BCCI hopes to make inroads into ICC politics

The BCCI is likely to utilise the coronavirus pandemic to not only try and help the smaller cricket nations but also regain its clout in the ICC politics.

ICC chairman Shashank Manohar is perceived to not let BCCI have its cake and eat it too when it comes to the revenue sharing model   -  PTI

The Board of Control for Cricket in lndia (BCCI) is likely to utilise the COVID-19 pandemic to not only try and help smaller cricket nations stay afloat financially but also regain its clout in the International Cricket Council (ICC) politics.

The chief executives of the ICC full members are set to discuss the possibility of deferring the World Test Championship (WTC) and the ODI Super League during Thursday’s meeting of the Chief Executives Committee (CEC). As the CEC is set to discuss the rejigged future tours programme assuming a possible resumption of international cricket towards the end of the year in the post-pandemic scenario, the BCCI is understood to have opened backroom channels with multiple boards.

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According to a BCCI insider, the BCCI has been offering tours to virtually every full member in the reworked FTP to ensure other cricket boards can generate income through broadcast deals. More importantly, for the BCCI, such an arrangement will help it to claw its way back into ICC boardroom.

After dominating the ICC affairs for almost two decades, the BCCI’s importance in the game’s governing body has been on the wane over the last four years with Shashank Manohar at the helm. Despite being a former BCCI president, Manohar - ICC’s first independent chairman - is perceived to not let BCCI have its cake and eat it too when it comes to revenue sharing model of the ICC.

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As a result, the BCCI has been sidelined in the ICC boardroom. “If other boards are assured of a tour by the Indian team, that income coupled with the appearance money BCCI pays for every board for releasing its players for the Indian Premier League, may result in other members toeing BCCI’s line in ICC,” said an observer.

Manohar’s successor is supposed to elected during the ICC Board meeting in June but the pandemic could result in the election process being delayed. If the BCCI can get substantial votes at its disposal, it can re-emerge as the kingmaker in ICC in the post-pandemic world.

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