Quiz Cricket World Cup, 1983

India defeated West Indies in the 1983 final to lift its maiden World Cup trophy. How much do you know about it? Find out with our quiz.

Kapil Dev lifts the World Cup trophy after India beat West Indies in the final. | The Hindu Archives

1. The West Indies restricted India to 183 runs in the 1983 World Cup final. How much did it restrict Pakistan to in the semifinals?

2. The same pair of umpires from the 1979 World Cup final officiated in 1983 too. Dickie Bird and...?

3. In its first group-stage match, India handed the West Indies its first ever World Cup defeat. Yashpal Sharma top-scored for India. Who top-scored for the West Indies?

4. Only two batsmen crossed 30 runs in the 1983 World Cup final? Viv Richards made 33. Who top-scored?

5. Who was the top wicket-taker at the tournament?

6. Which of the Chappell brothers played for Australia at the 1983 World Cup?

7. Clive Lloyd captained the West Indies in a third successive World Cup. Who did so for the second time in 1983?

8. These three players who were picked for the 1983 World Cup each represented two different countries internationally. But only two played matches at the tournament? Who didn't?

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