Eng vs WI: All-round Broad puts England on top after bad light stops play

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England's James Anderson celebrates the wicket of West Indies' Sharmarh Brooks with teammates.   -  REUTERS

Bad light stops play! Some respite for Dowrich you'd imagine. Oh, scratch that. That is the close of play. England take the honours on day two thanks to an all-round performance from Stuart Broad. He was ably supported by England's other fast bowlers Jimmy Anderson, Chris Woakes and Jofra Archer. Archer in particular was engaged in a duel with Dowrich when bad light intervened much to Windies' comfort you would imagine. The visitor is still 232 runs behind England's first-innings score. Holder and Dowrich will hope to put up a brave fight when action resumes on day three, weather permitting.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 137/6 after 47 overs (Jason Holder 24, Shane Dowrich 10)  Spare a thought for Dowrich. He finds himself in the firing line of Archer and Woakes, who are both targeting him with the short ball. Archer, in particular, seems to have had the wood on Dowrich: the right-hander anticipating a bouncer, the ball is waist high; he gets himself into a tangle and the ball pops up towards gully where Rory Burns backpedalls but can't cling on. The umpires, meanwhile, appeared to have taken a reading of the light.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 132/6 after 45 overs (Jason Holder 21, Shane Dowrich 8) Jason Holder collects a hat-trick of boundaries off Jofra Archer. There was a bit of a delay as the umpires checked the light... no reading taken. Excellent bowling from England given the conditions and they've hunted in pairs, something the Windies could take note of when they come out to bowl next (if they do!).

-England 369 all out; West Indies 114/6 after 43 overs (Jason Holder 7, Shane Dowrich 4) More misery for the West Indies as Woakes cleans up Blackwood with a full length delivery that seams back in sharply. WI six down, with Shane Dowrich joining Holder in the middle.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 108/5 after 41 overs (Jason Holder 5, Jermaine Blackwood 26) Archer peppers Blackwood with a few short deliveries, Root has a short leg, leg gully, mid-wicket and square leg for Blackwood. But Archer keeps spraying it down the leg-side. Woakes, at the other end, is at the receiving end of a glorious straight drive from Blackwood.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 101/5 after 39 overs (Jason Holder 5, Jermaine Blackwood 19) Blackwood gets one over Archer: short and outside off, Blackwood punches it through cover-point for four. Good shot. He follows it up with an equally impressive on-drive for four. Meanwhile, there's still some movement on offer for Woakes. No signs of Dom Bess yet. Nasser Hussain on air would like to see the spinner bowl a few overs.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 91/5 after 37 overs (Jason Holder 5, Jermaine Blackwood 9) Holder slightly indecisive in his shot selection in that Archer over: in two minds whether to play or leave. He gets four leg-byes after a short ball brushes his shoulder and races away to the fence. Holder follows it up with a sweetly timed flick through mid-wicket for four. In the meantime, Chris Woakes has replaced Broad at the other end. Joe Root refers a lbw decision upstairs but replays show the ball sailing over Holder's stumps. He survives. 

-England 369 all out; West Indies 78/5 after 35 overs (Jason Holder 1, Jermaine Blackwood 4) GONE! More success for Broad, who traps Chase plumb in front. West Indies in all sorts of trouble, have lost half the side for less than 100. Jason Holder joins Blackwood. Meanwhile Archer is back into the attack, not quite at full tilt yet. Perhaps needs a few deliveries to crank up that pace. Anderson has been taken off the attack for the time being.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 67/4 after 33 overs (Roston Chase 4, Jermaine Blackwood 3) Looks like Archer could be brought back into the attack soon. Archer had a terrific duel with Blackwood in Southampton. Meanwhile, it has been an excellent spell from Anderson and Broad. Before the start of the first Test, he had said both Broad and he still had plenty to offer to English cricket and he is backing up his words with actions.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 62/4 after 31 overs (Roston Chase 1, Jermaine Blackwood 2) Anderson and Broad continuing in tandem. Two new batsmen in the middle ... and England's veteran pace duo have the opposition by the scruff of the neck. The Windies would be hoping for some rain right about now.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 62/4 after 29 overs (Roston Chase 1, Jermaine Blackwood 2) Chase is off the mark and so is Blackwood.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 61/4 after 28 overs (Roston Chase 0, Jermaine Blackwood 2) Excellent review from Blackwood. Anderson thought he trapped Blackwood, the umpire gave him Out but the ball was clearly missing the leg stump. Blackwood survives.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 59/4 after 27 overs (Roston Chase 0, Jermaine Blackwood 0) Both batsmen are yet to get off the mark and are under tremendous pressure. Broad and Anderson aren't giving any room and are breathing down their neck.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 59/4 after 26 overs (Roston Chase 0, Jermaine Blackwood 0) Wicket maiden for Anderson and England are on a roll at the moment.

