GITAM University GM chess: Boris Savchenko wins in the final round, clinches title

Russia’s Boris Savchenko outwits Farrukh Amonatov in the final round to emerge as the winner in GITAM University Grandmasters chess tournament.

Andhra Chess Association President K. V. V. Sarma (extreme left) with the winner Boris Savchenko of Russia (third from left) and the others top three finishers Visakhapatnam on Friday. - SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

GM Boris Savchenko of Russia outwitted GM Farrukh Amonatov of Tajikistan in the final round to emerge as the winner in the GITAM University Grandmasters chess tournament here on Friday. Savchenko tallied 8.5 points.

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Five players GMs Paichadze Luka of Georgia, Stupak Kirill of Belarus, Harsha Bharathakoti, IM S. Nitin and GM Mitrabha Guha scored seven points each to finish from second to sixth by virtue of tie-break in that order. On the top board, Savchenko opted for French Defence against top-seeded Amonatov and the game developed into a complicated middle-game in which the former played brilliantly to sacrifice a knight on the 19th move to get a favourable position and eventually win the contest after 34 moves.

On the second board Luka Paichadze and Harsha Bharathakoti played a well-fought game in Nimzo Indian defence but had to settle for a draw after 43 moves in a three-fold repetition.

The winner got ₹2.5 lakhs, second-placed Paichadze ₹2 lakhs and the third placed Kirill Stupak ₹1.5 lakhs.

The results
  • Final round: Farrukh Amonatov (Tjk) 7 lost to Boris Savchenko (Rus) 8.5; Harsha Bharathakoti (Ind) 7.5 drew with Luka Paichadze (Geo) 7.5; Kirill Stupak (Blr) 7.5 drew with Mitrabha Guha (Ind) 7.5; Ortik Nigmatov (Uzb) 7 drew with Ameya Audi (Ind) 7; Mukhammadali Abdurakhmomov (Uzb) 6.5 lost to S. Nitin (Ind) 7.5; Alexei Fedorov (Blr) 6.5 drew with Himal Gusain (Ind) 7; Mihail Nikitenko (Blr) 6 lost to Baghdasaryan Vahe (Arm) 6 GM Fedorov Alexei 2523 BLR 6.5 drew 7; Kaustuv Kundu (Ind) 6 lost to Azer Mirzoev (Aze) 7; Neelotpal Das (Ind) 7 bt Varshney Aaryan (Ind) 6; R.R. Laxman (Ind) 7 bt J. Ramakrishna (Ind) 6.

Final placings
  • 1. Boris Savchenko (Rus) 8.5 pts,
  • 2. Luka Paichadze (Geo) 7.5,
  • 3. Kirill Stupak (Blr) 7.5 pts,
  • 4. Harsha Bharathakoti (Ind) 7.5 pts,
  • 5. S. Nitin (Rlys) 7.5 pts,
  • 6. Mitrabha Guha (Ind) 7.5 pts,
  • 7. Farrukh Amonatov (Tjk) 7 pts,
  • 8. Ameya Audi (Ind) 7 pts,
  • 9. Subhayan Kundu (Ind) 7, and
  • 10. Baghdasarayan Vahe (Arm) 7 pts.

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