PBL: Bengaluru Raptors 3-2 Chennai Smashers

Bengaluru Raptors take today's tie 3-2 and finish third in the table while Chennai Smashers' season ends here.

Updated : Jan 10, 2019 22:38 IST

Kidambi Srikanth of Bengaluru Raptors in action.
Kidambi Srikanth of Bengaluru Raptors in action.

Kidambi Srikanth of Bengaluru Raptors in action.

Good evening!

It is the last group stage match of the Premier Badminton League and it is the home team, the Bengaluru Raptors taking on its neighbours Chennai Smashers.

You can catch all the live updates from today's match here.

The Raptors are placed fourth on the points table with Chennai Smashers stand sixth with 13 points.

A lot to play for both the teams and we are in for a pulsating evening.



4-15 Three quick points for Chennai and Chris and Gabrielle wrap up the match after going down a game. Bengaluru 3-2 victor tonight and will take on Awadhe Warriors in the first semifinal tomorrow, which means the second semifinal is between Hyderabad Hunters and Mumbai Rockets on Saturday. For Chennai, the season ends here.

4-12 The Adcocks have done well since losing the first game. They have combined well, played like their semifinal chances are still alive and have pushed the Bengaluru duo all over.

2-8 This time it is well out and Chennai goes to the break with a comfortable lead.

2-7 Marcus asks for a review and he wins it. The shuttle was just out, good call.

1-7 Lovely play from Gabrielle. Swift at the net to change the direction of play and win the point.

0-5 Five point lead now. Looks like Chennai Smashers wants to go finish the season on the strongest possible note.

Third game: 0-2 Chennai starts this game strong, taking the lead quickly and doubling it.

15-12 And we have a third game on our hands. Lauren wins the point, raises her arms in triumph and we have a pulsating finish to the league stages of this season.

14-10 Match point to the Bengaluru duo. In for a third game, aren't we?

13-10 Chris put a lot of power in the jump smash but Matcus was good with his return.

8-10 A 29 shot rally, a fabulous one, goes to Chennai. The reflexes from the four on the court have been fantastic, swift in returns and energetic to cover the length of their courts many times over.

8-9 Chris' smash forces Marcus' return to go wide.

7-8 Gabrielle is aggressive at the net. A jump smash gives Chennai Smashers the lead at the break.

6-6 Marcus is on the floor at the baseline. Looks like he slipped on the carpet that's around the court.

5-6 Power play from Chris now. He's on a mission to show everyone just how hard he can smash, by the look of things.

2-5 From two points down to a three point lead. The Adcocks have done very well to turn the tide in their favour here.

2-2 A good rally ends with Lauren's effort going beyond the chair umpire.

Second game: 1-0 Aggressive from Lauren at the net to take the first point.

8-15 And the Chennai duo take first game with a smash down the middle.

8-14 Match point to Chennai with another smash from Chris.

7-12 It's Gabrielle's turn to show that she can smash winners from the baseline.

6-11 Lauren into the net from Gabrielle's serve.

5-8 Smash down through the middle from Chris and Chennai has a thee point lead at the break.

4-5 Chennai might be out of contention for the semifinals but it looks like Chris hasn't been given the memo. He has made the Bengaluru duo sweat it out for every point here.

2-2 Chris is enjoying himself at the baseline. A couple of fine smashes from the line sees him take the point.

2-1 Solid smash from Marcus.

1-0 Lauren takes the first point with her serve.

The next match is the mixed doubles: Marcus Ellis and Lauren Smith vs Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock.

10-15 Sung completes her 100% record in this PBL season and it is a well deserved win for the Chennai Smashers.

10-14 A tired Vu Thi smashes into the net.

10-12 Vu Thi is packing too much power in her shots. Loses another here by going long.

8-12 A third good rally from the pair ends with Vu Thi losing the point again. She challenges but loses it. A shuttle fell well wide at the baseline.

8-11 Another good rally ends with Vu Thi going long at the baseline.

8-10 Both players giving their all here but Sung has done well to force her across the court, with Vu Thi smashing into the net this time.

4-8 With Vi Thi going wide, Sung takes a four point lead going into the break.

2-1 Another drop shot from Vu Thi and this time Sung can't even get a return.

Third game: 1-1 A fine ally ends with Sung stretching to get to a cross court dropshot and goes wide with the return.

15-14 Vu Thi takes the game and forces a third one.