- Jermaine Blackwood is the new man in

-WICKET- Anderson strikes straightaway after Tea and he gets Brooks with a delivery that came in, got the inside edge on its way to Buttler. West Indies in trouble.

- It will be Anderson from his own end - The Jimmy Anderson end - with Brooks on strike.

-Out come the umpires and there come Root and company. Any predictions of rain that was there before start of play can be put aside firmly. It's bright out there and the session will test the survival skills of the West Indies batsmen. Michael Holding on air says batsmen need to find ways to get some runs. Can they? Let's find out.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 59/3 after 25 overs (Shamarh Brooks 4, Roston Chase 0) That will be Tea. England's session and the fast bowlers came to the party with a wicket each for Anderson, Broad and Archer. West Indies top-order was up for a firm Test and it crumbled against the new ball. It still trails by 310 runs and has got a lot of job to do. Back in 20 minutes.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 58/3 after 24 overs (Shamarh Brooks 2, Roston Chase 0) Wicket maiden for Anderson and with the wicket of Hope, Anderson with 86 scalps equals Fred Trueman for most wickets against West Indies in Test matches.

- Roston Chase is the new man in

-WICKET- Anderson with a ripper packs off Hope and the batsman's torrid time at the crease comes to an end. The late movement from Anderson square up Hope who had to play and gets an outside edge. Simple catch for Buttler.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 58/2 after 23 overs Hope is trying to give an impression that he is willing to spend as much time as possible. Defends well and takes a single to retain strike.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 55/2 after 22 overs (Shai Hope 15, Shamarh Brooks 2) Maiden from Anderson.

- Jimmy Anderson back in the attack

- England 369 all out; West Indies 55/2 after 21 overs (Shai Hope 15, Shamarh Brooks 2) Important for both Hope and Brooks to stitch a partnership and with Hope having spent time at the crease, he holds the key.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 52/2 after 20 overs (Shai Hope 13, Shamarh Brooks 1) Brooks is off the mark and the fifty comes up for West Indies.

-FOUR- Wonderful shot from Hope as he leans into the drive and drives beautifully through the off-side for a boundary.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 47/2 after 19 overs (Shai Hope 9, Shamarh Brooks 0) Just when the partnership was building, Archer delivered the blow and pushed the West Indies on the backfoot. As Hope searches for form, Archer senses an opportunity to take another wicket.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 45/2 after 18 overs (Shai Hope 7, Shamarh Brooks 0) Just a single and the wicket of Campbell will add more pressure on Hope.

Shamarh Brooks is the new man

-England 369 all out; West Indies 44/2 after 17 overs (John Campbell 32, Shai Hope 6) Wicket Maiden. There it is Archer with the short ball and he removes Campbell. Campbell commits himself on the frontfoot, Archer bangs it short, into the ribs, Campbell tries to evade it but the ball takes off after hitting the glove and an easy catch for Rory Burns at gully.  

-England 369 all out; West Indies 44/1 after 16 overs (John Campbell 32, Shai Hope 6) Woakes is trying to shape the ball into the batsmen but both Hope and Campbell are doing their best to get behind the line of the ball and defend it.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 43/1 after 15 overs (John Campbell 31, Shai Hope 6) The boundary should instill some confidence for Hope but he should keep an eye for the bumper while playing Archer. The bowler is so skilful that he can slip in the odd bouncer after pitching it full for a considerable amount of time.

-FOUR- Soft hands into play as Hopes runs the length delivery through the gully and the ball reaches the boundary despite a sluggish outfield.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 38/1 after 14 overs (John Campbell 30, Shai Hope 2) Hope needs to get a move on and rotate the strike having played 32 deliveries for his two runs. His defence is tight but he needs to find a way to score runs.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 37/1 after 13 overs (John Campbell 29, Shai Hope 2) There was a huge LBW shot for a caught behind but the ball brushed Shai Hope's thigh pad on the way to Buttler. England don't take the review.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 36/1 after 12 overs (John Campbell 28, Shai Hope 2) Campbell is busy at the crease as he pulls Woakes for a boundary through the mid-wicket and then steals a quick single with a push to mid-on to retain strike.

- Chris Woakes into the attack

-England 369 all out; West Indies 31/1 after 11 overs (John Campbell 23, Shai Hope 2) 5 wides from the Archer over and West Indies on the recovery mode after losing Brathwaite early.

