Quiz: Hockey at the Olympics

Hockey was first included to the Olympics at the 1908 London edition. How well do you know about the sport's history at the Games?

Hockey became a permanent feature at Olympics from the 1928 Amsterdam Games.   -  Getty Images

1.Indian men's hockey team holds the record for clinching the Olympic gold without conceding a single goal twice? The first time was in 1928. When was the other?
2.The 1932 Olympics was the shortest edition for hockey featuring only three teams and three matches being played. The first two teams were USA and India. Which was the third team?
3.Who is the only Indian hockey player to have won an Olympic gold both as a player and as a coach?
4.Which Indian player holds the unbroken record of scoring five goals in an Olympic final?
5.In 2016, Brazil became one of the two nations that never played Olympic hockey except when it hosted the Games. Which is the other country?
6.How many times did India face off against arch-rival Pakistan for the gold medal?
7.Men's field hockey has been part of 23 Olympic Games. India has featured in 20 editions. Which team is second in terms of number of appearances?
8.India has won the most number of Olympic gold medals. Which country has won the most number of bronze medals?