When I played drums for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL, I felt I was in Brazil. I would like to thank India Cements for offering me to be one of the cheerleaders back in the day. It was a great five-year journey with the side. Generally, drummers and musicians perform at football stadiums, and I had got the same vibe.

Every corner of the Chepauk stadium gave me goosebumps. When my dear Dhoni [MS] brother would hit the ball, I would also beat the drum at the same time. He hit, and I hit! That sound reached all the future geniuses of cricket.

Even now, wherever I am, all my fans ask me ‘when are you going to play for CSK?’. I tell them it all depends on the team. If they call me, I will definitely come.

Ever since I left CSK, lots of problems started happening at Chepauk. I have to come with my drum and clear all the bad energy. Those days, the sound of drums had a message. I had a great experience with CSK. Dhoni’s patience is the beauty of the team.

Many years ago [in 1999], I had also played at the World Cup in London. I had taken a small drum along with me. Not only the Indians, everybody enjoyed when I played. It was an amazing trip because I also met the Indian cricketers.

Sivamani is an Indian percussionist.

As told to Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya.