Australia vs South Africa, as it happened: Proteas deny Australia top spot with thrilling win

South Africa registered its third win of the 2019 World Cup, beating the five-time world champion by 10 runs at Old Trafford in Manchester.


David Warner's century leads Australia's pursuit of 326.   -  Reuters

Chasing 326 to beat South Africa and retain top spot, Australia fell short by 10 runs. The Proteas signed off with the win while Australia's defeat altered the semifinal match-ups.


Australia 315/10 in 49.5 overs: Andile Phehlukwayo takes the final wicket and it's a 10-run win for South Africa!

Australia 301/7 in 48 overs: Seventeen runs off the over. Mitchell Starc hits a six and four off Chris Morris before Usman Khawaja flicks a low full-toss through square leg for another four. Kagiso Rabada to bowl his final over.

Australia 284/6 in 47 overs: Usman Khawaja hooks Kagiso Rabada for a four through fine leg. The remainder of the over produces only three runs. Chris Morris continues.

Australia 277/6 in 46 overs: Chris Morris comes back into the attack and takes the wicket of Alex Carey. The Australian wicketkeeper plays the lofted cover drive and picks out Aiden Markram at sweeper cover. Gone for 85. A big moment in the match! Usman Khawaja, who was gone off with a hamstring strain, has walked out to resume his innings. Kagiso Rabada to bowl the first of his last two overs.

Australia 274/6 in 45 overs: Just five runs off the over and South Africa takes a wicket, that of Pat Cummins. A well-disguised slower delivery and Cummins skies it. J. P. Duminy gets under the high ball and catches it with his fingers pointing skywards. Australia needs 52 more runs from five overs. Chris Morris to bowl. Mitchell Starc has joined Alex Carey.

Australia 269/5 in 44 overs: Alex Carey is playing an absolute blinder! He's picking his spots and his execution under pressure is mind-boggling! Here, he sweeps Tabraiz Shamsi in front of square, bisecting long-on and deep midwicket for a four, which is after a thick outside edge carries for four. Twelve runs off the over and Andile Phehlukwayo comes into the attack.

Australia 257/5 in 43 overs: A huge over for Australia. Two fours and a six. Alex Carey is enjoying batting against Imran Tahir, who's pitching it in the slot for the left-hander. Carey connects cleanly and hits a big six over long-on, he then lofts one straight down the ground for a four. Seventeen runs off the over. Tabraiz Shamsi continues.

Australia 240/5 in 42 overs: Four singles and a wide off Tabraiz Shamsi's over. Pat Cummins is struggling to put the ball into the gaps and also doesn't play the big shot. Imran Tahir continues.

Australia 236/5 in 41 overs: Nine runs off the over. Alex Carey picks the googly out of Imran Tahir's hand, gets to the pitch of the ball and with a clean connection, sends the ball rocketing into the boundary hoarding. A brace and three singles make is a reasonably good over for Australia. Tabraiz Shamsi comes into the attack.

Australia 227/5 in 40 overs: The 40th over is a wicket-maiden! David Warner falls for 122: he picks out Chris Morris at mid-on trying to clear him off the first ball of the over. Morris makes an acrobatic effort and takes the catch.Pat Cummins is the new batsman in.

Australia 227/4 in 39 overs: Alex Carey brings up his half-century with an upper cut for four through third man. The four and three singles make it a seven-run over. Australia needs a further 99 runs off 66 balls.

Australia 220/4 in 38 overs: Just five runs off the over. Chris Morris bowls the right length and tucks up the left-handed David Warner and Alex Carey with a stump-to-stump line. The Australian batsmen are happy to pick the singles and not take risks after scoring 16 off the last over. Kagiso Rabada's back into the attack.

Australia 215/4 in 37 overs: Sixteen runs off the over. Alex Carey begins the over with a slap for four down the ground before David Warner sweeps Tabraiz Shamsi for a four behind square (with the fine leg and square leg up in the right) and then plays the inside-out shot for another four. Australia's looking to cash in on the fielding restrictions for the next three fours, but this is quality batting. Chris Morris continues.

Australia 199/4 in 36 overs: David Warner finds the boundary off the first ball and Australia picks up four runs off the next five balls. Chris Morris is unable to find the right length here and Warner and Alex Carey are making him pay. Tabraiz Shamsi comes into the attack, replaces Imran Tahir.

Australia 191/4 in 35 overs: Alex Carey lifts Imran Tahir over mid-off for a four off the first ball of the over. The remainder of the over yields Australia four runs. It now needs 135 runs from 90 balls.

Australia 183/4 in 34 overs: David Warner brings up his third century of the 2019 World Cup. He first hooks a slower bouncer from Chris Morris for a four through fine leg and then helps a wide ball outside off for four to third man. Nine runs off the over. Imran Tahir continues.

Australia 174/4 in 33 overs: Imran Tahir gives Alex Carey a reprieve. The ball dips on the left-hander, who's into his shot quickly and his drive is straight into the midriff of the leg-break bowler who drops it. How costly could it be? The chance came after David Warner had hit Tahir for a four over cover with an inside-out shot.

Australia 167/4 in 32 overs: A couple of fours in the over. Alex Carey has found his groove and, from Australia's perspective, he's looking good. Here, he cuts a ball on the stumps past point for a four and then cover drives a fuller-length ball past over the second four of the over. Two more singles in the over and it's a big over for Australia. Imran Tahir comes into the attack, replaces Tabraiz Shamsi.

Australia 157/4 in 31 overs: Alex Carey and David Warner are starting to open up and take risks. Carey whips a fuller-length ball with the use of his bottom hand for a four through midwicket. David Warner plays the sweep shot and gets a top edge but the ball lands over the fielder at fine leg and they run three. J. P. Duminy continues.

Australia 148/4 in 30 overs: Seven runs off the over, which begins with a reverse sweep for four by David Warner. J. P. Duminy concedes just three runs off the remaining five deliveries.

Australia 141/4 in 29 overs: David Warner miscues an attempted loft shot off Tabraiz Shamsi, but he gets enough bat to get the ball over the infield. It falls in no man's land. A couple of tight overs in succession.

Australia 131/4 in 27 overs: Five runs off the 27th over. It's another tight over from Tabraiz Shamsi and David Warner and Alex Carey look to put the ball into the gaps and pick the singles on offer. J. P. Duminy continues.

Australia 126/4 in 26 overs: Just one run off J. P. Duminy's first over. Cramps the two left-handers - David Warner and Alex Carey - for room and the length is just about right, too. Change of ends for Tabraiz Shamsi.

Australia 125/4 in 25 overs: Alex Carey opens his account with a delightful cover drive for four. It was in the slot all right but it just a beautiful shot and it sped away to the cover boundary. J. P. Duminy comes into the attack, replaces Tabraiz Shamsi.

WICKET! Glenn Maxwell had been living dangerously and he now falls to a lifter from Kagiso Rabada. He goes for the pull and gets a top edge; Quinton de Kock, behind the stumps, leaps high in the air and clings on with his right hand. Gone for 12. Australia 119/4.

Australia 119/3 in 24 overs: Tabraiz Shamsi is bowling superbly, disallowing David Warner and Glenn Maxwell any opportunity to free their arms and find the boundary. He concedes three singles in the over. Kagiso Rabada continues.

Australia 116/3 in 23 overs: Just three runs off the over. Glenn Maxwell's looking to be aggressive, but is trying to hit the ball hard and is losing his timing as a result. He nearly chops on the first ball but it takes a thick outside edge and goes down to the ground and through to the wicketkeeper. Good work on the third-man boundary denies Maxwell a four and the final ball goes for a single. Tabraiz Shamsi continues.

Australia 113/3 in 22 overs: A four off the final ball makes it a reasonably good over for Australia. Tabraiz Shamsi's unlucky. It's fractionally short and David Warner sits ball and plays the cut. The ball takes a thick outside edge and goes through a vacant slip region for four. The first five balls had produced just two more singles. Kagiso Rabada comes back into the attack, replaces Andile Phehlukwayo.

Australia 107/3 in 21 overs: David Warner and Glenn Maxwell put pressure on Andile Phehlukwayo straight away, hitting him for a couple of fours. Maxwell latches onto the pull shot off the first ball of the over and nearly picks out the short midwicket fielder. The ball drops just short of him. On the next ball, Maxwell pulls on the swivel and gets it through the gap between short midwicket and mid-on. When the strike turns over, Warner pulls off the front foot, hitting a fractionally short ball well in front of square. Ten runs off the over. Tabraiz Shamsi continues.

Australia 97/3 in 20 overs: Just two runs off Tabraiz Shamsi's first over. He's full and close to off-stump and David Warner is unable to pierce the gap between short third man and backward point with the square cut. Singles off the final two balls of the over, but it's an excellent over for South Africa under the circumstances.

Australia 95/3 in 19 overs: David Warner pulls the first ball of the over, bowled by Imran Tahir, for a four but the wicket of Marcus Stoinis via a run out dents Australia again. Glenn Maxwell is the new batsman in.

WICKET! Australia's running between the wickets has been reckless at times. Here, Marcus Stoinis takes off for a quick single and though he runs at full speed and without hesitation, he is caught short of his crease. It's a wonderful piece of improvisation from Quinton de Kock that does the job. David Warner plays a full ball with soft hands and looks at Stoinis, who is confident of completing the single. Kagiso Rabada at short fine leg gets to the ball quickly and flicks the ball to de Kock, who is in front of the stumps and flicks it with his left hand onto the stumps. The stumps light up and Stoinis is a few centimetres short.

Australia 91/2 in 18 overs: A controlled hook for four by Marcus Stoinis for four and it's a seven-run over. Chris Morris admonishes himself over the line and length, but it was a good shot by Stoinis. Imran Tahir continues.

Australia 81/2 in 16 overs: Back-to-back nine-run overs. David Warner plays a pull shot on the swivel and the ball flies for a six to the shorter midwicket boundary. Three more singles in the over and Australia is reducing the gap between runs required and balls left.

Australia 72/2 in 15 overs: Another Dwaine Pretorius over that produces a couple of fours. The first is a lofted drive straight down the ground from David Warner before Marcus Stoinis plays a short-arm jab off a slightly short delivery and pierces the gap between short midwicket and mid-on. The required run-rate is already seven runs an over and Australia must keep finding the boundary to keep that under control.

Australia 63/2 in 14 overs: Just one run off the over. Chris Morris bowl length and straight, denying both David Warner and Marcus Stoinis chance to free their arms. And, for now, they are not taking any risk. Dwaine Pretorius continues.

Australia 62/2 in 13 overs: A couple of fours make it a big over for Australia. Marcus Stoinis punches a length ball through the covers for a four before David Warner ramps a short and wide delivery to the third-man boundary for the second four of the over. Dwaine Pretorius couldn't have done much with the first four but was punished for erring slightly with his line and length second time round. Chris Morris continues.

Australia 51/2 in 12 overs: A four of the first ball followed by five dot ball. David Warner cuts a slightly wide delivery in front of square and it races to the boundary, giving the sweeper on the cover boundary no chance. Morris corrects his line after that four and Warner his happy to play out the over quietly. Dwaine Pretorius continues.

Australia 47/2 in 11 overs: Just three runs off the over. Dwaine Pretorius is difficult to score off for both David Warner and Marcus Stoinis. He's not providing pace and is accurate with his line and length. Bowling change: Chris Morris replaces Kagiso Rabada.

Australia 44/2 in 10 overs: A four off the final ball of the over. Marcus Stoinis opens his account with a punch off the back foot through the cover. That came off the 14th ball he faced in the innings.

Australia 39/2 in 9 overs: Marcus Stoinis leaves the final ball of the over which produces just a single. Dwaine Pretorius is posing problems for the Australian batsmen with his accuracy and with his ability to generate bounce because of his height. Kagiso Rabada continues.

Australia 38/2 in 8 overs: Five runs off the over. David Warner top-edges an attempted pull shot but the ball goes over the head of the fine leg and roles over the boundary cushion for a four, which he follows up by taking a single. The South African bowlers are on top.

Australia 33/2 in 7 overs: Steve Smith pulls a length ball from Dwaine Pretorius for a four through midwicket before being on his back leg and given out lbw. Marcus Stoinis goes for an expansive drive but the ball goes past the outside edge. Kagiso Rabada continues.

WICKET! Dwaine Pretorius strikes in his first over. He has trapped Steve Smith lbw. Smith consults David Warner if he should go for the review, doesn't seem to get a convincing reply and walks off. Gone for 7. Marcus Stoinis is the new batsman in.

Australia 29/1 in 6 overs: South Africa spurns another opportunity to run-out a premier Australian batsman. This time it's Steve Smith who gets the reprieve. Smith takes off for a single from the non-striker's end with no response from David Warner. He turns and tries to get back to his crease. Quinton de Kock throws on the bounce and all Kagiso Rabada has to do his collect the ball and dislodge the bails. He does the first part well but doesn't break the stumps. And the disappointment is seen in his face! To rub salt into the wounds, Warner pulls the next ball for a six in front of square. Usman Khawaja, who walked in at the fall of Aaron Finch, has retired hurt with a suspected hamstring strain.

Australia 18/1 in 4 overs: A four and a single off Kagiso Rabada's second over. The first ball was short and wide and David Warner could free his arms and go over the infield on the offside for a four. Imran Tahir continues.

Australia 13/1 in 3 overs: A wicket off the first ball and a four off the last. Usman Khawaja drives a juicy full-toss past mid-off for his first four. Imran Tahir, though, has put South Africa on top by removing the in-form Aaron Finch early. Kagiso Rabada continues.

WICKET! Aaron Finch is gone for three. Drives Imran Tahir uppishly and Aiden Markram takes a sharp catch diving to his right at extra cover.

Australia 5/0 in 2 overs: An excellent first over from Kagiso Rabada. Nearly picks up a wicket off his first ball. Finch slashes outside off-stump and it nearly flies to third man. Two more singles in the over. Imran Tahir continues.

Australia 2/0 in 1 over: A couple of singles in the first over, which could also have brought Australia a wicket. David Warner flicks one on the pads from Imran Tahir, the ball goes to the left of the fielder at short fine leg. Kagiso Rabada is quickly on to it, picks it up and throws it on the turn. He seemingly doesn't get the call to throw at the 'keeper's end. Warner is hesitant to take off but then finds himself halfway down the pitch. Thankfully, the throw is over the 'keeper's head and at the bowler's end. In between, Warner drives to mid-off to open his account and Finch plays a ball on the stumps to the vacant midwicket area and opens his account. Kagiso Rabada to bowl from the other end.

Australian openers David Warner and Aaron Finch are out in the middle to begin Australia's chase of 326. Imran Tahir, who, along with J. P. Duminy, was given a guard of honour before stepping out on to field for the final time in ODI cricket, opens South Africa's defence of 325.

South Africa 325/6 in 50 overs: Rassie van der Dussen holes out off the last ball trying to hit a six to get to his century but he picks out Glenn Maxwell at deep midwicket. Andile Phehlukwayo began with a four off Pat Cummins but the remainder of the over fetches just four runs. South Africa, though, finishes with a big score and now it's over to their bowlers. Join us in 30 minutes for the run-chase.

South Africa 317/5 in 49 overs: Mitchell Starc goes for just four runs and removes Dwaine Pretorius with the perfect yorker. Rassie van der Dussen needs eight runs for his century. Pat Cummins to bowl the final over.

South Africa 313/4 in 48 overs: Pat Cummins is made to pay for bowling short and not getting the ball to bounce high enough. Rassie van der Dussen pulls the third ball of the over for a six in front of squad. He then middles a slower length delivery through midwicket for a four. Sixteen off the over. Mitchell Starc continues.

WICKET! J. P. Duminy falls trying to play the big shot off Mitchell Starc. It's a length ball that the left-hander tries to swat through midwicket. But he doesn't get the right connection and hits it straighter to long-on. Marcus Stoinis dives forward and takes the catch. Gone for 14, Dwaine Pretorius is the new batsman in.

South Africa 290/3 in 46 overs: Glenn Maxwell errs with his line and length and J. P. Duminy and Rassie van der Dussen make him pay. The left-hander carves him through the covers for a four and van der Dussen steps out and lifts the off-spinner for a 88m six. Fourteen runs off the over, Mitchell Starc continues.

South Africa 276/3 in 45 overs: Excellent death-overs bowling from Mitchell Starc. He's going full and into the blockhole and all Rassie van der Dussen and J. P. Duminy manage is five singles in the over.

South Africa 271/3 in 44 overs: An excellent over under the circumstances from Glenn Maxwell, just six off it. Australia will look to put the pressure on J. P. Duminy, that's the only way it can keep South Africa to a lesser total. Rassie van der Dussen is the set batsman and is capable of finding the boundary at will.

South Africa 265/3 in 43 overs: Faf du Plessis gets to his 12th ODI century but then top-edges a slower length ball from Jason Behrendorff and Mitchell Starc takes a simple catch at short third man. Gone for a 94-ball 100. J. P. Duminy is the new batsman in.

South Africa 257/2 in 42 overs: Great improvising from Rassie van der Dussen against Nathan Lyon fetches him a four past short third man. Just two runs off the other five balls and Nathan Lyon finishes his spell: his fixtures are 10-0-53-2.

South Africa 251/2 in 41 overs: An appeal for run-out against Rassie van der Dussen but he's just made it at the non-striker's end. A brace and a couple of singles make it a six-run over.

South Africa 245/2 in 40 overs: Eighteen runs off the last three overs and South Africa's nicely set for a total in excess of 300. Pat Cummins bowls short and into the pitch for the whole of the 40th over and the tactic helps keep the batsmen in check. Just four runs off it. Jason Behrendorff continues.

South Africa 227/2 in 37 overs: Faf du Plessis is playing with the field here. With the mid-on up in the ring, he flat-bats Jason Behrendorff the penultimate ball and then lofts the final ball of the over over the same fielder for two fours.

South Africa 217/2 in 36 overs: Rassie van der Dussen steps out and lifts Glenn Maxwell for a huge six. The remainder of the over fetches South Africa three runs. Jason Behrendorff comes into the attack, replaces Nathan Lyon.

South Africa 208/2 in 35 overs: Another big over for South Africa, thanks largely to a six from Faf du Plessis. The South African captain goes down on one knee and lifts Nathan Lyon for a six over midwicket. A couple of a singles and a brace make it a 10-run over.

South Africa 198/2 in 34 overs: Glenn Maxwell is unhappy with the fielding on the midwicket boundary. Du Plessis plays with the spin between deep square leg and midwicket and good running yields two runs, but Maxwell shows his disappointment. Three more singles in the over and South Africa moves close to 200.

South Africa 193/2 in 33 overs: A six and a four to end the 33rd over. Faf du Plessis looks to be shifting gears. On the fourth ball of the over, he gets on top of the bounce and hits the short ball in front of square for a couple. He then charges Pat Cummins and the ball in on a perfect length for him to loft it straight back over the bowler's head for a six. He then drives the final ball for a four through the covers. Could be a shifting of the gears from the South African captain! Glenn Maxwell continues.

South Africa 179/2 in 32 overs: Another Glenn Maxwell over goes by without yielding South Africa many. Four singles off it and the partnership is now 65. Pat Cummins comes back into the attack.

South Africa 175/2 in 31 overs: Mitchell Starc has tried to make the round-the-wicket angle work for him but he has bowled wide off off-stump and given the batsmen width. Here, he gives Du Plessis width and he works it off the back foot for a single to the sweeper. Rassie van der Dussen pulls a short delivery angled into his body to fine leg. It's air-borne but again, it goes on the bounce to the fine leg fielder.

South Africa 170/2 in 30 overs: Three singles off the Glenn Maxwell over.

South Africa 167/2 in 29 overs: A four off the final ball makes it a good over for South Africa. The first five balls had produced just one run, but Mitchell Starc offers a little width and bowls the final ball slightly short: Du Plessis uses his wrists and with a closed bat face, punches the ball through cover for four.

South Africa 162/2 in 28 overs: A couple of twos off the blade of Faf du Plessis, whose wristwork is standing out so far in his innings. First he works the ball with the spin onto the onside for a couple and then, with the ball short and outside off-stump, plays a controlled cut shot in front of square on the offside for another. Good work on the cover boundary keeps it down to just two runs. Mitchell Starc comes back into the attack.

South Africa 157/2 in 27 overs: An expensive over from Marcus Stoinis. Rassie van der Dussen looks to find a rhythm to his innings. He's helped by a juicy full-toss outside off-stump from Stoinis and he drives it through cover and mid-off. On the previous delivery, van der Dussen pulls off the front foot and the ball falls short of the deep square leg fielder. Glenn Maxwell continues.

South Africa 148/2 in 26 overs: Just four runs off the 26th over. Glenn Maxwell keeping the batsmen in check with good-length deliveries on middle and leg. Faf du Plessis and Rassie van der Dussen play cautiously to play the ball along the ground and past midwicket for the singles on offer. Marcus Stoinis continues.

South Africa 144/2 in 25 overs: A couple of short balls to end the 25th over, which yields South Africa eight runs.

South Africa 136/2 in 24 overs: An excellent first over from Glenn Maxwell, who nearly has Rassie van der Dussen stumped with a ball that pitches and straightens. It bounces a little extra and Alex Carey can't gather it cleanly. Just three off the over. Marcus Stoinis continues.

South Africa 133/2 in 23 overs: A couple of uppish drives in the over from Rassie van der Dussen. First, he drives a fuller-length ball on middle and leg and the ball goes air-borne past the short midwicket fielder for a single. The penultimate ball is driven to mid-off and it goes on the bounce to the fielder. He has yet to settle in and Australia is bowling particularly well to him. Bowling change: Glenn Maxwell replaces Nathan Lyon.

South Africa 131/2 in 22 overs: A rare error in length from Nathan Lyon: he overpitches on off-stump and Faf du Plessis gets his front foot to the pitch of the ball and drives through mid-off and cover for four. Lyon continues to pose problems for Rassie van der Dussen, though. He gets one to turn sharply and beat the right-hander on the inside. Bowling change: Marcus Stoinis comes into the attack.

South Africa 124/2 in 21 overs: Rassie van der Dussen clips the final ball, on his hips, for a single. On the previous delivery, he was hit by a ferocious bouncer from Pat Cummins, but does well to shrug it off and be ready for the next ball. Faf du Plessis isn't seeing much of the strike with van der Dussen struggling for strike rotation. Nathan Lyon continues.

South Africa 122/2 in 20 overs: Rassie van der Dussen plays five dot balls in a row after Faf du Plessis collects a single off the first ball. Nathan Lyon's carrying a wicket-taking threat and is keeping the batsmen quiet at the same time. Pat Cummins continues.

South Africa 121/2 in 19 overs: An excellent delivery from Pat Cummins to begin the cover. Gets it to nip back sharply and beats Rassie van der Dussen on the inside. Van der Dussen tucks the next ball on the hips for a single square on the onside. But the over finishes with a short and wide delivery outside off-stump: Faf du Plessis carves it over point for three runs.

South Africa 115/2 in 18 overs: Rassie van der Dussen joins Faf du Plessis in the middle. Nathan Lyon's bowling superbly and is picking up the wickets while building pressure. Quinton de Kock gets out just when he was looking good for a much bigger score. The match hangs in the balance! Pat Cummins's back into the attack.

WICKET! Quinton de Kock falls soon after getting to his fifty and it's Nathan Lyon who's the wicket-taker again. This is a length ball just outside off-stump and the length and line was perfect for De Kock to cut it square of the wicket on the offside. He chooses to fetch it from outside off and hit through midwicket. Gets the top edge and the ball flies straight to Mitchell Starc at short third man. Gone for 52.

South Africa 112/1 in 17 overs: Steve Smith's first over goes for five runs. He starts with a short ball that Quinton de Kock duly dispatches for four square on the onside with a pull, to get to his fifty. Then Smith bowls on middle and off, and goes past the outside edge too, and De Kock only manages a single off the last five balls. Nathan Lyon continues.

South Africa 107/1 in 16 overs: Quinton de Kock paddle-sweeps Nathan Lyon for a four behind square on the onside before collecting a single off the square cut. Faf du Plessis plays out the final ball of the over quietly. Steve Smith's into the attack.

South Africa 102/1 in 15 overs: Mitchell Starc comes back into the attack and the over yields three fours, two off the bat and one off the pads. The first of them is four leg byes with Starc straying onto the pads. Faf Du Plessis tries to play a square drive but gets the outside half of the bat and the ball flies to the left of the backward point fielder and for a four. The last of the three fours is a delightful cover drive for four. Starc has been potent when he has bowled in the middle overs in the tournament. If South Africa can keep him out, it's on course for a big score.

South Africa 90/1 in 14 overs: Another probing over from Nathan Lyon, this time he doesn't get a wicket. Quinton de Kock tries to cut a drifter from the off-spinner from round the wicket and nearly plays on. He's lucky that the ball goes past the stumps for a couple. Faf du Plessis then sweeps a length ball through square for another couple. Six runs off the over. Bowling change: Mitchell Starc's into the attack.

South Africa 84/1 in 13 overs: Jason Behrendroff's mixing up his pace, line and length of his deliveries. Faf du Plessis helps himself to three runs by reaching out to a slower offcutter and finding the gap through cover. Quinton de Kock drives the next ball to the sweeper on the cover boundary for a single. Just four off it. Nathan Lyon continues.

South Africa 80/1 in 12 overs: Just two runs and a wicket off the 13th over. Nathan Lyon provides Australia the breakthrough with one of his trademark deliveries and it brings Faf du Plessis out to the middle. Change of ends for Jason Behrendorff, comes on for Pat Cummins.


GONE! Nathan Lyon gives Australia the breakthrough. Teases Aiden Markram into a drive with a flighted delivery, the ball straightens a touch and goes past the outside edge, Markram overbalances for a split second and Alex Carey effects the stumping. Gone for 34. South Africa 79 for one, Faf du Plessis has walked in at No. 3.

South Africa 78/0 in 11 overs: Another quieter over from Australia's perspective. Five runs off it. Nathan Lyon's back into the attack. Just the one over for Jason Behrendorff in his second spell.

South Africa 73/0 in 10 overs: Jason Behrendorff's close to giving Australia the breakthrough but it's a tough chance off his own bowling and Aiden Markram gets a reprieve. It's a ball on middle and leg and Markram chips it up in the air, it gets quickly to Behrendorff and hits him on the left wrist. Too quick, but it's a dropped chance nonetheless. Just one run off the 10th over. Pat Cummins continues.

South Africa 72/0 in 9 overs: A couple of dot balls to end the over. Quinton de Kock plays the entire over and cashes in on Pat Cummins giving him width outside off-stump: he cuts the right-arm pacer for a couple first and then, playing the same shot, gets his placement spot on for a four. Jason Behrendorff comes back into the attack, replaces Nathan Lyon.

South Africa 66/0 in 8 overs: Another big over for the Proteas! Aiden Markram steps out and lofts Nathan Lyon for the first six of the match. It's another flighted delivery but Markram's excellent footwork makes the shot possible. The rest of the over yields three runs and South Africa's motoring along. Pat Cummins continues.

South Africa 57/0 in 7 overs: Pat Cummins goes for nine runs in his first over. Quinton de Kock greets him with a punch drive for four (Aiden Markram reacted quickly to get out of the way there) down the ground. The South African wicketkeeper then plays a cover drive from the coaching manual for another four. David Warner's well-timed dive saves Cummins from conceding a third four in the over. Nathan Lyon continues.

South Africa 48/0 in 6 overs: Aaron Finch introduces spin as early as the sixth over of the innings. Nathan Lyon comes into the attack and goes for six in his first over. Aiden Markram maintains South Africa's trend of hitting at least one boundary an over: here, he steps out and, despite not getting to the pitch of the ball, drives down the ground, past Lyon for four. Lyon closes out the over with a flighted delivery on middle and leg that Markram plays calmly to short midwicket. Pat Cummins's into the attack, replaces Mitchell Starc.