- Jofra Archer into the attack

-England 369 all out; West Indies 26/1 after 10 overs (John Campbell 23, Shai Hope 2) Campbell plays an excellent drive through the covers and is ticking the scorecard.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 20/1 after 9 overs (John Campbell 17, Shai Hope 2) The umpires have changed the ball after England complained about the seam.

-FOUR- Campbell's eyes lit up after seeing a width delivery and he slashes it hard through the covers for a boundary.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 15/1 after 8 overs (John Campbell 12, Shai Hope 2) Campbell takes a single of the last ball and retains strike.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 14/1 after 7 overs (John Campbell 11, Shai Hope 2) Anderson keeps pitching the ball on the length, around the off, trying to lure the batsman for the drive. Slip cordon on the watchout for an edge.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 12/1 after 6 overs (John Campbell 10, Shai Hope 1) Shai Hope gets off the mark with a single to the fine leg.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 11/1 after 5 overs (John Campbell 10, Shai Hope 0) Ben Stokes drops Campbell! Would you belive it! Anderson snares an outside edge, Campbell pushes hard, gets an outside edge, the ball flies to Stokes at second slip at a catchable height but he grasses iy. He is human, exclaims Michael Holding on air!

-England 369 all out; West Indies 9/1 after 4 overs (John Campbell 8, Shai Hope 0) Hope is yet to get off the mark and Campbell seems to relish the challenge of playing Broad.

-England 369 all out; West Indies 4/1 after 3 overs (Shai Hope 0, John Campbell 3) Campbell is off the mark with a drive through the covers.

- England 369 all out; West Indies 1/1 after 2 overs (Shai Hope 0, John Campbell 0) Wicket maiden for Broad and West Indies under pressure, very early in the innings.

Shahi Hope is the new batsman and he is in the firing line.

-WICKET- Success straightaway for Broad and he makes it look so easy. Length delivery, Brathwaite pushes at it, the ball takes the outside edge and flies straight to Joe Root at first slip.

- Stuart Broad to partner James Anderson

-England 369 all out; West Indies 1/0 after 1 over (Kraigg Brathwaite 1, John Campbell 0) Brathwaite is off the mark with a single to the mid-wicket region.

- Kraigg Brathwaite and John Campbell are the openers and it will be Anderson to Brathwaite.

- The England players enter the field with Stuart Broad having an animated conversation with skipper Joe Root. Following them, the West Indies openers are out there in the middle. This will be an interesting session with Broad, Anderson and Archer in operation. Expect some fascinating bowling with the new Duke ball.

Lunch, Day 2: England 369 all out - West Indies did well to bundle out England for 369 but England will be happy given the fact it lost four quick wickets. Kemar Roach picked his 200th Test wicket but a blazing half-century from Stuart Broad ensured England post a dominating first-innings total. Anderson, Broad and Archer would be hungry for wickets with the new ball. See you in about 45...

-WICKET- Holder gets Anderson as he draws an outside edge and Cornwall takes the catch. England all out 369

- England 365/9 after 111 overs (Dominic Bess 17, James Anderson 8) Just a single from the over and West Indies can't allow this stand to prosper like they did to the Broad-Bess one.

- England 364/9 after 110 overs (Dominic Bess 17, James Anderson 7) Anderson brings out the reverse sweep and he gets one to the third man boundary.

- England 358/9 after 109 overs (Dominic Bess 16, James Anderson 2) Anderson gets off the mark with a couple and he too would like to add value with the bat.

- England 356/9 after 108 overs (Dominic Bess 16, James Anderson 0) Wicket-maiden for Roston Chase

- WICKET - Relief for West Indies as Broad falls, nevertheless, a brilliant innings from the Englishman. Full toss and Broads hits it straight into the hands of the fielder at deep mid-wicket who has stationed specifically for that purpose. Chase breaks the stand and an entertaining innings comes to an end.

- England 356/8 after 107 overs (Dominic Bess 16, Stuart Broad 62) A maiden from Cornwall. 

- England 356/8 after 106 overs (Dominic Bess 16, Stuart Broad 62) West Indies needs to break this partnership as this pair has hurt them the post after a prolific spell from Gabriel and Roach. 

- England 350/8 after 105 overs (Dominic Bess 14, Stuart Broad 58) Broad is just dealing in boundaries. Any loose delivery is being dispatched to the fence and the 350 is up for England. 

- England 343/8 after 104 overs (Dominic Bess 14, Stuart Broad 51) A 33-ball fifty for Broad and this has been one of his best innings. Literally took the sting out of the West Indies bowling and brought England back on track. 


- England 337/8 after 103 overs (Dominic Bess 13, Stuart Broad 46) Two runs from the over and Broad is just a shot away from his half-century.

- England 335/8 after 102 overs (Dominic Bess 12, Stuart Broad 45) The 50-run partnership between Bess and Broad is up and these are very valuable runs for England.

-FOUR- You can't stop Broad from hitting boundaries. Makes room and punches it through the covers and the ball beats the man chasing it.

- England 329/8 after 101 overs (Dominic Bess 11, Stuart Broad 40) Cornwall stops the flow of boundaries but the partnership is worth 49 runs.

- Spin introduced and it will be Rahkeem Cornwall

- England 327/8 after 100 overs (Dominic Bess 10, Stuart Broad 39) Broad has taken a liking for Holder and smacks him for two boundaries. He is playing a gem of a knock here.

- England 318/8 after 99 overs (Dominic Bess 10, Stuart Broad 30) Three runs from the over as Broad moves into the thirties.

- England 315/8 after 98 overs (Dominic Bess 10, Stuart Broad 27) Broad smacks three boundaries and forces the West Indies captain to think something different. West Indies needs to wipe out the tail as Broad is dealing in boundaries.

- England 302/8 after 97 overs (Dominic Bess 9, Stuart Broad 13) Couple of runs from the over and Stuart Broad is looking dangerous. He is no mood to throw his wicket away.

- England 300/8 after 96 overs (Dominic Bess 9, Stuart Broad 13) The 300 is up for England and it will be time for a Drinks break. 10 overs 42 runs and 4 wickets. That's the story so far.

- England 293/8 after 95 overs (Dominic Bess 7, Stuart Broad 8) Broad ends the over with a massive six over mid-wicket and he can be dangerous.

- England 286/8 after 94 overs (Dominic Bess 7, Stuart Broad 2) West Indies need to be mindful about their no balls as every run from here would be very vital. Gabriel is doing all the right things and just needs to be wary of the fact that he doesn't oversteps.

- England 281/8 after 93 overs (Dominic Bess 4, Stuart Broad 1) West Indies on fire and who would have thought at the start of day's play that England would fall apart. Now West Indies' aim would be to bowl out England under 300.

- WICKET - Another catch for Holder and the West Indies captain swallows it as England loses its eighth wicket. Archer goes for a push with hard hands, gets a thock outside edge and the ball flies straight into the hands of second slip.

- England 278/7 after 92 overs (Dominic Bess 4, Jofra Archer 1) England has lost three wickets for 10 runs in a space of 17 deliveries and this has been terrific from the West Indies. Over to the tail now.

- WICKET - Gabriel strikes and it's been a brilliant start for the West Indies. They are right back in the game and both the overnight batsmen are gone. The ball straightens a bit, takes the outside edhe and Jason Holder pouches it at second slip.

- England 267/6 after 91 overs (Jos Buttler 63, Chris Woakes 1)

-WICKET - Kemar Roach has 200 Test wickets. Cleans up Woakes as the batsman gets an inside edge, chops on to his stumps while trying to punch through the covers. Excellent morning for the West Indies

- England 267/5 after 90 overs (Jos Buttler 63, Chris Woakes 1) Chris Woakes is off the mark and Buttler is away with a boundary. Gabriel produced a beauty to knock off Pope and a couple more would bring West Indies back into the game.

-FOUR- Full, down the leg from Gabriel and Buttler flicks it through the mid-wicket for the first boundary of the day.

-WICKET- Gabriel strikes with a beauty and castles Pope. Full delivery, beautiful seam position, comes in and Pope plays all over the flick only to miss as the stumps are clattered. Excellent from Gabriel as he denies Pope his hundred. Pope departs without adding anything to his overnight score.

- England 262/4 after 89 overs (Ollie Pope 91, Jos Buttler 59) Buttler takes a couple of runs and then is happy to shoulders arms.

- England 260/4 after 88 overs (Ollie Pope 91, Jos Buttler 57) Dropped chance and a Big No Ball! Oh dear, Cornwall caught a blinder yesterday but fresh on Day two, he drops a sitter at first slip and allows Ollie Pope to carry on. Gabriel draws an outside edge, it went straight to Cornwall who just drops it. Gabriel almost trapped Jos Buttler but his no ball gave the England wicket-keeper batsman a life. Both batsmen could have been back into the hut within 10 minutes of play.

- England 258/4 after 87 overs (Ollie Pope 91, Jos Buttler 56) Kemar Roach starts with a maiden and what an opportunity for Pope to get to his hundred.

- England 258/4 after 86 overs (Ollie Pope 91, Jos Buttler 56) Fine over from Gabriel, a maiden to start the day.

