Sanjana Ramesh can be a role model, says Jennifer Azzi

Atlanta Olympics gold medallist and women’s Basketball Hall of Fame member Jennifer Azzi oversaw the second NBA Academy women's camp in Greater Noida.

Olympic gold medallist Jennifer Azzi guides the players in the NBA Academy women's camp.   -  Special Arrangement

The second NBA Academy women’s camp, with 24 top players had another good day of training on Wednesday, under the guidance of the Atlanta Olympics gold medallist and women’s Basketball Hall of Fame member, Jennifer Azzi, and former college coach Blair Hardiek.

The focus was on position work and screening. The day started with campers going through drills on transition ball handling, guard footwork series etc. In the afternoon session, the campers listened to life skills session followed by shooting practice, live action situations in screening and guard post competitions.

The campers were divided into three teams, Storm, Mystics and Mercury, and played 5 x 5 games.

"The players understand the opportunity for them. With Sanjana Ramesh paving the way after coming through the last camp, she can be a role model for all the campers here", said Azzi.

The first day of training on Tuesday had started with stationary finger-tip ball handling, change of speed ball handling, etc. Then, the campers divided into three groups, focused on volume shooting, using different techniques, like using a jab and shot fake to create a shot, shooting footwork using curls and flares, moves and counter moves to finishing with contact at various shooting stations.

They also had shooting competition from five spots, transition shooting and Olympic shooting.