South Africa 42/0 in 5 overs: Another over that produces a boundary for South Africa. This time it's Quinton de Kock who plays a delight cover drive on the up for four. Mitchell Starc and Jason Behrendorff have got no movement in the air or off the pitch so far, but the batting has been exceptional.

South Africa 34/0 in 4 overs: A dot ball to end the Jason Behrendorff over. Aiden Markram is looking solid, though. It's another over in which he hits a couple of delightful shots for fours: the first is a square cut past point for a four. Behrendorff then goes slightly fuller, but Markram drives on the up through mid-off and cover for his fourth boundary off the innings. Mitchell Starc continues.

South Africa 25/0 in 3 overs: A disciplined second over from Mitchell Starc. Starts with a ball angled into the left-handed Quinton de Kock, he tucks it for a couple through mid-on and midwicket. Follows it up with a finer flick off the pads for a single. Markram plays out the rest of the over. Starc generating express pace and he is making the South African openers hop with the prodigious bounce he's getting.

South Africa 21/0 in 2 overs: Aiden Markram creams one through the covers to end the over. Quinton de Kock got off the mark with a clip off his pads for three off the first ball. Jason Behrendorff bowls stump to stump but gives Markram a full-ish length and a bit of width and he takes full advantage of it. Mitchell Starc continues.

South Africa 14/0 in 1 over: What a start to the innings! Mitchell Starc strays down the leg for five wides first up. He then corrects his line and Aiden Markram stands up tall and punches off the back foot through point and cover a couple of fours. Jason Behrendorff to bowl from the other end.

Quinton de Kock and Aiden Markram walk out to open the batting for South Africa. Amla's absence has got Markram to move up to open the batting and the right-hander's in strike. Mitchell Starc to bowl the first over. Here we go!

The teams are walking out for the national anthems and we're under 10 minutes from the start.

Team news: South Africa forced into a personnel change: Hashim Amla misses out with knee injury and left-arm chinaman Tabraiz Shamsi replaces him in the playing XI. The Proteas' playing XI is also stacked with all-rounders: Dwaine Pretorius, Chris Morris and Andile Phehlukwayo playing. It gives Faf du Plessis plenty of bowling options, but South Africa short of batting depth with David Miller missing out. Australia is unchanged.

Toss update: South Africa captain Faf du Plessis has won the toss and opted to bat first.

Playing XIs

South Africa: Faf du Plessis (c), Quinton de Kock (wk), Aiden Markram, Rassie van der Dussen, JP Duminy, Dwaine Pretorius, Andile Phehlukwayo, Chris Morris, Kagiso Rabada, Imran Tahir, Tabraiz Shamsi

Australia: Aaron Finch (wk), David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Steve Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Alex Carey (wk), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Jason Behrendorff, Nathan Lyon

There was a drizzle in Manchester a little over an hour ago, but there's no rain now and the hover cover is staying besides the pitch. There's a bit of cloud cover still and a fresh pitch is being used for this match. So, don't be surprised if the captain winning the toss chooses to bowl first.

Quinton de Kock doing what you normally see M. S. Dhoni do during practice sessions. The South African wicketkeeper is rolling his arm over on one of the practice pitches at Old Trafford.


Imran Tahir will be playing his final ODI and the leg-spinner posted an emotional message on Twitter, thanking Cricket South Africa and everyone who's been involved in his journey. (He'll continue to be available for selection in T20 international cricket.)


Australia and South Africa have over the years produced humdingers, edge-of-the-seat thrillers and some high-scoring matches in ODI cricket (remember that match in Johannesburg?). The Proteas' underwhelming performances and Australia's qualification for the semifinals have made today's match less consequential, but the five-time world champion needs a win to retain top spot and remain at Old Trafford for the first semifinal against New Zealand on Tuesday. Faf du Plessis and Co. will set out to finish off this disappointing World Cup on a high. (Full match preview)