Clinical Saina proves too good for error-prone Sindhu

P. V. Sindhu lost the match in straight games, leading to Saina defending her Senior National Badminton Championship.

P.V. Sindhu and Saina Nehwal face off in a pulsating final.   -  Special Arrangement

Saina Nehwal got the better of P. V. Sindhu in straight games, beating her 21-18 21-15.

Live updates

15-21 Saina completes the win! Both players shake hands and Saina defends her Senior National Badminton Championship title.

14-20 Sindhu's backhand is wide and match point for Saina.

13-19 Saina's forehand is inside the baseline.

13-18 A forehand winner from Saina, putting herself well in control of the match.

13-17 Sindhu's forehand is long, Saina shows good judgment to not play the shuttle that dropped beyond the baseline.

12-15 Saina forces a forehand error off Sindhu. After drawing her to the net with a backhand drop shot, she forces Sindhu to her back court and Sindhu cannot return Saina's forehand.

12-14 Saina's forehand is long and wide. Sindhu shows good judgment to not play the shuttle.

11-14 A forehand winner down the line from Saina.

11-13 Sindhu forces a backhand error off Saina with a ferocious forehand smash.

10-13 A forehand unforced error from Saina, who catches the net while she was in control of the point.

9-13 Sindhu's forehand smash drops in the side tramlines and Saina has a free point again.

9-11 Saina takes a two-point lead into the mid-game break in the second. A Sindhu backhand drops in the side tramlines.

8-10 Saina has a two-point lead. She plays a delicate drop shot to Sindhu's backhand. Sindhu can't get the shuttle over the net after going full stretch.

8-9 A big forehand from Sindhu to forced a backhand error off Saina.

7-9 Three points in a row for Saina, the latest courtesy a forehand unforced error from Sindhu, who catches the net.

7-7 An unforced error from Sindhu and Saina shows good judgment to play the shuttle that dropped wide.

7-6 Sindhu forces a backhand error off Saina with a ferocious forehand of her own. Saina gets her racquet to the shuttle but cannot get enough power on her return.

6-6 Saina catches the net with her forehand pick-up shot.

5-5 Saina wipes out the lead in dominant fashion. The latter with a ferocious forehand smash which Sindhu doesn't return.

5-3 Saina smashes her forehand into the net and Sindhu has a two-point cushion.

3-3 A long rally ends in Sindhu hitting a forehand cross-court winner after forcing Saina deep in her court. Saina was well in control of the point but couldn't put the stamp on it.

2-2 A backhand unforced error from Sindhu helps Saina draw level.

2-0 A couple of cheap points for Sindhu at the start of the second game.

Second game.

18-21 Saina takes the first game with a smash down the line.

18-20 A body smash from Sindhu goes unreturned.

17-20 Saina with a smash down the line to win herself match point.

Sindhu 17-18 Saina P. V. Sindhu has clawed her way back into the contest after being well behind the eight-ball. She was trailing Saina 11-15 at one point.