JK Tyre FMSCI Nat’l Racing C’ship: Karthik makes it two in a row

Karthik Tharani wins the third race of the Euro JK 18 class.

Purple patch: Karthik Tharani in action in the straights at the 21st JK Tyre National Racing Championship in Chettipalayam, Coimbatore, on Sunday.   -  S. Siva Saravanan

Chennai’s Karthik Tharani secured his second win in a row in the penultimate round of the 21st JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing championship. At the Kari Motor Speedway circuit in Chettipalayam here on Sunday, Karthik won the third race of the Euro JK 18 class.

The win strengthened his position in the championship table.

Fellow Chennaiite Ashwin Datta collected a few points to stay firmly on top; if he manages to hang on once more in the final round — scheduled for Noida in November — he may seal his maiden Euro JK title.

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The fourth race of the day, however, had new winners — Nirmal Uma Shankar, Brayan Perera and Yash Aradhya were among the top three. The Euro JK class kicked up a lot of interest for the spectators, the drivers giving their all for a place on the podium.

Messy contest

The Formula LGB4 category was run in a similar fashion; the likes of Raghul Rangasamy (MSport) and Rohit Khanna (Dark Don Racing) raced hard to make a strong impression. The two went after each other in search of precious championship points but in the process made the contest messy. Incidents and protests eventually delayed race proceedings by over an hour; they could have well been avoided for the sake of the sport.

Delhi’s Rohit bore the brunt for his daring drive in the first race of the day. He finished on top of the podium but had to give away his position, thanks to the 20-second penalty which came after a series of protests.

Chennai’s Joseph Mathew had an eventful race, too. He beat Malsawmdawngliana literally at the post.

The results
  • Euro JK 18
  • Race 3: 1. Karthik Tharani (15:37.117); 2. Nayan Chatterjee (15:38.043); 3. Ashwin Datta (15:40.886).
  • Race 4: 1. Nirmal Uma Shankar (15:42.818); 2 Brayan Perera (15:46.014); 3. Yash Aradhya (15:47.130).
  • FLGB 4
  • Race 2: 1. Chittesh Mandody (Avalanche,; 18:47.313); 2. Sarosh Hataria (Dark Don, 18:47.409); 3. Sohil Shah (MSport; 18:47.957).
  • Race 3: 1. Chittesh Mandody (20:11.953); 2. Sarosh Hataria (20:12.040); 3. Raghul Rangasamy (MSport; 18:13.676)
  • Gixxer Cup
  • 1. Joseph Mathew (14:02.704); 2. Malsawmdawngliana (14:02.791); 3. Syed Muzamil Ali (14:13.359)
  • JK Tyre Novice Cup
  • 1. Tijil Rao (Momentum; 18:40.030); 2. K Surya Varathan (MSport; 18:40.342); 3. Jamwal Digveshar (Prudent; 18:56.462).

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