Olympian Angad Vir Singh Bajwa who had shot 120 out of 125 in skeet in the Tokyo Olympics, will continue to shoot for the country.

Dismissing all news about his reported interest to represent Canada, Angad said that he was only taking a break from the sport and focusing on work and family matters in Canada.

"My father needed me here. This break was much needed. I will come back even stronger’’, said Angad from Canada, where his father runs a business.

My goal is Olympics. Being a world class athlete, I have the time this year to train as I want and improve. My shooting has improved tremendously this year, and I have better perspective going forward’’, said the world record holder and Asian champion.

With the national championship and two selection trials done already, the 26-year-old Angad may not be able to fight for a berth in the national team this year.

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Stressing his commitment to do the country proud in future, Angad pointed out that he had a strong base in India for the sport, meticulously built over time to help achieve excellence in shooting.

"Shooting is an expensive sport. I know how much we have invested in it back home with the range in Zirakpur etc. I cannot just leave it. Being part of the team for about eight years, I needed some time to catch up with work and family."

"Especially so, if I have to continue in shooting, as the coming years will be very hectic. I never announced that I would be quitting. There were several rumours, but I stayed quiet and didn’t want to give any comment’’, clarified Angad.

As a young shooter in his maiden Olympics, Angad said that he was proud with his performance and would be ready in time for the Paris Games, for a better fare.

"I gave my best in Tokyo. Despite being the youngest and it being my first Olympics, I shot 120. I will only get better in future’’, assured Angad.