- Day 2 Live: Players are out there in the middle and it will be Shannon Gabriel to Jos Buttler.

- Take a look at How Jos Buttler roared back into form


- Good news as the sun is out and the covers are coming off, which means there shouldn't be a delayed start.

-Weather Update - It's a little overcast and there are chances of rain as the day progresses.  Just a little under hour for the second day's play to start and stay tuned as we bring you all the Live scores and updates.

- Good noon and welcome to Day two of the final Test with England in a commanding position. Ollie Pope is just nine shy of his Test hundred while Jos Buttler has found form with an assured half-century. West Indies made breakthroughs and kept chipping away at key intervals before Pope and Buttler joined hands to forge an unbeaten 136-run partnership.

Take a look at how the opening day of the decider Test unveiled at the Emirates Old Trafford.


Ollie Pope is on the verge of registering a fine Test century.


Stumps Day 1 - England 252/4 after 84 overs (Ollie Pope 85, Jos Buttler 56)

Focus switches to the ODIs against Ireland after this Test. The first ODI of the three-match series will be held in Southampton on 30 July.

Five players have been released by the England and Wales Cricket Board from the bio-bubble: Joe Denly, Dan Lawrence, Craig Overton, Ollie Robinson and Ollie Stone. Denly has joined the training group that is preparing for the ODI series. The rest have returned to their counties.

Denly played the first Test against West Indies at Ageas Bowl and made way for the returning Joe Root in the second Test.

Report | Day 1

Pope, Buttler century stand puts England in command on day one

Jos Buttler and Ollie Pope hit fifties to put England in front on day one of the third and final Test between England and the West Indies at the Old Trafford in Manchester on Friday. The host was 258/4 when bad light forced umpires to call off the day's play, with Pope just nine shy of his second Test hundred.

Pope, whose highest score in this series was 12, struck 11 fours in his innings and his unbeaten 136-run partnership with Buttler, who is not out on 56, thwarted a West Indies bowling attack which had England four down for 122 at one stage. It was 131-4 by tea on the first day.

Day 1 Highlights

Pope and wicketkeeper Jos Buttler began to rebuild the innings, with only a long tail left for England after the dismissals of Ben Stokes and Rory Burns in the second session.

West Indies confident of fighting back on Day 2, says Brathwaite

West Indies is confident of recovering after England gained the initiative on the opening day of the third and final Test, said opener Kraigg Brathwaite as he defended his captain Jason Holder's decision to bowl first at Old Trafford on Friday.

"We've got to start back well and look to limit them as much as possible. We will need to build pressure with a lot of dot balls and stop them scoring boundaries,” Brathwaite told a news conference.

"There is no need to force it but if we keep it tight in the morning session, I believe the pressure will bring some rewards," he added.

Here's what Michael Holding wants Jofra Archer to do

West Indies pace legend Michael Holding feels Jofra Archer has the potential to become a great fast bowler and the England speedster should ignore the “outside noise” and focus on his bowling.

Archer has been included in England’s 14-member squad for the series deciding third Test against West Indies beginning on Friday. The 25-year-old had earlier admitted that he was subjected to racist abuse on social media for breaking the bio-bubble protocol after the series opener.

- Playing XI

- England: Rory Burns, Dominic Sibley, Joe Root (C), Ben Stokes, Ollie Pope, Jos Buttler (WK), Chris Woakes, Dominic Bess, Jofra Archer, Stuart Broad, James Anderson

- West Indies: Kraigg Brathwaite, John Campbell, Shai Hope, Shamarh Brooks, Roston Chase, Jermaine Blackwood, Shane Dowrich (WK), Jason Holder (C), Rahkeem Cornwall, Kemar Roach, Shannon Gabriel


Toss: West Indies opt to bowl

What: England vs West Indies, 3rd Test

Where: Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester

Date and Time: July 24-28 03:30 IST


West Indies: Kraigg Brathwaite, John Campbell, Shai Hope, Shamarh Brooks, Roston Chase, Jermaine Blackwood, Shane Dowrich (WK), Jason Holder (C), Kemar Roach, Alzarri Joseph, Shannon Gabriel, Nkrumah Bonner, Rahkeem Cornwall, Raymon Reifer, Chemar Holder

England: Rory Burns, Dominic Sibley, Zak Crawley, Joe Root (C), Ben Stokes, Ollie Pope, Jos Buttler (WK), Dominic Bess, Jofra Archer, Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Chris Woakes, Sam Curran, Mark Wood


Live telecast will be available on Sony Ten channel and live streaming on sonyliv.com