Physical success is often driven by a tranquil mind and the burning fire of desire powered by the heart. Tennis coach Devinder Singh Bhusari conducted an online clinic for the young  enthusiasts, which included two of the leading players of the country, Ankita Raina and Vishnu Vardhan, discussing the nuances of heartfulness, which is practised by World champion and Olympic silver medallist, P.V. Sindhu.

"Willpower is everything. Everyone has the time. We just need the discipline’’, said Devinder, in the hour-long meditation course.

"We are slaves of habit. We make the same mistakes. To change, we need to cleanse the deeply embedded complexities, impressions and impurities. The mind jumps like a monkey. Regulate it to stay in the present rather than let it wander dangerously towards negative ideas," said the tennis guru, who runs the Shaishya Academy in Ahmedabad.

"Once you get the mind to think what you want it to do, you can tap courage which resides in the heart. Together, it will trigger intuition to help you make the split second decision," said Devinder, as he touched the secret of sporting excellence, with a combination of mind and heart.

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Stressing that at the highest level, the difference between winning and losing was often decided by the mental state of the athletes, Devinder observed that regular meditation would help the tennis players to be better when they get on court.

Pointing out that heartfulness was practised in more than 160 countries with the help of over 12,000 trainers, Devinder advised the young athletes to tap the free resources during lockdown, to rejuvenate themselves for a better tomorrow.

"A calm and silent mind helps you in taking better decisions. With courage, energy and calmness, you will be able to play to your best. It will also help you to be a better person, and more efficient in everything you do," remarked Devinder.

Together with simple breathing technique, meditation can unleash the explosive energy for sporting success.