CPL 2020 highlights: Zouks beats Patriots by 6 wickets, Trinbago thumps Guyana

Catch the score, commentary, updates and highlights from the Caribbean Premier League match between St Lucia Zouks and St Kitts and Nevis Patriots.

Updated : Aug 28, 2020 10:16 IST

St. Lucia Zouks, led by Darren Sammy, beat St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots by 10 runs in their previous encounter.
St. Lucia Zouks, led by Darren Sammy, beat St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots by 10 runs in their previous encounter.

St. Lucia Zouks, led by Darren Sammy, beat St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots by 10 runs in their previous encounter.



Zouks 111/4 after 14.4 overs; Target 111 (Glenn 8, Chase 27): There is the win for the Zouks. Glenn clears the long-off boundary with a wild swing. Ben Dunk fires a length ball which Chase drives through the leg side for a four.

Zouks 100/4 after 14 overs; Target 111 (Glenn 1, Chase 23): New batsman Javelle Glenn is in a hurry to finish things off. He tries to go after Emrit who keeps it low, keeping the left-hander under check. Just a single off the over.

Zouks 99/4 after 13 overs; Target 111 (Nazibullah 33, Chase 23): OUT! Nazibullah goes after Ben Dunk's short-pitched ball outside off stump and manages to send it over the line. He lofts the next ball on the leg side and runs two. However, he goes for a heave on the leg side and gets caught by Alzarri Joseph at long on who takes a good running catch.  Zouks needs 12 runs from 42 balls.

Zouks 89/3 after 12 overs; Target 111 (Nazibullah 23, Chase 23): Emrit keeps it full and consistently lands outside the off stump. Just two runs off the over.

Zouks 87/3 after 11 overs; Target 111 (Nazibullah 22, Chase 22): Ben Dunk is into the attack. Nazibullah drives his half volley through extra cover for a boundary. The batsmen run four singles to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Zouks 79/3 after 10 overs; Target 111 (Nazibullah 15, Chase 21): Patriots captain Rayad Emrit picks up the ball. Chase plays a wonderful square cut to beat the man inside the circle for a boundary as there is some slight drizzle. Emrit keeps it full for Nazibullah off the fifth ball as the left-hander slices it over the off-side field for four runs.

Zouks 68/3 after 9 overs; Target 111 (Nazibullah 9, Chase 14): Chase and Nazibullah see out Imran Khan's final over which yields seven runs. Chase picks up the turn and cuts it behind the wicket for a couple off the last ball. Imran Khan ends his quote with 4-0-23-3.

Zouks 61/3 after 8 overs; Target 111 (Nazibullah 8, Chase 11): Nazibullah Zadran is the new man in. Jaggesar goes round the wicket to keep the left-hander pinned in his crease. He goes for the reverse sweep on the next ball and gets a boundary through square leg. Another reverse sweep and same result. Smart batting by the Afghanistan batsman.

Zouks 52/3 after 7 overs; Target 111 (Fletcher 13, Chase 10): OUT! Another sharp catch gets rid off Fletcher. The ball skids off the surface as Fletcher rocks back and pulls it to Nick Kelly at mid-wicket who takes a superb catch.

Zouks 47/2 after 6 overs; Target 111 (Fletcher 13, Chase 4): Fletcher and Chase do not attempt any risky shots as they pick up quick singles. Jaggesar bowls an occasional loose ball and Fletcher hits him for a massive six over the long on.

Zouks 36/2 after 5 overs; Target 111 (Fletcher 6, Chase 4): Chase drives Imran Khan's hat-trick ball on the leg-side for a single. Fletcher nudges another length ball on the on-side to take a single. Five singles from the over.

Zouks 31/2 after 4 overs; Target 111 (Fletcher 4, Chase 1): Roston Chase walks into the middle and is put under pressue by Jaggesar's bounce. Fletcher is cautious going into the front-foot drive as plays out remainder of the over.

Zouks 30/2 after 3 overs; Target 111 (Cornwall 26, Deyal 0): OUT! Deyal attempts a slog sweep and gets a top edge. Emrit at mid-on makes up huge ground to take an excellent diving catch.

Mark Deyal is the new man at the crease after Cornwall's dismissal.

9.55 pm: The rain has stopped and the sun is out. The covers come off and the play might resume very soon.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Bravo on reaching 500 T20 wickets: "During the lockdown, it was important for me to maintain my fitness. Its more of self-pride. I don't want to hear the talk if I have more it in me to keep going. I kept a strict fitness routine and kept track of what I ate during the lockdown."


9.33 pm: The drizzle gets heavier as the umpires signal the ground staff to bring in the covers.

Zouks 30/1 after 2.5 overs; Target 111 (Cornwall 26, Fletcher 4): Bowled! Imran Khan is the next bowler. The leg-spinner invites Cornwall into a wild swing and miss. The opener connects the next ball and sends the ball outside the ground over the long-on boundary. Imran keeps the ball low and Cornwall goes for a wild swing, missing it completely as the ball clatters into the stumps.

Zouks 24/0 after 2 overs; Target 111 (Cornwall 20, Fletcher 4): Jon-Russ Jaggesar is handed the new ball as the spinner attacks Fletcher outside the off stump. Fletcher rocks back and punches it through point for a boundary. Jaggesar changes his line and gets the bounce he needed. Fletcher is careful dealing with the turn and sees out remainder of the over.


Clouds hover over the stadium as there is a slight drizzle. The umpires alert the ground staff to be ready with covers.

Zouks 20/0 after 1 over; Target 111 (Cornwall 20, Fletcher 0): Cornwall is on fire. He first pulls Tanvir over the mid-on for a boundary and then sends the ball over extra-cover for another boundary. He then frees his arms and sends Tanvir over long off for a six and then sends the last ball over the line at deep extra cover to land a massive blow to Patriots.

Rahkeem Cornwall and Andre Fletcher walk out to the middle for the chase as Sohail Tanvir will bowl the first over for Patriots.


Patriots: 110/9 after 20 overs (Joseph 21, Jaggesar 0): Williams to bowl the final over. Imran Khan tries to clear the off-side field but gets caught at cover by Roston Chase. Williams bowls a short ball as Joseph takes the aerial route and clears the long-on boundary for the second time. Some sloppy fielding at deep mid-wicket results in an extra run for Joseph. He digs out Williams' yorker down the ground and runs two. He hits the final ball through the cover and add two more runs. These are all valuable runs for the Patriots on a tricky pitch.

Patriots: 100/8 after 19 overs (Joseph 11, Imran 0): Kuggeleijn bowls an off-cutter but misses the mark as the balls runs away for four wides. He attempts another slow bouncer which Joseph clobbers for a six over the long-on boundary.

Patriots: 91/8 after 18.4 overs (Joseph 3, Emrit 16): OUT! Kuggeleijn comes back into the attack and the Kiwi pacer keeps it on the stumps to deny the batsmen any space. He gives away three runs and then bowls a slow bouncer as Emrit swings towards the leg-side which Mark Deyal catches at deep mid-wicket.

Patriots: 87/7 after 18 overs (Joseph 3, Emrit 16): Kesrick Williams gets the ball and the pacer struggles with his line. He bowls a short ball wide outside the off stump and gets smacked for a six by Emrit. He goes for a bouncer which slips out of his hand and goes wide. He hits the deck hard on the final ball as Emrit clobbers it through the mid-wicket for a boundary. A massive over for the Patriots.

Patriots: 70/7 after 16.3 overs (Tanvir 12, Emrit 3): FIVE FOR NABI! Nabi fires a fuller length delivery which Tanvir tries to slog sweep and gets a top edge. Zahir Khan at backward square leg takes an easy catch. Nabi ends his four-over quota with 4-0-15-5, the third best figures in CPL history.

Patriots: 69/6 after 16 overs (Tanvir 12, Emrit 3): Ouch! Cornwall pitches the ball in the middle and gets some extra bounce which goes over Tanvir's bat and hits Fletcher on top of his middle finger. The Zouks' keeper is clearly in pain as he gets some medical tape on it.

Patriots: 66/6 after 15 overs (Tanvir 12, Emrit 1): More off-spin from Zouks as Mark Deyal comes into the attack. He bowls a full toss which Tanvir lofts it over the bowler which looked to run away for a boundary before Kesrick Williams sticks his foot out to save two runs for the Zouks.

Patriots: 62/6 after 14 overs (Tanvir 7, Emrit 0): OUT! Cornwall is into the third over and strays his line. However, his bounce is still a problem for Dunk as he tries to clear the leg-side boundary and hits it straight to Kuggeleijn at deep mid-wicket.

Patriots: 59/5 after 13 overs (Tanvir 7, Dunk 32): Miss! Dunk frees his arms and smacks Khan for a six over long off. The left-hander dances down the pitch off the next ball and completely misses. The ball bounces off keeper Andre Fletcher's gloves and Dunk gets back into the crease in a flash.

Patriots: 51/5 after 12 overs (Tanvir 6, Dunk 26): Close! Cornwall is given a second over as he gets a big outside edge off Dunk which falls short off Sammy's outstretched arm at slip. Drunk tries to hit him straight and gets a top edge which lands safely at mid-on.

Patriots: 46/5 after 11 overs (Tanvir 5, Dunk 21): Zahir Khan continues as Dunk and Tanvir steer the ball through the leg side for three singles.

Patriots: 43/5 after 10 overs (Tanvir 4, Dunk 19): Sammy throws Rahkeem Cornwall the ball. The turn is still troubling for the Patriots' batsmen as Dunk and Tanvir see out the over.

Patriots: 38/5 after 8.5 overs (Tanvir 0, Dunk 18 ): OUT! Dunk is looking comfortable among the two batsmen at the crease. He shuffles away from the stumps and swats Zahir Khan on the off side for a single. Hamilton on the other hand, first swings and misses, then tries a defensive punch off the back foot and edges it to the keeper.

Patriots: 36/4 after 8 overs (Hamilton 8, Dunk 17): Dunk manages to drive Chase through the covers for a double and then hits it on the turn to clear the long on boundary. The six was Patriots' first boundary since Ramdin's six off Nabi in the third over.

Patriots: 26/4 after 7 overs (Hamilton 6, Dunk 9): Zahir Khan is next into the attack and straight away puts the batsmen in a fix. Hamilton and Dunk are hesitant going on the front foot due to the amount of turn lthe eft-arm spinner is getting off the surface.

Patriots: 22/4 after 6 overs (Hamilton 4, Dunk 7): The slower nature of the pitch is causing batsmen all kinds of problems. Chase hits Dunk on the pads twice but its a half-hearted appeal from the Zouks. Just four off the over.

Patriots: 18/4 after 5 overs (Hamilton 4, Dunk 3): Nabi's probing lines are making it difficult for the batsmen. Hamilton twice miscues his shots and is lucky not to find fielders. Nabi gets vicious turn off the final ball which forces Hamilton on the back foot and defend.

Patriots: 14/4 after 4 overs (Hamilton 1, Dunk 2): Roston Chase is the new bowler. Hamilton and Dunk are careful playing with the spin and run three singles.

Patriots: 11/4 after 3 overs (Hamilton 0, Lewis 1): NABI GETS FOUR! Poor shot selection from Lewis. Nabi bowls a fuller-length delivery on the pads and Lewis gets a top edge off his paddle sweep which flies towards Roston Chase at fine-leg. After two overs, Nabi's stats read 2-0-7-4.

Patriots: 11/3 after 2.5 overs (Ramdin 9, Lewis 1): out! Nabi surprises Ramdin with extra bounce which was reminiscent of Lynn's dismissal. Ramdin get to the pitch of the ball and clears the long on boundary. Nabi pulls his length back and Ramdin goes for the sweep and gets a top edge which lands easily for Najibullah Zadran at deep mid-wicket.

Patriots: 5/2 after 2 overs (Ramdin 3, Lewis 1): Scott Kuggelejin comes in to bowl the second over. New batsman Denesh Ramdin goes in search of a wide ball outside offstump and almost edges it. Kuggelejin fires a yorker which Ramdin manages to defend. The batsman run four singles. Great start by the Zouks.

Patriots: 0/2 after 0.5 overs (Kelly 0, Lewis 0): GONE! Mohammad Nabi is on fire! He pitches the ball outside offstump, on the full to the left handed Nick Kelly and gets a thick outside edge which Cornwall takes easily. Brilliant start by Nabi.

Patriots: 0/1 after 0.3 over (Lynn 0, Lewis 0): OUT! Nabi strikes in the first over and its a duck for Chris Lynn. Nabi bowls it slower in the air and the Australian dabs it on half-volley which leaps off his bat for a simple return catch to the bowler.

The players take to the field. Evin Lewis and Chris Lynn will open the innings for the Patriots while Mohammad Nabi will open the bowling for the Zouks.

Toss Update: St Lucia Zouks wins toss and elects field.

Weather: It is 29°C in Port of Spain, Trindad with a light chance of rain later in the day.

 - Dwayne Bravo made history by becoming the first player to reach 500 T20 wickets and 100 CPL wickets as Trinbago Knight Riders beat St Lucia Zouks. ( REPORT )

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CPL is the world's first major T20 league to be held since the COVID-19 pandemic brought international and domestic cricket to a standstill.

CPL T20 Points Table

WHERE TO WATCH CPL T20 - St Lucia Zouks vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriots?

The Caribbean Premier League match of St Lucia Zouks vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriots will be broadcast live on Star Sports 1 and Star Sports 1 HD. Live streaming will also be available on the FanCode app or website. The live commentary of the game will be available on sportstar.thehindu.com4

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