I was blown away by Manchester United stadium

Actor Rajendranath Zutshi recalls the moment when he visited the Manchester United stadium after shooting for a football movie in London.


I have always been a sportsperson, the sporty type as they say. I love to play cricket. But I am not a great watcher, though I do watch football. That’s my poison. I had done a movie called Goal with John Abraham and Bipashu Basu back in the day. It was a football movie shot in London. During that time, I had visited the Manchester United stadium and I was blown away. I had never seen such a beautiful stadium. I was completely in awe. A stadium as pretty and as inviting as that! The lush green. Oh my god! That was one experience that I can never forget. I got hooked on to football completely then.

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Many years ago, I would play cricket six days a week. It was great to start the day like that. It was awesome. I have had lots of cricket memories with the late Tom Alter. The lovely Tom! He was our captain. He was a great sportsman and a lover of sport. His life completely played out like a sportsman.

In today’s cricket, I can’t give you a top shot point of view, but I like the IPL (Indian Premier League) as a concept as it has brought out talent like it’s nobody’s business. They have got cricketers from different parts of India under one roof. Sports, music and arts can do this. Sports always makes you a great human being.

Sitting in a stadium itself is a great feeling.

As told to Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya.