I feel sports is a very, very important part of everyone’s life and one must follow some sport or the other. In my building, after a lot of meetings with the society members, I had managed to get a cricket pitch made with lights and nets.

People who were initially not very convinced of the idea were also very happy about it once the construction was completed. The children left their (Sony PlayStation) PS4s and other video games to come out and play for many hours every day.

I have always loved cricket and wanted to play for my country, but being from a small town, I didn’t get much of a chance. Later I got inclined towards engineering and then acting.

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So, you can say I was not destined, but I always believed in that dream to play for my country. I hope, as I push and train my son, who is a cricket lover, to practise every day, to see my dream come true through his eyes.

I am a big fan of Kapil Dev Sir and have met him a couple of times. We even did a shoot together for television and those are some memories which I really cherish. Today, the Indian cricket team is one of the best in the world. The players inspire us, each moment, to work hard and achieve our goals.

Sonu Sood is an actor and producer.

As told to Santadeep Dey.