bengal Warriors 40-36.

35-40 Nabibakhsh picks up his first point of the game, in the last minute of play. Too little too late from the Iranian.

34-40 SUPER TACKLE FOR UP UP YODDHA! Gaurav Kumar comes off the bench and comes to his side's rescue as he lays a phenomenal ankle hold on Maninder. This surely has to be the game! And guess who Gaurav replaced? Pardeep!

34-38 Maninder invites the tackle and capitalises on it as he gets past Ashu's mis-timed tackle.

33-37 TWO POINTS FOR MANINDER! Nitesh makes an ankle hold and Shubham offers support but they just cannot contain the mighty Maninder. It's a three-point game with three minutes to go!

31-37 Maninder is coolly chipping away at UP Yoddha's lead as he picks up another bonus point.

30-36 Maninder gets one past Sumit as he escapes the latter's ankle hold.

29-36 Coach BC Ramesh wanted his side to take it one raid at a time and pick up single points. Maninder does just that as he returns with a bonus.

28-36 Pardeep strikes when his side needs him the most as he eliminates two defenders, including the dangerous Ran Singh, to give his side an eight-point cushion with five minutes to go.

28-34 Nitesh makes a swipe at the air and manages the faintest of touches on Maninder, who's more than happy to pocket the point.

27-34 That's the second time Ran Singh has stepped off bounds and awarded a free point to UP Yoddha! He has been in riveting form, but has also been a tad too overzealous at times.

27-33 This is some strange strategy being deployed by UP Yoddha as they're gifting Maninder bonus point after bonus point.

25-32 That's a very poor and rather unnecessary tackle from Ashu on Maninder, who was simply walking back to his court. That brings up Maninder's SUPER 10 !

23-30 ALL OUT! Pardeep announces himself with a superb raid as he overpowers Abozar to reach the mid-line. The Warriors are in all sorts of trouble now.

23-26 That's a stunning display of skill from Surender as he lands the scorpion kick on Ravindra. The Warriors are down to two men.

Maninder has spent nearly 15 minutes, of the 30 minutes played, on the mat!

23-25 SUMIT GETS RID OF MANINDER AGAIN! It's almost like a replay of the last tackle as Sumit once again produces an outstanding ankle hold to trap the Bengal Warriors captain.

22-24 Ravindra escapes Shubham's tackle to claim a point and revive Maninder.

21-24 Shrikant does swimmingly well in the do-or-die raid as he picks up two defenders! He ducks under the chain of Sukesh and Ran Singh and bulldozes his way past the duo.

21-22 Nabibakhsh has made little to no impact today. The Iranian has zero tackle points and seven unsuccessful raids.

21-21 Surender is lifted by Abozar and that's that. Surender looks miffed but Abozar is having none of it.

20-21 Maninder's troubles with Sumit continue as the UP Yoddha defender outfoxes him yet again! Sumit executes a textbook ankle hold to get the better of Maninder for the third time running.

20-20 Surender is there, why fear? He does extremely well to land a perfect toe touch on Ran Singh.

20-19 Pardeep has been tackled, on for the second time today, by Abozar on the right corner.

19-19 Maninder goes in for the do-or-die raid and picks up a point effortlessly with a clinical toe touch on Shubham.

HALF-TIME: Bengal Warriors trails UP Yoddha by a point at the end of the first half.

18-19 That's very clever from Maninder. He claims the bonus point and manages a running hand touch on Ashu on his way back!

15-19 Nitesh strikes with the ankle hold and Shubham comes in with the assist as they combine effectively to trap Sukesh.

Fun fact: Bengal Warriors has seldom won this season when Maninder has scored a Super 10. He's bagged nine Super 10s this season and his side has won only three of those games!

15-17 Well done, Sumit! The left corner shines with a superb ankle hold on Maninder.

15-16 ALL OUT! UP Yoddha has finally inflicted the All Out as Sukesh is tackled to the mat.

14-13 Pardeep is at it again as he eliminates Nabibakhsh this time. Hopefully the UP Yoddha defence can compliment Pardeep's efforts.

14-12 That's just poor defending from UP Yoddha. Ashu makes a weak tackle but cannot contain Sukesh.

