The Davis Cup World Group play-off ties will have a different set of dates for the Asian countries owing to the Asian Games scheduled to be staged in China in September.

Thanks to the Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) and the All India Tennis Association (AITA) taking up the subject with the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the president of ITF, David Haggerty, has even agreed to consider the option of the ten Asian countries getting the chance to host the ties.

To ensure the Asian countries fielding their best teams for both the Davis Cup and the Asian Games, the tennis event will be held in the second week of the Asian Games from September 18.

The Davis Cup dates for the Asian countries will be September 14 and 15, so that they have a small window to travel to China after the ties.

India drawn to meet Norway in Davis Cup, away tie dates clash with Asian Games  

Originally, the Davis Cup dates were 16, 17 and 18.

Thus, India which has drawn Norway, has a chance to host the tie at home, so that it is easier to travel to China.

After a lot of written communication, the president of ITF spoke to the life president of ATF and the vice president of ITF, Anil Khanna, conceding ground and accepting the suggestions in the best interest of both the events.

The referee for the Asian Games would also be requested to give a little more time for the players involved in the Davis Cup ties, so that they get to compete in singles, doubles and mixed doubles in the Asian Games.