14-14 Decider point after Vu Thi wins a referral.

14-13 Match point for J.H Sung and she has been impressive in her fightback.

12-12 J.H. Sungh equalises, courtesy two unforced errors from Vu Thi.

12-10 Vu Thi has taken a two point lead and this could be a decisive moment in the match.

10-10  J.H. Sungh makes a terrific comeback as she fights back to equalise.

8-6 Vu Thi has taken a two point lead and has played some lovely shots with an inside out deft shot being the highlight.

4-4 Vu Thi closes the gap pretty quickly and she has managed to equalise.

3-2 J.H. Sungh takes a one point lead and the manner in which she has recovered has been remarkable.

1-0 J.H. Sungh starts with a smash and pockets the first point.


Second game gets underway.

15-10 J.H. Sung wins the first game and this has been a contest of highest level. However, Sung kept her cool and prevailed in what was a thrilling game.

13-9 J.H. Sung goes on the attack and has stretched her lead.

11-9 J.H. Sung takes a two point lead and given the manner the contest is going, it's a very vital lead.

10-9 Vu Thi did all the right things, covered the court beautifully but finally made an unforced error to concede the lead.

7-7 It's going to be a stiff contest as both players are going neck to neck. 

5-4 J.H. Sung takes the lead in what was a 26-shots rally. Wonderful display of attacking badminton.

2-2 Both players have used the court to good use with Sung relying more on smashes.

Next up is Vu Thi vs J.H. Sung

Kidambi Srikanth wins the Trump match by defeating Chong Wei Feng and maintains his winning streak this season.


15-10 Kidambi Srikanth wins the match without breaking much sweat and this has been an absolutely dominating performance.

10-9 Kindambi Srikanth was quick to snatch back the lead from Chong Wei Feng.

8-9 Chong Wei Feng takes the lead for the first time in the match.

7-7 Chong Wei Feng makes amends and this time forces Kidambi Srikanth to make unforced errors.

6-3 Kidambi Srikanth maintains his lead as Chong Wei Feng is clearly struggling.

1-0 Kindambi Srikanth takes the first point in the second game also and the shuttler seems to be in absolute control.

Second game gets underway.

15-10 Kidambi Srikanth takes the first game and rightly so after a fine start.

12-9 Kidambi Srikanth continues to put pressure on his opponent and after a long rally deftly plays a drop shot and earns a point.

10-8 Kidambi Srikanth forces Chong Wei Feng to commit two unforced errors and has now a two point advantage.

8-6 Chong Wei Feng stages a fightback with two brilliant smashes and Kidambi Srikanth has no answers.

7-3 Kidambi Srikanth has taken a four point lead and is now looking to further up the ante. 


3-1 Kidambi Srikanth is playing effortlessly and although Chong Wei Feng managed to get a point, it's Srikanth who has shown great control.

1-0 Kidambi Srikanth takes the first point of the Trump match with a smash to the right of his opponent.

• Bengaluru Raptors' trump match is up next: Kidambi Srikanth vs Chong Wei Feng.

15-12 Game, match and a place in the semifinals goes to Bengaluru Raptors. Kashyap goes wide with a dropshot and gives the game and match to Praneeth. That also brings to end Chennai Smashers' hopes of a place in the semifinals.

14-12 For a change, Praneeth goes on the aggressive and he gets to match point.

13-12 Another good call from Praneeth to let a return go wide. There was no need for Kashyap to risk the point there by going for a smash.

12-12 Kashyap forces Praneeth into returning into the net with his smash.

12-11 Good call from Praneeth to let a return from Kashyap go wide.

10-11 Praneeth's drop shot falls just wide.

10-9 Praneeth sends the shuttle into the crowd with a return.

9-8 Two smashes from to the same area and two points to him.

8-6 And Praneeth takes the lead into the break. Kahyap has come out fighting in this game but Praneeth manages to stay ahead. If Praneeth wins this game, he takes the match and ends Chennai Smashers' playoff dreams.

7-6 Brilliant from Praneeth. He follows up a forehand cross court shot with a smash from the baseline.

5-5 Kahsyap on the floor to get to a return. Praneeth sees the opportunity for a drop shot but doesn't execute it well.

5-4 Kashyap does well to hold the rally and Praneeth, for a change, ends it by smashing wide.

5-3 Praneeth with a backhand return with his back to the net and Kahsyap replies with a smash.