12-12 Pardeep is coming back to form and how! He ducks under Ran's tackle and races away to safety. Warriors are once again down to one man.

11-11 That's the impact of a speedy raider - Surender forces the error from the defender and Vijin steps out of bounds to gift UP Yoddha an easy point.

11-10 SUPER RAID FROM MANINDER! He's the last man on the mat but he does not let the pressure get to him as he picks up three massive points. He gets rid of Nitish and the left corner and also grabs a bonus! Superb stuff from the Warriors' skipper.

8-9 Great work from Ravindra, who comes off the bench. He gets the bonus and also gets the better of Sumit.

6-9 Pardeep skips out of Abozar's tackle and the Bengal Warriors are down to one man!

5-8 Pardeep makes easy work of Amit Nirwal and opens his account.

5-7 Ashu rises to the occasion as he charges from the right and tackles Nabibakhsh to the mat.

5-5 Nitesh Kumar, UP Yoddha's captain, joins the party as he gets rid of Sukesh with a fine ankle hold.

5-4 Shrikant goes in for the do-or-die raid but he finds no way past Ran Singh. The muscular defender launches into a terrific double thigh hold.

4-4 Sumit executes a textbook ankle hold to deny Maninder any hopes of a point.

4-3 Every day is not Sunday, Nabibakhsh. He tries a repeat of yesterday as he enters the lobby without getting a touch, but no UP Yoddha defender follows him.

4-1 Pardeep has to jog away to the bench. Ran Singh traps Pardeep with a stunning double ankle hold. Ran Singh has been a true revelation since he's made a comeback this month.

3-1 Sukesh picks up two! He sneaks past two defenders to give his side the early lead. And he also revives Maninder.

1-1 That is as good as it gets! Ashu Singh makes a solid tackle and gets support from Shubham as they get the better of the mighty Maninder.

Bengal Warriors won the toss and chose the right side of the court, hence UP Yoddha will raid first.


8:40pm: LINE UPS!

Bengal Warriors: Maninder Singh, Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh, Amit Nirwal, Vijin Thangadurai, Sukesh Hegde, Abozar Mighani, Ran Singh

UP Yoddha: Pardeep Narwal, Surender Gill, Shrikant Jadhav, Nitesh Kumar, Sumit, Ashu Singh, Shubham Kumar

8:35pm: Haryana Steelers has caused an upset as it beats table-topper Dabang Delhi 36-33. Haryana Steelers' skipper Vikash Kandola led the team from the front with by bagging 13 points.

8:25pm: After a tumultuous start, UP Yoddha has finally found its footing. The side is unbeaten in four games and Pardeep Narwal has registered back-to-back Super 10s in the last two games. However, Surender Gill has emerged as the team’s primary raider as he has scored 42 points in the team's last three matches. He is the fifth-highest points scorer in the league this season with 102 points. With Gill, Pardeep, and Shrikant Jadhav handling the business on offence, Sumit and Nitesh Kumar have got the job done in defence.

8:20pm: Bengal Warriors has finally seemed to have hit top gear as the reigning champion is now unbeaten in four games and is placed fourth on the points table. The side registered a gritty 40-39 win over the Bengaluru Bulls on Thursday, but it was aided by a stroke of fortune as Nabibakhsh escaped with a never-seen-before eight-point raid. While that raid, which saw the entire Bulls roster enter the lobby, was a topic of controversy, the Warriors had no issues in sealing the win.

8:15pm: Haryana Steelers leads Dabang Delhi by five points in the first game of the evening. You can join my colleague Nihit Sachdeva on the live blog here - Pro Kabaddi PKL 8 Highlights: Haryana Steelers beat league leader Dabang Delhi 36-33, Super 10 for Vikash Kandola

8:10pm: Another helpful reminder of the rules. If you need it!

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8:00pm: Hello folks, it's good to be back to covering the PKL! I was down with the wretched virus last week, but super happy to be back to blogging kabaddi. We've got a mouth-watering clash on our hands as Bengal Warriors, which earned a nail-biting win over Bengaluru Bulls yesterday, takes on UP Yoddha. Before we get to that, here is our review of the season thus far by my colleague Lavanya Lakshminarayanan -

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