Pronounced guilty

The following is the list of dope offenders at the Hyderabad Games who were found guilty by the IOA (with banned substances in parenthesis):

Laxman Singh (Chandigarh-rowing, nandrolone), Gurvinder Singh (Punjab, volleyball, nandrolone), Ramandeep Singh (Chandigarh, athletics, mephentermine), Sukhjinder Singh (Chandigarh, athletics, mephentermine), Alapati Kalyani (A.P., athletics, nandrolone), P. Udaya Laxmi (A.P, athletics, nandrolone), Kavita Pandya (Maharashtra, athletics, nandrolone), Jagdish Basak (Punjab, athletics, nandrolone), Maha Singh (Haryana, athletics, mephentermine), Hridayanand Singh (A.P, athletics, ephedrine), D. Bhagyarajan (A.P, boxing, mesterolone), P. Srikanth (A.P, boxing, mephentermine), Sandeep Kumar (A.P., boxing, nandrolone, mephentermine), Nijappa Yenteth (A.P, cycling, pseudoephedrine), Seema Gulai (Bengal, weightlifting, nandrolone), Anita Kumari (Jharkhand, weightlifting, pseudoephedrine), Parmanand (Delhi, weightlifting, nandrolone), Tejinder Singh (Punjab, weightlifting, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine), Gurpreet Singh (Chandigarh, weightlifting, ephedrine), Venkateshwar Rao (A.P, weightlifting, nandrolone), Ranjit Singh (Chandigarh, weightlifting, mephentermine).

The case of swimmer Amar Muralidharan, who tested positive for tesosterone, was left pending since further investigations were required.