4-1 Praneeth has played the patient game well today. He holds his position, waits for Kashyap to lose his cool before going on the aggressive. Has worked for him int he first game and is sticking to that plan in the second.

Second game: 0-1 Kashyap holds his position well to take the first point with a smash.

15-11 Not really, as Praneeth takes the game with a drop shot.

14-11 Nerves from Praneeth? Squanders three points in a row.

14-8 Praneeth goes for a smash from Kashyap's serve to get to game point.

11-8 Good reflexes from Praneeth to return a couple of smashes from Kashyap before finishing the point with his own.

9-8 Good fight from Kashyap. He is taking the game to Praneeth and is forcing him to make silly errors.

8-5 Praneeth lets a return go thinking it will go wide but it turns out to be a wrong call.

8-3 Good smash from Praneeth to take the lead into the break.

7-3 Praneeth into the net this time.

7-2 Praneeth moving much better. Jumo smash from the baseline from him.

6-2 A 26 shot rally ends with Kashyap hitting well wide with his back to the net.

First game: 0-1 Good start from Kashyap, wins the point with a smash.

• Next up is the Chennai Smashers' trump match: B Sai Praneeth vs Parupalli Kashyap.

11-15 And Chennai Smashers win its must-win game. Chris smashes into Setiawan's body for the final point. Good start to the day for the team from Chennai, Bengaluru Raptors off to a dreadful start.

10-14 Match point to Chennai.

10-12 Chris ends a good rally with a shot that goes wide.

8-12 Well wide from Setiawan and Chennai get closer to winning the game and the match.


7-10 Another error from Setiawan at the net. Another point to Chennai.

6-9 Chris gets a drop shot just in time and his shot lies into Setiawan's body.

6-8 Chennai takes a two point lead going into the break.

6-7 A smash flies into Chung's body and his return goes wide.

5-7 Chennai turning up the heat now, varying their shots well.

5-4 Chung's return from a smash goes into the net.

3-4 Unsuccessful challenge from Ahsan this time.

3-3 Chris goes wide on a return.

2-1 Chris lets a return go at the baseline but the shuttle lands just on the line. He asks for a review but loses it.

Game three: 0-1 Wide from Ashan.

8-15 And Chennai takes the game with a good smash from Chris. This was a quick game, with the Chennai duo well ahead of their Bengaluru counterparts throughout.

8-14 Game point to the Chennai duo.

8-13 Setiawan tries to go cross court with a return but only finds the net.

8-11 It has been a match of short rallies here, with Chris smashing into the net this time.

6-8 Setiawan with good reflexes at the net to reply a drop shot with a smash.

5-8 And it's the Chennai duo who take the lead going into the break this time.

5-7 Chung finishes a rally this time with a smash from the net.

5-6 Good rally ends with a delicate drop shot from Chris. The Bengaluru duo weren't ready for that after a slew of smashes.

5-3 Good smash from Chung that falls between the Bengaluru duo, with both leaving it to the other to take the return.

3-2 The return from Ashan's cross court backhand flies into the net.

2-2 Ashan with a smash from the baseline.

Second game: 0-1 Chennai start on the front foot this time.

15-14 And Benngaluru takes the game with a good rally. Saved a game point, went for a good review and then turn the game in their favour.

14-14 The Bengaluru duo call for a review and they win the review.

13-14 Chennai duo get to game point with a good drop shot.

13-12 Good crosscourt forehand from Ashan this time.

12-12 Great backhand from Chung.

12-10 Error at the net from Hendra, who sees his smash go into the net.

12-8 Chung stretches to get to a drop shot but his return goes into the net.

9-6 Beautiful service from Ashan and the Chennai duo make the wrong call in letting it go It lands well inside and Bengaluru gets the point.

8-6 Ashan's return is called in and the Chennai duo ask for a review, which they lose. Bengaluru goes into the break with a slender lead.

7-6 Solid smash from Chris and the return goes wide.

5-4 Chung tries to reply a drop shot with one of his own but it doesn't clear the net.

3-1 Ashan does well to get his smash away and it goes into Chris' body.

First game: 1-0 Quick exchange at the end net ends with a well taken smash. Good start from the Bengaluru Raptors.


• The first match of the day is the men's doubles: Mohammad Ashan and Hendra Setiawan vs Chris Adcock and Or Chin Chung.


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